Paris Hilton Kicked Out of Japan

Finally, Paris Hilton’s arrest for cocaine is paying off just the way she wanted. She’s just been detained by immigration in Japan after arriving on a private jet this morning and is currently sequestered to Narita airport (above) where she’s contemplating bolting the country entirely. TMZ reports:

A source close to Paris tells us she flew to Japan on business and was questioned by immigration authorities as she got off the plane. Immigration authorities are allowing Paris to stay at an airport hotel until the matter is resolved. For her part, Paris hasn’t decided whether to stay or leave.
Paris’ rep tells TMZ, “Paris Hilton was delayed by immigration authorities at a Japanese airport this evening after arriving for business obligations planned many months earlier. Paris was contractually bound to her business trip and didn’t want to let down her brands and many Asian fans.”

Dear Mr. President,

Because I remember Pearl Harbor, I felt it wise to beseech you on this grave matter. Do we really have to let Paris Hilton back into the U.S? I mean, seriously, morale is low, and now we’re about to let Japan make us look like silly bitches. Again. I’m not even asking you to shoot her plane out of the sky. (Although I’m not not asking you.) Just direct it to Antarctica. That’s all.

Do right by your country, sir. Unless you really are a secret Kenyan ninja.

Oh, no, I di’int,

- The Superficial

Photos: Splash News