Paris Hilton: ‘I Can’t Stand Black Guys’

March 22nd, 2011 // 418 Comments

In author Neil Strauss’ new book Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, he shares an anecdote about meeting an 18-year-old Paris Hilton who opens up to him about getting implants at 14 until her mom made her take them out, wanting to pose for Playboy and making out with Vin Diesel before realizing he’s some percent black. Via LA Weekly:

HILTON: I went out with that guy last night.
Which guy?
HILTON (points to an actor in Saving Private Ryan): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross. (pauses). Does that guy look black to you?
How black does a guy have to be?
HILTON: One percent is enough for me.

I honestly can’t tell what stands out more here: The fact that the Hiltons apparently still own slaves, or the almost supernatural chameleon qualities of Vin Diesel’s ethnicity. Because seriously, what is that guy? It’s almost as if God took the body of Adonis and said, “And now you shall be above all stereotypes, but in return you’ll have to make a bunch of movies about cars that go ‘VROOM.’

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  1. Icu

    For once she and I agree on something.

    • Glocknload

      She’s not such a dumb blonde after all. Too many blondes feel sorry for the poor black guy when in reality he just wants a blonde trophy on his arm. If not a blonde then asian. The last women he wants to be seen with are black. The black women should be furious. Instead they make excuses, like a black man can’t have just one woman. Get seroius women, stop being used. With hold sex from your early relationships. A man worth anything who actually loves you will stay. I can’t say that for most black men and half the white men. BTW I am a man I know what they think and say about women. Don’t base your love interest on who you feel sorry for. Put the man to the test. Love first, sex much much later after he has proved his real intentions.

      • The Critical Crassness

        Thank you, Dr.Phil!

      • Levi

        like extortion, yea, good advice

      • Johnny Cage

        Except for the fact that Vin Diesel isn’t black.


        Who cares what this WONKY eyed, BEAK nose, FLAT ASS idiot has to say? She was and still is dumb as rocks!! Parasite has Herpes so I doubt any man with class would go with Wonky McValtrex!!

      • ….Black guys don’t date white women because they consider them to be trophies. Black guys date white women because they’re considered to be easy….Artofwar

      • James

        Vin Diesel is Black American and Italian. If that isn’t black then I don’t know what it is.

      • Chris

        Most these whites saying blacks would kill to have a blond(like her) probably don’t even know any black people. If you want to know what black men like, just like at magazines that black men buy and rap videos. Black men most prefer caramel-complexioned somewhat exotic/mixed black women with long hair and huge asses, such as an Ester Baxter or Melyssa Ford. I have only met one black man in my life who thinks Paris Hilton is hot. For virtually all black men, they’d be instantly turned off by her physique alone. Frail, no breasts, no thighs, no ass to speak off. I hate stereotyping, but if there is one stereotype that’s true, black men love “junk in the trunk” and Hilton does not appeal to an average black man.

        As for her comments, I don’t think it’s racist to have a racial preference in what you like, but if she thought Vin Diesel was hot enough to make out with then instantly thinks it’s gross upon finding out he has some black ancestry, I’d say that’s pretty damn racist. The laughable thing is that anywhere outside of the US, Vin Diesel wouldn’t even be considered black, he’s either be seen as mixed or as white. And for these white people in here saying(paraphrasingly), “I used to hate her, but now I love her”, you guys are some seriously twisted, pathetic souls. That’s all I have to say.

      • Keybug

        Black men date white women for 2 reasons…because they are weak and can be run over and most of them are easy and porn star nasty. We black women do not make excuses for them. I personally don’t see it as any lost when they date a white women. the ones who date white women aren’t the kind of man I want for myself…I don’t want a man who wants to use and run over me and treat me like crap. I have 8 men in my family who are with white women and they are doing exactly what I said to their women…using them and cheating on them left and right because they can do it and white women won’t say anything

      • Ana

        Black Men do not date white women because they think as them as a,”TROPHY” they date white women because their more attractive, desirable, in better shape, and take care of their self better.

        Also most mixed guys have no problems finding attractive women who are white and Latina and not being considered for them to be called trophy wives because they aren’t.

        Matter of a fact Channing Tatum is an example of one, he happens to be 1/8 black. Dated some hot white super models, and attractive women, his father is 1/4 black and grandfather his half black half white.

        How long have you been living dude, white women are some of the most diverse desired women I do not blame other men for trying to get with them, especially seeing mixed guys been dating them for the past 300 years more than they do black women and other race, it’s not nothing new. White Women usually hold higher standards when they date interracial they do not go for AVERAGE black men over AVERAGE white men. They will usually go for TOP attractive, desired, and educated black male over average white men.

        And they will usually go for the mix ones. Truth being.

      • EXOTICbeauty

        White women are not ‘trophies’ especially women like Paris Hilton, are you kidding? There disposable hence the divorce rate is to high in Western countries!

        White woman usually do not age well and are relatively more fat than woman in other countries and wear ALOT more make up…hence so many ‘beauty products’ originate in Western countries and cater to White women because they lack natural beaty..even plastic surgery is an example. Just look at obeisity stats based on England and the U.S alone. Furthermore, you can’t argue that fact …go to any small town in America and you will see.

        In addition, WHITE men have always been attracted to colored women, most African Americans who are descendants of slaves have some white in them because there woman were raped. The fact woman in ever former colonial country were raped by WHITE MEN because there own woman were not good enough. It’s just a sad reality.

      • hoho


      • @Glocknload – What an F’N Fool …… Black men Date White women for the same reason that White Women Date Black men……. they’re attracted to each other …. and it feels good……Or they wouldn’t date fool. It’s your shallow’assd mind that can’t handle the simplicity nor the complexity of that fact. Paris Hilton was a Fool then … just as she is a Fool Now. The Both of you need to date…… and have babies. After all , Ignorance makes the world spin round…… and your ignorant offspring will keep the ball rolling.

      • Bernard

        You all are just as racist as Paris. If a black man wants to date a white women, how is that any of your business and who are you to judge? Worry about your own lives and stop trying to create racial boundaries for other people. Under the skin we are all the same people.

    • Weeble Wobble

      She just went WAYYYYYYYY up on the hottie list!

      • Robin

        Paris Hilton hasn’t been hot since she fell out with Nicole Richie!!! ROTFLMBO

      • Johnny Cage

        She wasn’t hot then either. With or without that beast Nicole.

      • ashrafi-poo

        umm key bug im white and am not easy nor weak so fuk u! maybe u want to think that cuz u aint gettin any! and u jst want to thinnk that the men are that way bbecause it makes u feel better! but in reality 2 different races can truly harbor feelings for one another. race and religion should not matter in a relationship!

    • Mel Gibson's Shrink

      @ Artofwar – Ummmmmm… Easier than BLACK women? The only thing easier than a black woman is a boiled egg. And even that’s debatable. So you fail.

      • WOWNESS

        @Mel Gibson’s Shrink- Boiled eggs can be a pain in the ass so I take it you are saying that white women are easy sluts. Thank you for saying what we all want to say.

      • Johnny Cage

        Boiled eggs are a pain in the ass? WTF guys you’re not cooking crown rack of lamb here. Get some water to a boil and place the eggs in for 12 minutes.

        I did this shit the other week and was even able to have a quick wank while they boiled.

      • WTF???

        Gibson’s Shrink is a pussy…you’re the easiest!

      • bkbrom

        I beg to differ, I remember being in middle school and all the white girls were sucking penis and getting it from the back claiming Virgin status. So yeah they may have been virgins (so to speak) but they certainly was not hard to get!

      • Keybug

        I don’t know what kinda boiled egg you are eating but my boiled eggs are not easy…if I remember correctly they are called hard boiled eggs lol. FYI white women are very easy. I went out with my cousin’s girlfriend and her friends who are all white last weekend and every man in that club thought we were lesbians by the end of the night. Less than 2 hours into the night my cousin’s “girlfriend” had made out with a complete stranger, one of her friends went home and slept with a random dude and the other was so wasted I’m not sure she made it home…I, the lone black one was the only sober one who went home to her own bed without a stranger.I went out with her b/c she is like family but I typically don’t go out with my white friends because they are so embarrassing with their slutty antics. The misconception that black women are easy comes from them having babies at a higher rate than other races but that is simply because most black ppl don’t believe in abortions. White people say they don’t believe in abortion but they stay up there at that clinic which makes it look like they aren’t easy when actually they are the worst sluts of them all.

    • Buxxx

      Well, then if she says that all blacks are gross. That includes me, although I am black and Brazil. That would not be a cultural problem, rather than racial?? Black Americans have been tortured by white Americans, for years. Black culture was almost destroyed. What you see is a rebellion by blacks in all sectors (with the arts, with famous people, etc.).

      What you see is an “apartheid” and declared a generalization of how the blacks to white Americans.

      In Brazil it is not very different, not as regards culture, we had many things in Africa, though. We have many races here and
      ethnic groups (Asians, Europeans, Indians, blacks), but blacks are looked down upon, no matter how good.

      The process of social exclusion is historical in many countries that have traffic of Africans. The result is this.

    • Bytedis

      Thanks for being so honest and open…if everyone noted their dislikes, maybe the world would be a better place. But one thing…you white people stop hating on the blacks…you take their hairstyles, dance moves, music and jargons and try to glam it…respect them for what they can bring to the table. We all have dislikes about something or someone, but at least be civil about it. That’s why america will always be racially divided…we refuse to respect what each of us can offer unless it’s a crisis, like 911 or similiar, geeesh!

    • tobie jacobs

      i see we still have a racial problem in america and this rich white honky bitch is still edging it on, its white rich people like her and these illuminati mutherfuckers who will keep this shit going,i never was a fan of this bitch anyway her and the rest of those white hollywood bitches can suck a fat black dick mines anyway, they wanna be black,lets get it straight we are the supreame race we where the 1ST on earth,the black woman asshole,she is god and hollywood knows it,and the blackman is god,so paris respect your elders bitch you came from us do your research dumb honky white bitch,ancient egypt,khemet,look it up,the romans and the greeks stole everything from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jenna

      Black men treat “white womenz” like crAP….at least the white girls are catching on…at least the hott ones…now Kim Kardashian.. she needs to take some tips….

    • April Gaede

      good for her, she didnt get those good looks without centuries of separation and good eugenic choices in mates. I used to hate her but now I have a new respect for her.

    • you pr5obably skinny as a pencil. and a crack head slut just like her

    • New poster

      She doesnt like them cause .. well we all have seen the One night vid.. She doesnt like dick in her.. and well being black.. She wouldnt like me either!!

    • Huge

      Black guy here. You blondes are starting to believe your own press. I, personally, find what’s in your head a lot more interesting then what’s growing out of it. Besides, you can find “blonde” in pretty much any beauty supply store.

  2. haha

    I 100% agree with her. This isn’t racism either, it’s her sexual preference.

    • Misanthrope

      It’s 100% racist, if she did indeed say it. There’s a difference between saying – “not my type” and “I can’t stand black guys, they’re gross”.

      • haha

        but shes talking about attraction, they are gross to her. i’ve never seen her be rude to a black man as a person.

      • Misanthrope

        Hmmm, I guess she’s not racist then – after all, it’s not racist if you don’t say it to someone’s face!

      • Levi

        White racism is making a comeback yall! Watch out everyone. But seriously, it is kind of annoying that everyone can bag on white people but all hell breaks loose when it’s a white person talking shit.

        So we either all stop being racist or just go back to everyone openly hating eachother Euro-style. I don’t care either way, just remember how it was before whitey started self-censoring. Just saying.

      • Captain Obvious.

        They ARE gross!! Blech!

    • Johnny Cage

      Vin Diesel is black? Apparently Halle Berry was the mentor of Paris Hilton at one point.


        Okay.. I know people want to be politically correct, but yes Vin Deisel is black or biracial if you really want to be.
        He even has an AFRO when he grows his hair. You will have to be braindead not to notice that!!

      • Johnny Cage

        Cockrin, Black isn’t another word for Biracial genius. Stop trying to be as dumb as Paris Hilton. Black people are predominately black, which is why they are called such. Vin Diesel is multiracial, as in not being predominately one thing. In my opinion, Afro or not, Vin Diesel looks mostly like an Italian-American brawler to me. Stop trying to increase your gene-pool by chicken picking other races.

      • PCM

        Vin Diesel is half-black. And, sorry racists, it’s racism and *not* “sexual preference” if you think someone is hot enough to make out with, and then change your mind when you see their family tree.

      • Jennifer

        Vin diesel said his real dad is mixed, he is more like 1/4 black

      • Khloe

        I thought Diesel was gay?
        Have you ever seen him with a woman?????

        This whole story seems so made up.

        The writer of the book is lying. Paris never had breast implants either.

        If he lies about one thing then he is lying about everything else too.

    • bullshit. if it was sexual preference then she would never have made out with him.

      • Khloe

        You are all idiots for believing the lies of a guy who wants to sell his book. There is NO PROOF Paris Hilton said that.

    • vitobonespur

      OK, wait. This is a joke, right? “This isn’t racism either, it’s her sexual preference…” is BLATANT racism. You can’t really be that stupid, can you?

      Saying “I don’t like THAT black guy” is possibly not racist. But spouting disdain for ALL black guys, whether spoken to their faces or not (self-preservation, don’tcha know), is most assuredly the zenith of bigotry, prejudice, and racism. You ugly, ignorant cunt.

      • thebash

        There are black women who stand out among the others, but also those considered real beauties usually don’t do anything for me because I prefer white women. If that’s being racist… well, I’m racist. But I think that saying something like “black men are gross” takes it to a whole different level.

      • icarus93

        seriously some people are so amazingly stupid!! how can they try to justify the actions of someone who clearly made a racists comment? are y’all waiting for her to make a press conference and say “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE” before you believe she’s racist. and the fact that there’s ‘no proof’ is so cliche, i mean did you want the guy to hold a freaking tape recorder while she abused all black guys?? PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! and secondly i dont undertand those naive people not believing that paris hilton got implants, like seriously, SHE GOT FREAKING MILLIONS FOR ALLOWANCES, WHY WOULD SHE NOT GET IMPLANTS? most celebrities have surgery, its a simple fact of life DEAL WITH IT!

    • Ella

      nah it’s racist-and your’e stupid, and probably racist too

      • Khloe

        Supposedly this happened 12 years ago.
        Why get excited now?
        People change.
        I don’t think Paris is racist.
        I don’t believe she ever had breast implants either.

    • J

      You’re a sad excuse for a human being. I’m white, still offended. Pig.

    • Bytedis

      No it’s her racial preference, people that are racist are open to dating anyone, regardless of color!

    • The Listener

      I’m re-posting this link for those who won’t read to page 4. Look at the 2 videos on the webpage and judge for yourself whether Paris is a racist or not.

  3. Virgodoll

    Black guys can’t stand Paris either

    • haha

      actually they like her

      I’m sure this is a taking point between her and her friends re: Kim. Kim KARDASHIAN is a dark meat loving pig!

      • chuck

        As an african american male i would never put my large black penis in paris ever ever ever she is beyond disgusting believe me most black men dont want that…so although her comments are ignorant from her history of stupidity it doesnt surprise me at all

    • Robin

      You know this how??? You sound to be as ignorant as she is!!!

    • Skank Nation

      White guys can’t stand Paris either.

    • sandy

      Black guys asian guys hispanics guys jewish guys caucasian guys and all the other mixed race guys out there will rather fall dead than touching her herpes infected skin

  4. If she was 18 then this happened literally last millennium.. Didn’t we already know she’s got a racist streak?

    • Yeezy's Son

      Agreed. Who cares. The anti-racists freakout over her comment and denounce her. Then the keyboard racist (cuz most of these n*gger haters wouldn’t say sh*t in person) see her as a champion of their bigotry. Seriously, it’s Paris Hilton, said 12 years ago. Her opinion is irrelevant.

      • Johnny Cage

        Still though at least we are seeing some honesty from Caucasian people which is a first in 50 years. Blacks are often up front racists because they think they are allowed to do it because of slavery. Unfortunately they also tend to be racists to non-whites as well. Whites on the other hand are mostly closet racists who often go to extremes to cover it up.

      • Yeezy's Son

        Well, I don’t think it’s honesty when you hide behind the anonymity of your cyberspace and act like your a 6’4 250lbs badass. Personally, I’m not racist…I hate everyone equally. People are people. There’s good in all races, there’s bad in all races. Generalizations are pointless.

      • Yeezy's Son

        @ Johnny Cage, when I wrote “you” I meant people in general. Not you, Johnny Cage, specifically.

      • Johnny Cage

        Yeah but from what I see all the time, Black people do the same thing the keyboard klan does. Instead they hide behind 7 of their buddies and from across the street. The keyboard Klan on the other hand just does it while they are on 4chan.

        I understand hating everyone equally is the counter culture thing to do (even though technically hating everyone makes you worse than a racist lol). I just go by what I’ve observed over the years. Many American Blacks help the racist stereotype along more than any racist can. I’ve met blacks who claimed calling them n***** is wrong while at the same time they sit on the porch and act like their 50 cent.

        American whites are a toss up. Like in the south you will find whites that learned racism from the get go (Confederate inbreeding), while the other whites in the south learned their racism from negative interaction from ignorant blacks. The later kind can be found up north as well. Most whites in the North East tend to hate racism, but because the only blacks they ever see are the stupid ghetto hood type, it makes them hate black people. These kinds of whites I can’t really blame.

        As for the whites in Europe and Canada; although naive as hell they have racism that is deep seated and unknown even to themselves.

      • darkmermaid

        @Johnny Cage – are you high? Or incredibly stupid? Either way you need to be put to sleep.

      • Johnny Cage


        So I suppose you’re not incredibly stupid right? Well you sure as hell could have fooled me with your random flame that neither proved any point or addressed the issue. Like I said you help to prove the stereotype on you more than any inbred ever could.

        I can’t say I want a person like you put to sleep, because being driven over by a mac truck is more suitable for a walking shit-stain like yourself.

      • Canadian "White"

        @ Johnny Cage: Stop ****ing talking about “whites” and “blacks,” you child – we’re all people.

  5. tsss

    stupid bitch…
    that man is hot, and he is not even black

  6. Amy

    I’m sure for most black guys, the feeling is mutual.

  7. Hellisforsissies

    I think she has every right to her own opinion on who she dates. And I’m pretty sure there are a lot of black guys who would never touch anything 1% Paris Hilton, either.

    • Anya

      Bull. Black guys love all things white. Bit of a complex, they have.

      • Deacon Jones

        Even if they’re fat and totally fucking disgusting white chicks.

        I’m talking stained gray sweatpants, with a gelled, jerry-curl pulled back ponytail, with big hoop earrings and a dragon tatoo on the neck. That walk with limps they’re so fat. Even those chicks.

        It’s a status thing.

      • jessie j

        even if it is ugly nasty skanky white trash… that is full of aids and std’s black guys wanna move to them. Look at tiger woods, and all the others, even rappers want a piece of the white meat hole.

      • Sugar

        Deacon you just exactly described a woman I work with, who has been with her black boyfriend “ten years” even though he has a three year old with someone else.

      • Deacon Jones

        @ Sugar,

        lol, hey, I see enough of those skanks in South Philly to know.

      • a lot of black guys. not all.

      • boo-de-sac

        LOL to DJ and Sugar

      • The Listener

        Anya, to put it simply you’re wrong. In ALL races there are attractive women, average looking women, and ugly women. There are black men that are attracted to SOME white women just as there are white women that are attracted to SOME black men.

      • Robin

        Except you Anya;(!!! And guess what these white women do for these Black men????? Whatever they want them to do. They will leave their rich white family to be with a broke Black man.

      • Deacon Jones

        Robin, have you been watching “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” reruns again on the CW?

  8. Linda Parks

    Who cares what this dumb ass has to say?

  9. peanut

    i couldn’t agree with her more…which creeps me out.

    • Satan's bitch

      Not even the Old Spice guy? Seriously, he is totally fuckable.

      • Busted

        I’m white and I concur; I’d fuck the shit out of the Old Spice guy, well not anymore because he’s fucked Kathy Griffin and not even a flamethrower could kill the nast she gives off, but yeah… pre-KG Old Spice Guy is totally fuckable.

  10. bob

    How did a 14yo get herself implants? That’s bad parenting and explains a lot!

  11. Like a G6

    This piece of shit is a RAVING example of how rich kids are garbage unless they are raised right and educated. Why is Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka such a class act? Education! -And good parents. Paris is a crack head spotlight of what total scum bags both her parents are and how hard they failed her because they themselves are garbage. What a useless tool! I could care less about the black shit. She needs to be boycotted (or dragged to her death) so little girls don’t look up to her! What a waste! She is gross!

    • Dan

      This piece of shit is a RAVING example of how rich kids are garbage unless they are raised right and educated.

      There, fixed it for ya.

      • Dan

        Awe… strike tag doesn’t work… I will try again:

        This piece of shit is a RAVING example of how kids are garbage unless they are raised right and educated.

        There, fixed it for ya

      • boo-de-sac

        raised correctly…there fixed it for ya

  12. lol

    Smartest thing that has ever came out of her mouth.

  13. Misanthrope

    Huh, lots racists read this site it seems.

  14. All that is rough in the world

    I knew she was like that for a while. But this is a question id like to ask Rick and Kathy Hilton why do they feel a black man doesn’t have the know how to run a Hotel chain.

  15. jew

    she is starting to look old. which means i am getting old. *sigh*

  16. Dan

    Women of any ethnicity are my type. I would touch them all.

    • Misanthrope

      Except the ugly ones?

      Let’s close these floodgates of racism and get back to what this site is all about:
      Hating on people for their insufficient levels of attractiveness, not what phenotype they belong to.

    • mel

      i can see that. i have a particular fondness for korean and japanese women. not so much for hairy armenians with massive manure factories. and when black girls start talking like they’re from the ghetto, my wang gets smaller than it used to after taking LSD.

      • Deacon Jones

        @ Dan,

        I’m with you! Latin and Phillipino chicks are my thing man. They are batshit crazy, but they take care of you.

      • Deacon Jones

        @ mel,

        lol, that’s hilarious

      • Fletch

        I have to agree with Mel. Beyonce is HOT..until she speaks. And it’s not just black girls. Any girl that speaks ghetto immediately makes the little head shrivel up and act like a scared turtle.

        Personally, I like the latinas.

      • Johnny Cage

        In complete agreement with the unattractiveness of ghetto attitudes. Like someone wants a fat hideous looking bitch with a shitty personality who will turn you into Chris Brown.

      • johng

        apparently u have never taken LSD

    • mel

      you got me johng. i just was trying to seem anonymously cool.

  17. She just doesn’t want to deplete the Kardashians’ dating pool options.

  18. Liberace

    So I guess “black” is code for “gay”.

  19. Hola


  20. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Yeah, I wouldn’t make out with one either. With that said, I didn’t even know Vin Diezel had African ancestry. He doesn’t look it.

  21. bright white girl

    White girls should never be with black men and the ones that do are trash. Not even black women want us to be with them.

    There’s also the risk of sexual health. Since black culture is so homophobic there is lots of untested HIV from closet buttfucking between black males.

  22. princess

    One drop rule!

    • Jennifer

      talking of this one drop rule, did you know heather locklear, wentworth miller and adriana lima all have black ancestory despite looking white, some of you white racists might actually be suprised if you have a genetics test.

  23. daddy

    why is this a revelation ?its pretty well known at this point.

  24. nooner

    I’m not Paris fan but I would say she is only echoing what any normal white girl already thinks.

  25. Paris Hilton Racist Vin Diesel
    Commented on this photo:


  26. Jessica

    Black guys hit on white women constantly. Only dumb sluts go for it. You need to protect yourself by being discerning.

    • Mel Gibson's Shrink

      Yeah, like on me. I hate that. Doesn’t even do anything for my ego. Don’t they hit on anything female?

  27. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Ok, let me amend that. I wouldn’t make out with any black man except Shemar Moore. That dude is just yummy. However, there is a lot of milk in that coffee.

  28. Ted

    Reminds me of her opposites, the Kardashians and their boyfriends. Which reminds me of the Christmas SNL show that reran recently, with the skit were the 3 sisters say “To our fans, Merry Christmas. To our agents and lawyers, Happy Hanukkah. And to our boyfriends, Happy Kwanzaa.”

  29. JC

    Couldn’t we lock her and Chris Brown alone in a room and let nature run its course?

    • The Critical Crassness

      Sounds like a rewrite of Gerard Damiano’s vision of “Hell” at the end of “Devil and Miss Jones”. Man and woman locked in a room together, she wants sex and all he can see is a fly which is buzzing around his head driving him nuts!
      Best portrayal ever of Hell by the media and it was in a porn flick! LOL!

    • BrandiLye

      JC is the new millionaire matchmaker, seems he will be quite successful…

    • jessie j

      brilliant..wouldn’t it be fun paris heffer hilton and chris violent brown

  30. Pauly D

    gotta say I do agree, black men and women are friggin gross!

  31. The Critical Crassness

    The obvious questions must be asked…”Why does your sister site, “Egotastic” get Stephanie Seymour’s naked tits and we here reading “The Superficial” get Chris Brown and a fully clothed Paris Hilton?”

  32. mimi

    The dumb sluts are the ones who can say such idiocies.

  33. Dagens24

    No wonder she couldn’t tell that he was black, the poor girl only has one functioning eye.

  34. RoboZombie

    Is anyone surprised this stupid c*nt is racist? Really?

  35. Jill

    I’m as surpised by her racist comments as I am by the fact that apparently she made out with someone before even knowing what they looked like. So basically, the least surpised I’ve been all day.

  36. mel

    one good eye, hook nose, surgically enhanced lips and a masculine jaw. it’s a sad day for black guys indeed.

    • The Critical Crassness

      Mel, you forgot, “dead fuck” and “lousy at giving head” . Points proven by the various video clips from her un-famous sextape!

    • Johnny Cage

      She’s kind of anorexic too….Taylor Momsem anorexic. I mean if someone built like Jessica Biel, Laura Prepon, or even Lohan said they didn’t like anyone with some sort of black genes, I would be sad.

      But hearing that Paris Hilton doesn’t like you because you 1/100th black is like living Poland and finding out that Adolf Hitler thought you were too nasty for invasion.

      • “But hearing that Paris Hilton doesn’t like you because you 1/100th black is like living Poland and finding out that Adolf Hitler thought you were too nasty for invasion.”


      • icarus93

        @hola @sexual @ jessica @ mel gibson’s shrink you are all useless human beings. these are the kind of small town people that make all white people look bad. seriously you are FING HYPOCRITICAL!! (if you even know what that mean ’cause you seem as dumb as paris) you buy fake tan and get breast and butt implants to look curvy and darker yet you hate the black people you try so hard to copy. Well all that isn’t going to help you ’cause you’ll still be a bunch of pathetic white trash insecure wanabes. FYI all men hit on women, it doesn’t matter if they are black, caucasian, asian or any other race……but oops i guess you wudn’t know that now since you probably dont get hit on.

  37. Neen

    She gives blondes a bad rep…. Scratch that, she gives the human race a bad rep.

  38. The Critical Crassness

    I think that you are being a bit presumptuous, she may not be human!

  39. LL

    Sooo, why in the world was her best friend Nicole Richie? Her dad is black. Also why was she best friends with Kim Kardashian – Kim is all about the black c0ck. I think that she states any man she has no chance with is “gross” due to her own insecurities.
    She is gross – she’s been photographed during her herpes break outs, she has a sex tape, she’s always flashing people, her Reality Show really let us see how gross she is, and just when I was starting to get a decent impression of her – I now know that she is a racist.

    Way to go girl…now you will have a whole new fanbase – the KKK. You’ve successfully alienated yourself from your last remaining “normal” fans (many of who were young black women) -

  40. BrandiLye

    Tell it to your ex-best friend’s daddy, Six Feet of White Ignorance. I used to think people were expecting too much from her, considering HER origins and parentage. I guess I still do….

  41. Khloe Kardashian



  42. Paris Hilton Racist Vin Diesel
    Commented on this photo:


  43. Paris Hilton Racist Vin Diesel
    Alice is Chained
    Commented on this photo:

    Her opinion is completely and totally acceptable considering it follows two Chris Brown posts. Tell it like it is.

  44. Bringbackbabalu

    I don’t think she is racist at all. Just, she is Paris Hilton she basically is a princess here in America or as close as you can be. I mean Conrad Hilton was fucking royalty or as close as you can be. The Hiltons are like the Kennedy’s are, and although are country doesn’t have a totally pointless, figurehead monarchy who just sap millions of dollars from the state for nothing, Paris Hilton is no less different than a princess of England. The point is, she probably doesn’t like black guys because they don’t know how to treat a woman. Look at Chris Brown. Listen to a rap song. They always rap about taking money from girls. I am white, I always laughed at that and though how silly that is. Or how much of a douche someone like Chris Brown is. He is a token black dude. Why would any girl with a bit of confidence and self worth want to be with a black guy? Are all of them like that? Not a fucking chance. Still, in her world the only exposure she has had to black people is other celebrity rappers and the like, people who worked for her family, or just simple some hoods she sees out in the clubs or in the streets acting like a piece of shit. I am sure as she grows up she will outgrow such a child notion but does it really matter? She is so tiny she probably is scared of that mandingo action. I mean isn’t that the only reason that white girls turn to black guys is for the mandingo love? Or if they are fat. Cause fat girls need love, and black guys LOVE fat white girls as much as marijauna and Churches chicken. These are facts, gentlemen! Paris Hilton gets hated on a lot but it is pretty simple. Every guy wants her, and every girl wants to be her. She is a perfect physical specimen who is exceedingly rich. A lot of the stuff she does is an act, if you ever met her out of the paparazzi scene is full of class and elegant as can be! Ya she wants some dude to fuck her in the ass, and and buy him a car, and support him. Only black dudes do that!

    • no

      you know what princeses do? either they’re studying all the time or working in charities. they’re not known for sex tapes or partying until being irrelevant.
      and be a little more generalizing about black dude will you?
      stupid cunt.

    • You do realize this woman is 31 years old right?

      Regardless, that’s one funny wall of text. Its almost like you’re trying to validate your own skewed media crafted belief in what it means to be black and male.

      Forget about the fact that most black males aren’t like this and most white people don’t know this because they spend most of their time avoiding black people outside their own social sphere..but ya know..

    • boo-de-sac

      Bringback’s post gave me a headache!

    • Johnny Cage

      I just read the part where you compared the Hiltons to the Kennedy’s and some sort of royalty, then I automatically realized you were just trolling.

    • billabong021

      What about Will Smith? I hear he’s as descent as he gets.

      And if you listen to HIS rap he talks about working hard and not cursing..

    • Bytedis

      You hide behind your words and so ignorant too! I am white and can tell you that black men are not only rappers, they are entrepreneurs, business men, home owners with green money as you and I have. One of the wealthiest and smartest black man out there owns over 10 Outback Steakhouses and Subways. If black men are not part of your flavor who cares, and they don’t date only white women who are easy. Some men date some women who are easy!

  45. lils

    I’m waiting for the story where she’s making out with a mannequin, goes to somewhere brighter, and realise it”s not even alive.

  46. kara

    do any of you fucking idiots ACTUALLY believe this? seriously…

  47. bright white girl

    all rich people think this way about black men btw

  48. Sugar

    I heard she blew Cee-Lo a few years ago. Maybe she’s changed her mind since she was 18.

  49. Jayone

    You people are so ignorant. How is initially being interested in a person until you realize that they might be of mix race not a racist act? Judging someone completely based on their ethnicity and not their character is the definition of racism you idiots! This is why hicks shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet.

  50. SteveV

    Lots of keyboard klansmen on the site today. Nice

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