Paris Hilton Found a Costume

October 22nd, 2010 // 55 Comments

Here’s Paris Hilton at Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles yesterday where she tried on various Halloween costumes including a slutty sailor outfit. Which is convenient because she has her own barnacles. *rimshot* In the meantime, is it me, or does Paris actually have an ass now? I could’ve sworn it was impossible for her to gain weight. No, really, I heard when she eats it’s like watching a snake try to digest an entire deer. Or in her case one Chicken McNugget. “Oh, God. Paris, it looks stuck. Wait. Something’s wedged under it. I can almost make out some letters: V.. A.. L.. T. Valt? What’s valt?”

Photos: Flynet, Splash News


  1. LiLo Lili

    Barnacles!!! LOL!!

  2. Facebook me

    Isn’t she a bit old to be dressing up for Halloween? Christ..even her old friends aren’t galaventing in slutty costumes anymore..She needs to grow the fuck up already.


  3. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I pity the dog.
    The furry little one, not the big bleached blonde mutt.

  4. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    With Paris’s recent legal problems she must have had to cut back on the steady cocaine diet. Looks like she’s accumulating some saddlebags back there.

  5. AlexAlex

    Oh, look! Another slut ruining Halloween! Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. It was so great. Werewolves, (scary) vampires, mummies, etc. Now, it’s just a contest to see who can wear the sluttiest costume.

    • Yes, it’s terrible that women are trying to out-slut each other on Halloween. Terrible. If only they would just throw on a fur bodysuit and some fake fangs, maybe roll around in the dirt to get that real mummy stink . . . that’s my idea of a party.

    • Vito


    • Horrible travesty that women try to out slut one another on Halloween. The Sanctity and meaning behind the holiday and it’s traditions have given way to the modern sexifiSHADDAP!!!!!!!!!

  6. If shes being testd for cocaine right now it might explain the extra junk in the trunk–which is a welcome sight by me since she spends a lot of time in bikinis too. Party on, paris~

  7. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    Maybe she ate Nicole Ritchie; she seems to have melded with her, at least.

  8. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    A) Haven’t I seen her in a costume like this before? B) Isn’t she pushing 30 and getting a little old for the whole slutty druggy thing?

  9. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Rough skills & power tools
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    No way! These cheeks has got to be included with the costume. It’s gotta…

  10. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
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    Nice Ass honey!

  11. what? This has been up for hours and nobody has made a “boatloads of seamen” joke yet?

    you people make me sick.

  12. yesiamablond

    dude. i’ve stared at it for 10 minutes (yes. HA HA) and i now feel stupid for not getting the valt joke. plz explain!!!11one

  13. Bunny Foofoo

    a highly appropriate costume for Paris, considering all the semen, er seamen, that have cavorted with her.

  14. Bristol Palin's Abandoned Retard Baby

    V-A-L-T: Valtrex. She’s swimming in it.

  15. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    i dont care, i’d still fuck her.

  16. People tend to look better when they get off the cocaines. That could be it.

  17. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
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    Dang! Look at that Skeletor hand. Frightening.

  18. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I’m pretty sure she dressed up as a semen last year, too.

  19. Rhettro

    I think it was Sarah Paxton that wore that same outfit a couple years ago.

  20. zeke

    i hate to say it but she actually looks kinda good.

  21. Heh heh… “Hey, sailors – all aboard!”

  22. Burt

    I know she’s supposed to be a trendsetter, but that outfit is ridiculous.
    She looks like she works selling cigarettes on a cruise ship.

  23. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks better.

    Remember she is significantly underweight for her height. Probably diets all the time. Now she looks healthy and has a normal / hot ass.

  24. Jessesgirl

    Costume? She looks like she does every day.

  25. Flower

    A living accessory. How stylish. Cute dog, though.

  26. Vito

    you can say that again!

  27. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Willy Wonka
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    Wonder how her Herpes is doing?

  28. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, I always thought she had a great ass. Is she an airhead? I don’t think so. But her ass is awesome & should be appreciated more.

  29. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    i hate to say this, but she actually looks decent in these pics.

  30. Jill

    Instead of a seman maybe she should try being a coke mule, it’d be more believable.

  31. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    Wow this is the best I have ever seen her look. You can bang on her (I know everybody else has) but she is actually pretty, and that lazy eye is kind of cute too.

  32. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    Yup, that looks like a human ass aight.
    Seeing this and Amy Winohouse, I must conclude it was Scrawny Confusingly Sexy UggoChick Comeback Week, which I feel must be celebrated.
    Especially in Amy’s case because say what you want, but damn could that girl sing.

  33. captain america

    I always thought she was born in one.

  34. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    One of the masses
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    Is anyone else wondering if they had to burn that icky sailor outfit? Its jammed up her cooter and is prolly gooey now. She’s yesterdays news BTW.

  35. Facebook me

    Isn’t “Fleet Week” soon? Get on board training Paris!

  36. Costumes Worn by celebrities I’d like to see:

    Paris Hilton as a Sailor, she gives everyone permission to cum aboard.
    Lindsay Lohan as a Police Officer
    Kim Kardashian as the Virgin Mary
    Snooki as Tattoo from Fantasy Island
    OJ Simpson as his wife’s killer … errrrrrr wait a minute …

  37. Paris Hilton Nurse Costume Halloween 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s getting old…that shit is starting to SAG now…

  38. sleuthette

    She could definitely be whatever and do whatever she wants. She can even be a drug addict and get high in public with whatever substance she chooses. Unlike many people of color who reside in America, she would walk away with no accountability. She could even harm someone while driving or run another pedestrian over and commit murder and still get away with it. Her class, skin color/features, and financial status put both she and Lindsey Lohan above our American Laws. That makes me really pissed off and hot! Happy Halloween!

  39. beverly perez - austin

    i think she looks cute I love Paris

  40. Penny

    I’d think Paris would have a custom-made costume — not one from a Halloween store! I think the most popular costume this year will be Snooki. All you need is tight clothes, high hair, a tan, and you need to know how to make Snooki’s sunglasses . Happy Halloween!

  41. Afatsawo


  42. Slounge

    Paris Hilton is amazing in sloungewear too!

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