Paris Hilton Banned From Vegas Clubs

Thanks to Operation: Fuck You, Lindsay, Paris Hilton has been officially banned from the Wynn and Encore resorts in Vegas and also managed to get her boyfriend Cy Waits blacklisted from working with Steve Wynn again in the process. People reports:

The ban comes after several Las Vegas insiders claimed that the heiress might be blackballed from nightclubs. After the car in which she was riding was stopped, Hilton, 29, was taken inside the Wynn, where it was allegedly discovered that she had cocaine in her purse.
Coinciding with the ban, Wynn Las Vegas also announced in a vague statement that Hilton’s boyfriend, nightclub executive Cy Waits, has been “separated from the company and is free to pursue other interests.” No further comment or details was provided.

Haha! You stopped a guy from stabbing her in her sleep.

Irony: 1. Cy Waits: Genital warts.

Photo: Fame