Pamela Anderson’s career is doing great

January 25th, 2010 // 42 Comments

Here’s Pamela Anderson promoting her new fragrance Malibu at a Rite-Aid in Ardmore, Pa. yesterday because CVS has standards. But, seriously, if your career’s been reduced to hawking perfume at suburban drug stores, it’s time to slowly kill yourself by getting hepatitis from a bunch of 80s rockers.

Oh, right.

Photos: Splash News

  1. f1rst


  2. Deacon Jones


    Ardmore is an hour from me, later!

  3. Cattarina


  4. errr


  5. Randal

    Pamela, you’re as beautiful as the day you were spotted at a CFL BC Lions game on the video tron! Marketing your perfume to real women who shop at affordable stores is a great way to get it out the the general public rather than sporting it in high end shops for $500 a bottle.

    That’s not a career reduction, FISH, that’s smarts. Go get some.



    Honestly, find a shirt that fits you, Pam. If you can’t find some in the store, have a bunch made. Sheesh…

  7. missywiss

    I wish somebody would ask ME to create a perfume. I’d be at every Rite-Aid and whoever else asked me to promote it. Good for Pam.

  8. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Definately haggard and quite possibly stoned

  9. Ego

    Hepatitis or not. I’d still hit that all day long and then get a liver transplant

  10. Heather

    Bet it smells like liquor, gun powder, and STD’s

  11. Deacon Jones


    mmmm. Call me

  12. Taz

    can’t catch anything from pumping those big ass jugs

  13. sin

    By career you do mean fake tits, right? That is all she ever was, a huge set of tits and being taped having sex with different guys.

  14. titsonsnack

    #6 it’s not even a shirt, it’s a.. uhh.. really shiny tacky ill-fitting cheap looking dress thing, it’s even too tight in the arms. And then bunchy in the middle. Anyway, RITE AID? And does anyone even buy stupid cheap shitty celebrity perfume anyway? I mean, people must, right? Because otherwise why would they make it. But I have yet to meet a single soul who owns any. And I always wonder, do the celebrities ever actually wear that shit that’s made for them that they’re hawking? Does Britney smell like “Curious”? No she smells like cigarette smoke and barbecue sauce.

  15. FunkButtons

    Actually, she was just at rite aid to pick up her prescription for Valtrex, etc…

  16. You can tell she has fallen from the A list to the C list. When other celebrities are selling their perfumes in Macy’s, she is at Rite Aid! Nothing against Rite Aid. I like Rite Aid and shop there often. Wonder if Hef will put a full page ad in Playboy to help her out.

  17. Brian0523

    This cuntassbitch’s lips on her face are tighter than the lips on her twat.

  18. arfil

    Taz – well, you could catch scabies. Possibly.

  19. oldschool

    holy shit
    her hands make my grandmas look nice D;

  20. oldschool

    holy shit
    her hands

  21. dancy

    Honestly, find a shirt that fits you, Pam. ****?Plus Flirt—-C o m?*** .It’s the largest and best club for seeking CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities.Please Check it out!I’m seriou

  22. I think she respects her body, that’s why she’s so comfortable doing this sort of thing.

  23. Haha, reduced to selling perfume for cvs.

  24. CVS promised free hepatitis treatments is she worked the register for a few days.

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  26. ANdy

    at least she knows how to find her target demographic

  27. John Arbuckle

    “But, seriously, if your career’s been reduced to hawking perfume at suburban drug stores, it’s time to slowly kill yourself by getting hepatitis from a bunch of 80s rockers.”

    Yeah because it’s much more lucrative to sit at home and write a gossip blog about celebs. The Superficial writer should have blown his brains out months ago.

  28. At least she’s sort of covered up.

  29. God of Thunder

    Thank god there is no pics of her showing her bruised, dried fig, shaped ass.

    Busted looking face.

  30. wow

    Still looks great. Increasingly craggish, and nowhere near what she used to be. But still a helluva cougar.

  31. Dixie Chick

    Wow, she actually look stunning in pic #5! Too bad she couldn’t find a dress in her size

  32. NANA

    she look Great and anybody can get hepatitis , even you superficial writer .

  33. Wohoo!! Pamela you look more than great!! Hey people, I was there to support Pamela and brought her perfume which smells soooo goooood!! :) It was amazing to see her in person… Ahh, I am still in awe!!

  34. sucks

    Wow, this is awful. I live less than 10 minutes away from ardmore. I was IN ardmore that day and I still had no desire to go to rite-aid

  35. protege4U

    Heidi Montag must have taken her job at Albertson’s pharmacy lane

  36. EvenTommyLeeWon'tHaveHer

    Her face is starting to look like Carrot Top’s.

    Remember when she was the Blue Zone Girl?

    She’s ruined herself.

  37. Maggie

    wait till you are that age ~ no one thinks it’ll ever happen to them but it does. so try to be kind. she has kids and needs to work.

  38. 43709


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  40. if your career’s been reduced to hawking perfume at suburban drug stores, it’s time to slowly kill yourself by getting hepatitis from a bunch of 80s rockers

  41. lindsay

    pam anderson looks old and haggard as hell! if she wasnt a “celebrity” and i saw her in a store or something, i would totally think she was some 50 year old ex meth addict trailer park chick! she looks worn out to say that shes only in her early 40s! mariah carey, jennifer lopez, salma hayek, kylie minogue, halle berry and demi moore are all around the same age (demi moore is like 48) but look YEARS younger than this hag! pam is nothing but worn out white trash who doesnt want to let her “sex symbol” image from the 90s go. give it up pam! you havent been relevant in a looooooooooooooooooooong time!

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