Paparazzi attacked and left unconscious over Rumer Willis

July 12th, 2007 // 154 Comments

A paparazzi photog was brutally attacked last night in Hollywood after the ESPY Awards and was left unconscious and convulsing on the ground (the video above is the aftermath). The fight began when two random assholes decided to act as Rumer Willis’ bodyguards as she made her way out of Skybar. TMZ reports:

According to witnesses on scene, one of the men allegedly tripped a photographer who was attempting to take pix of the star. As the stunned shutterbug got up and tried to identify the culprit, we’re told another friend of the wannabe-bodyguards grabbed the photog by the head and slammed him to the ground head first, knocking him out and causing convulsions… Cops arrived shortly after and the man who allegedly slammed the photog to the ground was arrested. The snapper was rushed to a hospital, where he was treated for three cracked ribs, a possibly dislocated shoulder and a concussion.

Yeah, sometimes the paparazzi can go too far but this is fucking ridiculous. Look at the way the attacker walks around afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy’s parents were brother and sister. This is exactly the kind of person I’d expect if people started mating with vegetables.


  1. combustion8


    Ill be thinking about your comments on my way home from my 200k a year job, driving my S600 AMG and then maybe again tonight while banging my hot (and always giving) asian girlfriend.

  2. kitty_kat

    I love how some people on here are saying that the paps got what he deserved when they are probably regulars on a celeb gossip site. Where do you think all the pictures and info come from? Its a job, people. It might not be the most glamorous but it still is a job! And do you think anyone would CARE about celebrities if it weren’t for people like this guy?! Think before you type.

  3. miss oblivious

    Whatever you do, don’t click on Thatcher’s link. Thats all he wants. He’s been here before, and he just tries to get people all riled up so that they will click on his link. Just ignore him, like your supposed to ignore z girl, and all the other morons that post on here. They feed off attention; whether negative or positive.

  4. youdado

    Well there are goods and bads to every job. You didn’t expect the paparazzi to have it so easy, did you? they are in the business of annoying the living hell out of people, they are bound to be beat up from time to time, like it or not.

    I really don’t feel bad about the guy.

  5. Sissy Spacek

    I am sorry to be a thorn in your side, I read and love your blog every day you post, but paparazzi is plural and the singular is paparrazzo. There was only one dude knocked out unconscious.

  6. i want some pancakes!!! USA is so fucking cool!!!

  7. mafme

    Dear Douchebags,

    If it weren’t for the Paps making these people into fake celebrities, they wouldn’t be celebrities, and there wouldn’t be anything to talk about on these sites. The last thing that “stars” want is for people to ignore them.

  8. Oink oink! Piggy Americans. Too fat to do anything worthwhile. America hasn’t given the world anything except McDonald’s

  9. @2 I’m FRIST!!!

  10. Sissy Spacek

    Sorry, that’s Paparazzi is a plural term (paparazzo being the singular form[1][2]) for photographers who take candid photographs of celebrities, usually by relentlessly shadowing them in their public and private activities. Celebrities claiming to have been hounded by such photographers often use “paparazzi” as a pejorative term[3] while news agencies commonly use the word in a broader sense to describe all photographers who take pictures of people of note.[4]

    And yes, I was that dork in school everyone hated, but secretly admired.

  11. Conky

    Too bad that pap survived.

    P.S. Those guys fight like girls.


  12. mafme

    Knock out expert needs to brush up on head trauma.

  13. loser

    #51 is a queer with a small dick haha…

  14. rincon

    The dude going crazy is defending his Pap “boy” on the ground who got rocked by the “bodyguards”. He might seem like an inbred but in his defense, he’s doing what he should

  15. drewski


    If YOU can’t spell “hypocrite”, YOU shouldn’t be on this site. Try reading a dictionary sometime. It might help you out when you’re trying to read the back of the fruit loop box.

  16. mafme

    Sissy, you put the cat nip in “Pedantic”… me-ow… just saying I like hair-splitting, that’s all.

  17. Truth? you can't handle the truth!

    Press conference, December 12, 2005. On camera, in response to a direct question, Bush says there have been “more or less” 30,000 Iraqi casualties due to the US invasion and the insurgency that arose in response to it.

    That was 2 1/2 years ago, and at the time it was widely considered to be an underestimate. International human rights monitoring agencies put the number much higher, and the best estimates today are well over 50,000. The vast majority have been “noncombatants” otherwise known as innocent civilians.

  18. mafme


    As trial by combat dictates, the Lord God Almighty will never allow an Innocent(TM) to be killed in battle– hence, they all must have done something very sinful and were found guilty in a mass trial.


  19. Oh hey…maybe I should try watching the video. I’m pretty bored.

  20. rediculously stupid

    @60- oh, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Came up with that off the top of yer ol’ head, eh?

    Nice use of your interweb machine, dumbass.

  21. Morticia

    Rumer Willis is a bow wow. End of story.

  22. Desi Arnaz

    More of these guys need to be culled like that.

  23. hydrog


    I live in this country numbnuts… besides, all you need is cable television to see how fucked up the people in this country (and world) are.

  24. maeby

    This poor guy probably thought he was getting a picture of a real live gremlin, and instead it was Rumer Willis. Then he gets his ass kicked by her Potatohead posse… ?
    Talk about having a bad day.

  25. lambman

    Why would they want to take her picture anyways? She’s the ugliest of the 3 girls by far

  26. bearandbu

    …she was really good as the star in that movie ‘Mask’ with Cher

  27. my comment

    #65 Go to hell.

  28. James

    First of all, if the Paparazzi can be excused for stalking and harassment, then the average guy on the street can be excused for throwing one to the ground. It isn’t his fault they are fragile little creatures.

    As for the dumbass who insinuated we are at war for oil…what oil? We have less, not more of it, since the war. Gas prices have sky rocketed…if Bush took all that oil, where is it? In his personal car? In his pocket?

    What a dumbass.

  29. Tim

    Best line is at the end of the vid…”Call an am-BU-lance, call an am-BU-lance.”

  30. scarphaze

    come on people. lets do a group blow job and then go out for mint chip ice cream.
    I come to these sites to get away from Bush, Iraq, talk of death and deception.
    stop harshing my gig.

  31. I love the stalkerazzi! Is this a hate crime against stalkerazzi? We need to protect these people. They provide a public service by making life hell for celebrities.

  32. Nigga Leroy

    Seriously, who would even want to take a picture of Rumer Willis? Furthermore, who the fuck remembers or even cares who Rumer Willis is?

  33. Thatcher

    My name is Thatcher and I suck limey cox. I am really jealous of how rich and successful you Americans are. I’m reminded of the shitty country I come from every day I wake up to my squalid ‘flat’ in the ‘commons’. It’s a crappy, rainy day as usual as I come home from my go-nowhere blue collar job. But I keep a stiff upper lip and continue on with my pointless life in a dismal, rainy country. I feel better about my miserable existance by going on an American created site called ‘The Superficial’ and harassing the people across the pond who have it so much better than us limey peasants. We now live in the shadow of the great British empire and just like the French, we resent you for surpassing us. I heretofore apologise for all my rude anti-American commentary

  34. polypam

    Not sure if someone else addressed this since I didn’t read all the comments, but Rumor Willis is going to Skybar? Since when was she old enough?

    She’s also fucking ugly as hell. But that’s a whole n’other story.

    I’m really quite disappointed in Demi & Bruce, I really through they’d be able to keep their kids in line.

  35. missj


  36. #81 – I agree! Accidental nude shots of celebrities does it for me!

  37. NEXT ON FOX:
    When Gay Street Fighters ATTACK!

  38. norton

    While the paps are generally douche-bags NOBODY deserves to be laying on the asphalt convulsing… I feel bad for the guy.

  39. Karl Dahlquist

    Paparazzi are scum anyway. When he stops convulsing maybe he can make a positive contribution to society…but I doubt it.

  40. Flave

    Can’t wait until I read about how one of these idiots finally gets himself killed. Only a matter of time…

  41. Kamiki

    Rumer Willis is a STAR? In as much as what? My pet bumble bee is a star? SO like not a star at all?!

  42. mafme

    You have a pet bumble bee?

  43. Danklin24

    Its fucking hilarious how many beaner photogs there are and none of them can say ambulance.

  44. andrew

    He looked like he was doing a horizontal happy dance.

    Seriously though, Christ. This just helps to prove my theory that every person in the entire world is an idiot.



    You live here? and you think America is full of pigs? I just don’t get it. and what do my nuts have to do with it?

  46. t

    good bout time they got knocked the fuck out.. scum of earth they are.. the guy that hit him should be paid money

  47. AngryAL

    umm I don’t think you guys understand the video the guy yelling and screaming is a paparazzi he’s the friend of the guy who got knocked the hell out hence he is screaming “which one of you took my boy down” I mean if your going to make comments try to at least know whats going on in the video

  48. lkj

    If there were no paps then there would be no gossip websites. i love the paps. rumer is a douche.


    who wants rumuer willis’s photograph anyway? bitch is fug.

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