Paris Hilton’s Stalkers Have No Heart

April 28th, 2011 // 34 Comments

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits were attacked outside of a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday by a stalker who was apprehended before outside of Paris’ house in October. TMZ reports:

Today, Rainford allegedly struck again — sources on the scene tell us he smacked Waits in the back of the head as Cy and Paris were walking into a hearing where Paris was set to testify against a different man who allegedly sneaked on to her property and pulled out a knife last year.
We’re told Cy’s bodyguard immediately apprehended Rainford and turned him over to LAPD.
During the incident, Rainford was telling people he KNOWS Paris … and insisted Hilton’s father, Rick, had given him permission to marry her.

Two things:

1. Rick Hilton and I go way back, and that conversation unquestionably took place. I’ll swear to it under oath.
2. How fucking lazy are stalkers in Hollywood that they can’t even follow through on the voices in their heads? First, double-knife man in August and now this guy couldn’t take the time to make sure if Paris can’t be with them, then she can’t be with anybody else. It’s your typical LA attitude. “I guess I could look at these floor plans of her house and find holes in her security, but then who’s going to finish my killer script, Somebody’s Barking Me, the Rockwell and Michael Jackson Story as told through the eyes of cartoon dogs?”

If you’re going to stalk somebody, you better be committed to removing their head and keeping it in a jar under your house. That’s all I’m saying.

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  1. Paris Hilton Court Attack
    Commented on this photo:

    Say my name, bitch!

  2. God is Black

    You gotta be one hell of a loser to stalk Mrs I hate Nigga or Jews,Oh after I kiss one?

  3. What I don’t get is why he’s going after the boyfriend. He isn’t the problem.

  4. That Guy

    I think this broad likes this type of attention even if it is negative.

  5. Paris Hilton Court Attack
    Commented on this photo:

    Guy is a fucking midget.

  6. Dan

    I cannot understand how someone would become obsessed with her…

  7. Paris Hilton Court Attack
    Commented on this photo:

    Isn’t that Matt Lauer?

  8. Ed

    Under the house? No, no, no. I keep my heads in jars in a China cabinet.

  9. Paris Hilton Court Attack
    Any Guy
    Commented on this photo:

    those are some damn fine shades, they don’t even come off when sandwiched between pavement and asshole.

  10. RoboZombie

    I’m not excusing stalkers, but NICE SWEATER DOUCHE! Jesus, he looks like he needs a slap in the head.
    And who the hell goes to Court with their tits hanging out? (oh, sorry Lindsay)

  11. AbSynthia

    what were they doing at the courthouse? anybody know?

    • DKNY

      Hi AbSynthia, welcome to Reading Comprehension 101. Today’s lesson will cover how to read the material given to you before asking questions. Let’s begin…

    • Why would you want to know about the ‘what’ & ‘why’ s of Paris Hiltons’ life period? I know more about her than I ever wanted to know & could pick out her vagina from a lineup before I could pick out my own. Any detail of her life after that is pretty irelevent.

  12. coww

    I know you boys cannot stand Paris Hilton and to be honest, I’m not a fan either–but come on–Stalking! This is serious shit. You wouldn’t want a stalker after your sister, mom, aunt etc… There are some subjects
    that just aren’t funny–no matter what way you slice it.

    • Me

      Yeah, a moment of silence for the idiot stalking the airhead. Fish doesn’t even classy it up when people fricken die, you really think he’s gonna do it for this? Also, if my mom, aunt or sister became famous for saying stupid shit, sex tapes, and being an overall obnoxious ass hat I would want them stalked and shot.

    • coww

      Im sure your Mom, sister, aunt or girlfriend (poor thing) would be very proud of your response.

  13. the same Paris that calls the paps and then buys them lunch when they come out

    The guy attacks someone in front of the courthouse with dozens of cameras around. No one is THAT dumb. This whole thing smells of a PR set up.

    I’lll wager Paris or one of her people paid this guy to smack Cy there just to get some press before her new show comes out in a few weeks.

  14. lils

    Paris Hilton’s Stalkers have no Taste. (fixed)

  15. Fred Cloot

    Let the stalker have her. She could die knowing she made a madman happy.

  16. Jimmy

    Seeing as Cy has a big gang tat on his sholders, it probably won’t be long before Rainford gets a “visit”.

  17. Paris Hilton Court Attack
    Commented on this photo:

    the back of the bodyguard’s head looks like jaba the hutt’s gut..

  18. Her security guard totally played into that guy’s hands. Everyone knows being asphyxiated with a knee to the throat makes for the most intense masturbatory experience of all.

  19. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Too bad he didn’t get her! I’m so sick of hearing about this cum dumpster pig.

  20. Cam

    All that trouble for her……? Really?

    I bet he does all that for all the coke whores he meets.

  21. Tami

    Isn’t that the same jacket she wore when she was released from jail???

  22. Jim

    inapproriate comments
    even for the superficial

  23. fishfaget69@isuckfixsticks.orgy

    Planet welfare.

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