Paris Hilton’s Stalkers Have No Heart

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits were attacked outside of a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday by a stalker who was apprehended before outside of Paris’ house in October. TMZ reports:

Today, Rainford allegedly struck again — sources on the scene tell us he smacked Waits in the back of the head as Cy and Paris were walking into a hearing where Paris was set to testify against a different man who allegedly sneaked on to her property and pulled out a knife last year.
We’re told Cy’s bodyguard immediately apprehended Rainford and turned him over to LAPD.
During the incident, Rainford was telling people he KNOWS Paris … and insisted Hilton’s father, Rick, had given him permission to marry her.

Two things:

1. Rick Hilton and I go way back, and that conversation unquestionably took place. I’ll swear to it under oath.
2. How fucking lazy are stalkers in Hollywood that they can’t even follow through on the voices in their heads? First, double-knife man in August and now this guy couldn’t take the time to make sure if Paris can’t be with them, then she can’t be with anybody else. It’s your typical LA attitude. “I guess I could look at these floor plans of her house and find holes in her security, but then who’s going to finish my killer script, Somebody’s Barking Me, the Rockwell and Michael Jackson Story as told through the eyes of cartoon dogs?”

If you’re going to stalk somebody, you better be committed to removing their head and keeping it in a jar under your house. That’s all I’m saying.

Photos: Fame, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News