‘Paper Magazine’ Tries to “Break the Internet” With Nicki Minaj’s Booty Ass

I have mixed feelings about Nicki Minaj on the cover of the winter issue of Paper Magazine. For starters, boldly rehashing the “break the internet” thing that came organically from the 2014 shoot with Kim Kardashian seems a bit presumptuous. You can’t just claim you’re breaking the internet, it’ll happen on its own and last I checked, my WiFi is working just fine and Twitter hasn’t crashed.

Second, is this supposed to be some sort of metaphor for masturbating? If it is, it’s kind of cool. Nicki Minaj has cashed in on the whole “walking sex doll” look since she took off, so the idea that she’s created two cyborg buttbots to lick her vagina/touch her boobs makes perfect sense… or perhaps the buttbot is the one with hair down her booty crack, I don’t know — good art is always open for interpretation.

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Let’s play a version of Nicki Minaj buttbot Fuck-Marry-Kill in the comments below.

(Me personally, I wouldn’t fuck, marry, or kill any of them — I’d just bring them all sweaters because I’m a nice guy and they look cold.)

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