Paparazzi attacked and left unconscious over Rumer Willis

July 12th, 2007 // 154 Comments

A paparazzi photog was brutally attacked last night in Hollywood after the ESPY Awards and was left unconscious and convulsing on the ground (the video above is the aftermath). The fight began when two random assholes decided to act as Rumer Willis’ bodyguards as she made her way out of Skybar. TMZ reports:

According to witnesses on scene, one of the men allegedly tripped a photographer who was attempting to take pix of the star. As the stunned shutterbug got up and tried to identify the culprit, we’re told another friend of the wannabe-bodyguards grabbed the photog by the head and slammed him to the ground head first, knocking him out and causing convulsions… Cops arrived shortly after and the man who allegedly slammed the photog to the ground was arrested. The snapper was rushed to a hospital, where he was treated for three cracked ribs, a possibly dislocated shoulder and a concussion.

Yeah, sometimes the paparazzi can go too far but this is fucking ridiculous. Look at the way the attacker walks around afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy’s parents were brother and sister. This is exactly the kind of person I’d expect if people started mating with vegetables.


  1. AngryAL

    “If there were no paps then there would be no gossip websites. i love the paps. rumer is a douche.”

    ya its pretty funny how people come on these blogs and complain about paps when they are the ones supporting them irony is lost on some people

  2. wedgeone

    #48 – Take it from firsthand experience, Fish loves to take credit for stuff that he didn’t find, didn’t write, and didn’t photograph. He should rename this site

    Anyone know where the name “Rumer” came from anyway? Was it because of a “Rumor” that Demi was pregnant?

  3. Adolf Hitler

    People from California are pussies. I went there twice and every time it made me miss home (BTW Texas is the greatest state in the f’n union – hit me up if you disagree and I’ll come kick your ass). In a state where that many grown men where make up, it’s not surprising this guy never learned how to fight. I propose we drop nukes in downtown Hollywood and Baghdad simultaneously.

  4. hollaback

    #10 that is exactly what I was thinking. The video was disturbing because someone is convulsing in the background. I am ashamed that the shouts of call an ambu-LANCE cracked me up. What is with the little girl slaps? Who fights like that?

    I’m getting bitch slapped call an ambu-LANCE!

  5. Spence

    There is something worse than paparazzi….its called CELEBS.

    Beat up a celeb today!

  6. Shaun Diamonds

    Haha spark a celeb competition IS ON!

  7. deluxxe

    if i were a pap i would hire a bodyguard to deal with douche bags like those whimps.

  8. Shaun Diamonds

    Why is he shouting “You took down my boy” or whatever if he is the one that knocked him out anyway?

  9. LivewireT

    Well all I can make out of them saying is “ooga booga, ooga booga!” If u don’t believe me, watch again.

    #48– Take it from firsthand experience, Fish loves to take credit for stuff that he didn’t find, didn’t write, and didn’t photograph. He should rename this site

    My thoughts exactly

  10. LivewireT

    Well all I can make out of them saying is “ooga booga, ooga booga!” If u don’t believe me, watch again.

    #48– Take it from firsthand experience, Fish loves to take credit for stuff that he didn’t find, didn’t write, and didn’t photograph. He should rename this site

    My thoughts exactly

  11. Yeliz

    people are stupid

  12. Paparazzi fags

    Good maybe that guy will go get a fucking life. What a fuckng bunch fags.

  13. MC Pee Pants

    @ 98. Exactly. Guess we’re the only two that actually watched the video. Everyone else is obsessed with getting into a political debate.

  14. Italian Stallion

    I had sex with a vegetable once. They told me to feed Terry Schiavo steak through a tube. I misunderstood………..

  15. Brad

    Hahahahahahaha. I agree with #13 and hope that this becomes a common occurrence. Fuck the douchebag paparazzi.

  16. No way, the papparrazzi have the right to take photos in a public place. I’m sick to death of these asshole celebrities complaining about the papparazzi…if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t be fucken famous!! Fuck you! I hope the 2 men involved with this fight get put in jail and forcefed inmates feces. They are worthless humans.

  17. Someguy

    who gives a shit !!!

  18. Jebus

    Good! More people should beat these useless paps. Smear ‘em good! It shouldn’t even be a crime.

  19. shawn

    too funny

  20. frankiedue

    who the hell is rumor willis?

  21. JB

    Why is post #5 (Thatcher) so ready to provide commentary, then links to a gay porn site and hides behind a privacy filter: Thatcher’s WhoIs. Weak. I recommend to superficial readers to hack the hell out of that lame site. Your discourse is *so important*… when you are hiding behind a curtain. I used to do that, too, when I was 4 and had poopy in my pants.

  22. francesca

    Rumer Willis is a fucking dyke. All ugly and nothing else.

  23. jacknasty

    Isn’t Rummer trying to turn herself into “a star”…perhaps she should consider spending time with people who can handle having their picture taken.

    I bet Bruce and Demi are both ashamed.

  24. Volcan

    I was more offended by the comments than that guy getting his skull caved in, this stuff happens welcome to the real world.

  25. I fucking love the internets

  26. never have I zeen uglier
    kidz..then Demi Moorez
    and what ztupid namez
    zhe gave them…
    and zhe iz not a ztar..
    Y would they want a
    pic of her nazty face?

  27. jen


  28. Sprite


  29. BaldAsBritney

    Getting beat up by some hollywood douche while trying to take a picture of a mongoloid is just about the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I hope buddy died because after that there ain’t no point in living.

  30. JrsyGrl

    That’s really disturbing.

  31. Dude

    Since when is Rumor Willis considered a “star”? She should be kissing the ass of anyone willing to take her fug pic. Talk about a useless waste of celebritydom.

  32. Jen, kizz my
    fuckin azz, bitch!!!!!

  33. ACOD

    Hitting paparazzo should be legal and encouraged. As for the man on the ground, in the words of Ivan Drago “If he dies, he dies”.

  34. sup

    Would you believe..?

    I seriously read this that Rumer Willis was RUN OVER by the paparazzi.
    I was thinking WTF? And wouldn’t this have been on the news lol

    Too bad. She is fug. She looks like bitch too.

  35. Anna1985

    yeah that really bothers me. That faggot needs to get his ass beat for making that poor photog convulse like that. I’d fuck him up myself.

  36. Anna1985

    I mean really, what kind of loser gets his kicks from pretending to be some 12 year old’s bodyguard? Many have called the photog a loser because he’s a part of a large group, with a majority of it made up of losers…yet when I weigh the situation I see a man making money trying to snap some photos of a famous person at an event. As photographers have been doing in LA for over 60 years. Then some over agressive jack-lard-I mean jackass just up and attacks him when he gets a little carried away with the imaginary persona he’s taken on. What a fucking freak. Someone took play time a little to far there… I say reality check as inmate 9858966 at the jail Paris visited a couple week ago. Some SERIOUS justice needs to be applied here.

  37. Me

    Look, when your job is to take pictures of celebrities you pretty much deserve to get your ass beat randomly. I mean look, it’s a worthless profession, contribute something positive to the world or get your head bounced off the pavement.

    Hopefully this discourages would-be gossip hounds. I’ll be the first to admit that I’d miss laughing at people on thesuperficial but it’s a fair trade, there are plenty of entertaining things to do on the internet.

  38. jess


  39. Jess


  40. Poster1001

    Hahahahaha, those idiots deserve it. Someone should just take photos of him convulsing and post them all over the covers of tabloids. There really is nothing positive about what the paparazzi do…well, except the odd time that we get to see them convulsing on the ground when karma comes collecting. Those times make me smile.

  41. erik

    Uggh, he got his ass kicked by a guy wearing jorts. That’s embarassing enough as it is. Was it a Kevin Smith look-alike contest?

  42. ToTellTheTruth

    A “star”?? Really? Since WHEN? Last time I even seen this chic in a movie was when she was with her mom demi in that stripper movie. Shit she isn’t a fucking “star”, she’s just got PARENTS that are “stars”.

  43. Jumpy

    How’s that asphalt taste you scumfuck pap?

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck at a rolling donut if the fight was over JimBob’s second cousin from Podunk. If the paps are getting wrecked it’s good.

    Paparazzi are subhuman. Watch that wigger one chest bumping and shouting out “that’s mah boi!”. It should be legal to tazer them then drive right over their twitching forms. Then hit reverse and give them one more for good measure.

  44. Robb

    The best is the dude going “What up my Nigga! What up my Nigga!” That was fucking killing me.

    Also my cousin has epilepsy, and either that was a fake convulsion, or that dude has the metabolism of a fucking rock. I have never seen anyone convulse that lazily.

  45. asfsfd

    watch the guy in the tan shirt throw punches…ive never seen anything so pathetic, then he walks around like he’s fuckin king shit

    id love to push that asshole right into a ditch filled with aids needles

  46. saddsa

    also, ANYONE who calls there friends “their boys”, or “my boy” is a fuckin faggot

  47. joe mahma

    Jebus, TMZ must hire monkeys to shoot this stuff.

  48. E. Norma Stitz

    Anyone who calls that fat most certainly is attracted to 8 year old girls. Fuckin pedos!

  49. E. Norma Stitz

    How the hell that post got sent to this thread is anyones guess!

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