Paris Hilton Will Start Suing Now

March 24th, 2011 // 60 Comments

“And one of them just touched me. GUARDS!”

Earlier this week, an excerpt from Neil Strauss’ new book was posted online that depicted an 18-year-old Paris Hilton as a racist who regretted making out with Vin Diesel after realizing he was black-ish. Her rep has since issued the following statement claiming the quote is false and that Paris’ lawyer will most likely sue for damaging her sterling reputation. Via The Toronto Sun:

A statement from Hilton’s spokesperson reads, “These allegations are absolutely untrue and ridiculous. We have sent these claims to Miss Hilton’s lawyers to respond further. It’s another example of someone making false claims for financial gain.”

Perhaps even more telling than Paris’ alleged racism – A vapid, uneducated white woman hates minorities? Alert the president! – is the fact that the media has yet to ask Vin Diesel what he thinks about this. Apparently they’re too afraid he’ll gang violence them in the face and/or cook a delicious Italian meal using his grandma’s recipe from the old country. It’s sickening, is what it is. Makes me ashamed to shove an index card with the word “Press” on it in my underwear every morning. (I don’t wear hats.) That used to stand for something!

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  1. dpbefun

    First…sad my life has degraded to this.

  2. dudley

    looks like the firecrotch behind her has a couple handfuls of busted ass

  3. Paris Hilton
    Hank E Ring
    Commented on this photo:

    Yeah, shee apparently hates black people yet one of her closest frriends of all time is Nicole Ritchie… who is herself black. I hope Paris wins big.

  4. Jimmy

    Isn’t there a video somewhere casually dropping the n word while talking to her sister? Is that the reputation she claims is being ruined?

  5. i guess when you’e one day cut off from inheriting it the old fashioned way, sue it out of people the.. old fashioned way. fucking rich ppl..

  6. kj

    Why would you want to touch her? Don’t you immediately get dick cancer?

  7. Reading is Sexy

    LOL– I hope the defense attorney enters into evidence to counter the “sterling reputation” claim the movie “One Night In Paris.”

  8. Richard McBeef

    Diesel is actually a very old surname that came to the United States with slaves from Western reaches of Africa. When I think of traditional African names, I think Kunta Kinte and then Vin Diesel. Diesel is actually the 3rd most common family name in Cameroon.

    Paris should have known this before giving him mouth herpes.

  9. Whaa

    What the fuck is happening to her eye? Its melting or something

    • xerozs

      She’s blinking on eye at the time… it’s like really stupid animals, they can’t coordinate the movement of both eyes simultanous… same goes for Paris Hilton.

  10. oh I wish paris would stop paying people to say nasty stuff about her.what is she a celebrity?

  11. Pedro

    The only thing that makes me skeptical is that I have a hard time believing Vin Diesel kissed a woman.

  12. Deacon Jones

    Are you gay if she gives you a handjob and you cum? (refer to pic 4)

  13. Clarence Beeks

    WHY is she suing? There is fucking VIDEO of her making racist comments. We all know she is a fucking piece of shit cokewhore who makes racist and anti-semitic comments.

    Ridiculous- she has always tried to play it off like she is a nice person. Give me a fucking break.

  14. Greg Suarez

    “Ew! Will this stain?”

  15. The Critical Crassness

    I was going to comment, however the incredible number of possibilities available for Ms Hilton made choosing one impossible. I do however, reserve the right to comment during closing arguments.

    • pornstar

      Kindly allow me to applaud you on your wit and sarcasm towards this misguided talentless socialite. May I also add, that I eagerly await your final right to comment, please pepper it with inappropriate language.

  16. Kim

    “Paris’ lawyer will most likely sue for damaging her sterling reputation”

    What reputation is that? The one in her New Year’s Eve party video where she tells us that she doesn’ like “filthy niggers”. Perhaps she thinking the Nazi salute she was photographed giving in St Tropez, France helped her “sterling reputaion”. Maybe its the photos of all the stuff found Paris’s abandoned storage locker Bardia Persa put up at his web site, like a Rx for Valtrex that she thinks helps her reputation.

    Tell us, what sterling reputation is she refering to?

  17. They spend more money in damage control from that blister’s mouth than I will probably ever make in a lifetime. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with my bathtub and my toaster.

  18. ParisisFat

    It looks like herpe eye Hilton is putting on some weight. It is only a matter of time until she blows up and fills out that big ass frame.

  19. All these lawsuits….whatever happened to simply adopting a colored child to prove how well you can tolerate a Black?

    • Randal(l)

      Who, whoa whoa, watch the language friendo. using the word colored to refer to black folk hasn’t been kosher since Paris’ parents owned them…er…I mean her great great grandparents.*wink*

  20. john

    I recall a video – in a club i believe – that shows her making racist statements to Nikki and other friends.

  21. Yep, that’s scabies.

  22. Clues

    The only person who should be suing in all of this is Vin Diesel. Claiming he made out with Paris Hilton? There’s no coming back from that.

  23. Paris Hilton
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m gonna’ love you REAL hard.

  24. Paris Hilton
    Commented on this photo:

    Ms. Hilton, is there any truth to the rumor that you will be playing Two-Face in the new Batman movie?

  25. don't shoot the messenger

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Most people won’t date outside thier own race. Many people won’t date outside thier own faith. This is especially true with the Baptist, Jewish, and Mormon. I’m sure you could find exceptions if you look hard enough, but on the whole most people tend to stay with thier own kind. Ever see an atheist date a Southern Baptist? I don’t think so.

    • pornstar

      i’m not going to shoot you. If i wanted to read tame and PG rated comments I wouldn’t have had sex with 3 black guys at once in the back of Denny’s parking lot. This is not a Disney movie.

      • Randal(l)

        wasn’t that scene in songs of the south? I thought that’s why Disney refuses to release it on DVD

    • Jovy

      Your logic fails just as much as you do. Where I live MOST people date outside of their race. I’m mixed with pretty much everything but white yet my boyfriend is white. He’s also an atheist, while I believe in God. Him and I are in love and have a very strong relationship.

    • Bex

      I’ve actually seen two atheists date a Baptist–me! (Eventually our differences ended zeh romance, but I remained good friends with both.)

  26. Scott

    I’m sure Neil will thank her for the additional publicity

  27. she must have just been kidding

    paris loves sucking black penis. she just got done sucking cee lo’s penis

  28. terry

    you know why I find this bullshit? Because she is friends with Nicole Richie who is obviously non white, very tan. And Paris was in that shitty movie House of Wax where she had a black boyfriend. So people stop being misled by the media.

  29. Upskrt Celebs

    I’ve read Neil Strauss’s stuff – his writing is so authentic he doesn’t need to lie.

  30. Clarence Beeks

    terry, google “parisexposed”- you will SEE her call people “niggers”. This woman is a PIECE OF SHIT.

  31. It’s so funny seeing her look fat and old and still acting like she used to be somebody.

  32. major

    this is an old game. she only hates black -guys- past the age of puberty. same way sandra bullock will adopt a black kid but wont give a grown black guy a shot at the snatchkins.

  33. noooooooo

    If she really wanted to punish someone she would just unleash her crabs on the poor bastard.

  34. Paris Hilton
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like she put on a little weight

  35. Vin Diesel is black?

  36. atotalcad

    Wait a second, Vin Diesel? I though she was being pounded by Shane Diesel.
    aka Blackzilla.

  37. Paris Hilton
    Commented on this photo:


    Super Paris.

  38. Sybianz

    Problem is that Neil records every interview he does, so unless she can prove its not her on the tape then shes sol.

  39. the one

    agree, DOGS CAN BE TOUCHED, folks!!

  40. Khloe

    Strauss is the one who needs to prove his allegations.
    He probably never even met Paris.

    He is selling a book and lying to get people to buy it.
    What else is new.

  41. Khloe

    Isn’t Diesel gay?

    The author is lying about Paris Hilton having breast implants at age 13/14 without her parent’s permission.

    And if he tells one lie then everything he says is a lie.

    Unless he has a tape to prove what he say Paris Hilton said HE IS LYING.

  42. Khloe

    It happened 12 years ago and he never mentioned it back then? Seems improbable.
    But either way it was a long time ago when PH was a teenager. She has grown up since then.
    I don’t believe she is racist at all.

  43. Khloe

    Who cares what she said some TWELVE years ago when she was a teen and drunk at a party. We’ve all done stupid sh^t in those days.
    Is she racist as an adult? There have never been any signs.

  44. Khloe

    Years ago when Paris was single gossip sites tried to link her to every black dude she ever had a picture taken with. Now they claim she is racist? Baloney. Its just more gossip to sell copy.

  45. Phil Atio

    Thats damn funny because I see paris hilton mom drooling all over michael jackson. so maybe her hate for black men is because she secretly has a black guy fetish. I’ve always been of the opinion that girls make fun of guys they are attracted to. The more a girl claims she hates some guy probably the more she secretly like em. My bet is she is just upset no blacks guys like her, because typical black guy would rather date a j-lo or a beyonce than a skinny, boobless, buttless, cereal box body curveless tall thin white women. But then again isn’t neil strauss one of those pick up artist creeps, why do we believe him?

    Not that there are anything wrong with skinny, boobless, buttless, cereal box body curveless tall thin white women. It obviously the type of women that white media worships, I just don’t think black guys care very much for

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