Paris Hilton Tried To Out-Butt Kim Kardashian, It Didn’t Work

Last year, Kim Kardashian famously plastered her naked butt on the cover of PAPER, so now it’s Paris Hilton’s turn to try and usurp her former apprentice. (Always two there are.) Except if you know anything about Paris Hilton, you know that you could tie 14 of her asses together and it wouldn’t equal one of Kim’s butt cheeks, so I don’t know what she’s trying to accomplish here. This is a fool’s game.

paris hilton naked butt paper

Although apparently her nipples are reverse vampires that can only be seen in mirrors, so at least this was educational.

paris hilton nipples paper

Remember: They can only enter your house and spray herpes in your eye if you don’t invite them in.

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