Paris Hilton Banned From Vegas Clubs

September 1st, 2010 // 86 Comments
Paris Hilton

Thanks to Operation: Fuck You, Lindsay, Paris Hilton has been officially banned from the Wynn and Encore resorts in Vegas and also managed to get her boyfriend Cy Waits blacklisted from working with Steve Wynn again in the process. People reports:

The ban comes after several Las Vegas insiders claimed that the heiress might be blackballed from nightclubs. After the car in which she was riding was stopped, Hilton, 29, was taken inside the Wynn, where it was allegedly discovered that she had cocaine in her purse.
Coinciding with the ban, Wynn Las Vegas also announced in a vague statement that Hilton’s boyfriend, nightclub executive Cy Waits, has been “separated from the company and is free to pursue other interests.” No further comment or details was provided.

Haha! You stopped a guy from stabbing her in her sleep.

Irony: 1. Cy Waits: Genital warts.

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  1. Elite

    A fine woman of breeding nonetheless and she knows how to make $$$$$$$$$

    • Vito

      She knows how to SPEND money. If it weren’t for her family’s gold, she’d be some coked out druggie party twat drinking, snorting, sucking and fucking her way through life.

      Oh wait…

  2. like that pic of her :-D

  3. Mary Jane


  4. Michelle

    Sweet. She is such a loser.

    • ParisIsBetterThenYou


      Why would Paris be banned? No reason to ban her at all.

      I love you paris!

      • Anon

        Because a club can loose their liquor/gaming license if drugs are found in the club, and given that she will have drugs, clubs don’t want risk it….the gaming commission is cracking down on vegas clubs, hardcore. The Hardrock just went thru this a couple months ago. So clubs won’t hire her to appear. The Wynns resorts banned her because Steve Wynn has zero tolerance for drugs so she is banned from his 2 resorts completely…other clubs won’t touch her because she’s dangerous to their license. FACT.

  5. Crusty

    Being “separated from the company and.. free to pursue other interests” is hardly vague.

    The boy got his ass fired.

  6. Rough'er than leather

    Yeah, the ass kissing, model and bottle industry is putting a ban on Paris? Lets see how that last…

    • LOL…..exactly. I would totally open a club in Vegas, call it Valtrex, and offer her an insane amount of money to show up. She would.

  7. sobrietyisacrutch

    I’m telling you people – just give me the word and I’ll don my “SuperSting” cape and mask and do the same thing to Lindsey.
    *sigh* It’s tiring being a superhero.

  8. Maeby

    eewww paris butt-flap. no me gusta!

  9. atotalcad

    Wynn Las Vegas has a strict policy concerning no drinking and no drugs.
    Cy broke policy and was fired.

  10. nameless

    I want the D.A. to win his case against her and the judge to sentence her to some serious time. I bet she runs to Switzerland. Good riddance!

  11. JR

    Wait, Paris Hilton got banned for having blow on her?? Something’s not right here. What do they think everyone does in those nightclubs? Have cookies and milk? A friend of mine was offered cocaine within 20 minutes of setting foot in a Vegas club the first time.

    Clearly, Paris sent her crotch crabs after Steve Wynn in an assassination attempt.

    • No she got banned for being so god damned full-retard stupid that she keeps getting caught with drugs and saying shit like ‘oh, these aren’t my pants’, and “oh, this isnt’ my purse”, ‘someone put this in my jacket’.

      Nobody cares if she’s a junkie party slut who likes getting passed around like a crack pipe at Whitney Houston and Bobby Browns house, but god dammnit, make up a halfway credible excuse just ONCE when you get caught.

  12. Richard McBeef

    i’m surprised that fish didn’t pink star that stuff in her dress and call it a vagina. it looks a lot more like a vagina than the pantyhose that normally get pink starred and a lot more like a vagina than my failed sex change operation.

  13. JoJo

    What’s that between her? legs???

  14. lutefisk

    Why does she have testicles?

  15. well...

    It DOES look like a taco.

  16. Marcus

    swollen labia



  18. Pathetic excuse for a human

    Nice. So stupid braindead whore parasite hilton is not only banned from Wynn & Encore properties, she’s about to be booted from Las Vegas nightclubs as well. AND, she got her boyfriend fired from his job. What an uber cunt she is…

  19. dude

    I love how she’s pointing to the spot in the club where that awful smell is coming from.

  20. Ian



    Sho bez suns jellous ppls on dis site. Dat gurl be hot !!

  22. Stuey

    WTF, how did her butt get so low and reversed???

  23. Jamie

    Yuck on the upskirt. I think my eyes have herpes now.

    • WowzersTrowzers

      yep- along w/a plethora of other galloping cruds. I had to do the double take w/that pic- did someone kick her w/cleats? There appears to be some swelling…but maybe its just a pus pocket- or two. Hard to say.

  24. Why are so many people hating on Paris? Its not like shes out there doing really messed up stuff to people. Shes got some problems she needs to deal with. Its not like we are all so perfect is it? Just hoping she gets it together. I think shes a good hearted person deep down. All you haters are just envious. Admit it.

    • What a dumbass

      You don’t use your brain very often, do you? People hate this bitch because she’s ugly, entitled, a pathological liar, she shoves her family wealth in peoples faces, she’s illiterate, uneducated & mentally challenged, and she’s such a moron that she dropped out of high school because she was failing all her classes. Her mommy gave her a “perfume line” because she was too stupid to get a productive job; she earns money by showing up to clubs & acting like a slutty dumbass. She’ll do anything or say anything to get attention, including embarrassing every relative; she’s so self centered that her dumbass antics cost every family members 95% of their inheritance, due to her grandfather being so disgusted with her behavior of dragging the family name through the mud. In her position, she has the resources to help thousands of people via charity work and other avenues, but she instead only enriches herself. She’s an arrogant, self centered moron with a wonky eye, beaked nose & a huge undeserved sence of entitlement.

      In conclusion, she thinks she’s better than everyone just because of which family she was born into. She’s everything that’s wrong with American society, and she can’t die fast enough to suit us normal folk…

    • Anon

      There is nothing redeeming about Paris…even those close to her know…she’s a racist bitch who will throw anyone under the bus to protect herself. Her “I’m so sweet” act, is just that, an act.

  25. They’ll regret it when she sells out the other nightclubs with her musical performances. Or whatever she does with microphones and paper confetti.

  26. haters suck

    You’re so right. The haters here are just envious of her sex video, her classy demeanor, and her modesty. Haters are just jealous and wish they could be like her.

    • And more. Because haters are just sick backstabbing wannabees. I’ve seen enough of them in action to recognize.

      • IbdaJudge

        You should check the mirror little girl, it’s the braindead followers who are the wannabees almost by definition.

      • Haters gotta hate. Must be from all that waking up and looking in the mirror every morning while preparing for a typical day filled with self-righteous indignation. Eventually you’ll find the correct meds to treat your affliction, or the razor blades, I’m sure.

  27. captain america

    now I will join the scene, folks!!

  28. Girl

    Yes, she is toilet paper dragging off the shoe of society… but you perpetuate her antics by commenting and paying attention to her. If you want them to all go away.. then act as though they never existed. Paris Hilton, P-shaw. Who cares? Bored of this, bored of cocaine busts, bored of the stratified legal system, bored, bored, bored.

    Remember when things were fun and exciting and a celebrity was dying every other day? Ah, 2009- the good ol’ days.

  29. job

    I dont know, Same thing I thought with Lindsay

    Why hate on them, but then people dont hate the real A*HOLES
    like the people who caused us this economic failure, the people in wall street
    Real criminals who really steal from us everyday like Banks, Hospitals,
    people that really steal,

    BUT I guess is alot easier to find an easy target and just put all your anger and frustrations on them

    I AM NOT defending Paris or saying she is a good person, you know,
    But she is acting THE exact same way people her age act,
    She just happens to be Rich, that is ALL

    I have seen skanks and Whores here, In my town, at the club doing the same Crap that Paris pulls, and In college all these preppy bitches that act like they are royalty, yet they are going to a community college,
    again Not defending Paris but For the people that hate her,
    Look around you, where white blonde preppy people hang out
    I bet you will see at least 20 Paris-like girls,

    On the Plus Side, Paris was AMAZING In Repo the Genetic Opera

  30. You’re almost back to school little kids! HAHA Spew your shit to people that already hate you!

  31. LACoolKid

    Money can’t buy you class. Oh well!

  32. IbdaJudge

    Sad to say, but as long as there are idiots out there that think this worthless cum catcher off a dipshit deserves attention she will continue to get it. Our only hope is that her family get sick of her shit and cuts her off or a judge locks her up. I personaly am hoping for both.

  33. IbdaJudge

    Drink at will, please.

  34. Bored with life

    Ha ha! You stupid, ugly, herpes infested, fucking cunt!

  35. Just A Thought

    It’s a good point, someone who comes from that family shouldn’t be acting like a common woman in public, defaces all of her family’s hard work and makes them all look like her behavior. Hilton Hotels are known for their class so she has an image to live up to, no matter what she “wants to be”. Women in this position should think about what it means to be a public figure, there are many many other women out there who “have made their own money” and come from that type of money and you don’t see them out in the news with some other new exploit. It seems she is enjoying herself at many many people’s expense, not caring, not considerate, not thoughtful, acting pretty spoiled all the while about it. Really, she can’t claim to be independent and then in the same breath give 15-year old excuses to the news thinking they are her parents and she’s still in high school. Doesn’t sound that self-made to me.

  36. Paris Hilton
    Commented on this photo:

    Yummy crotch.

  37. LogicIsAll_I_Know

    Put down the torches people. Public stoning was banned in the free world(although it probably would reduce true crime). Her sister Nicky is an intelligent classy lady. She just chooses to live her life differently. As far as Paris being stupid? Please. How many people would work if they were so wealthy that the “need to” will never be a factor? How many people wouldn’t do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted if they could afford to? Anything else seems rather stupid. How many people wouldn’t love to be able to provide a future for their children with similar opportunities? Is Paris selfish, self centered, reckless and excessively flamboyant? Most might agree along those lines. An ex-wife came from a family of seven children. Her parents once said to me, “Hey six out of seven ain’t to shabby!” Thats about an 85% success rate for normal good people. The Hiltons are batting .500. That isn’t the greatest but when one removes the need to wake up to an alarm to survive it tends to ruin a person. So I say Paris is doing ok for a ruined gal.

  38. Paris Hilton
    Commented on this photo:

    yo soy fan de esta locochona

  39. billybob

    Hampster Butt

  40. Cami

    jaybee61 is so far up Paris’s ass you can’t even see him in this picture.

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