Pamela Anderson’s breasts still gi-normous

June 5th, 2008 // 174 Comments

Attention, everyone! Pamela Anderson’s breasts are still ridiculously large. You’re welcome. Oh yeah, she also hung out with Tommy Lee yesterday and bought some plants. I don’t know what that means, but I bet it involves doing it in a pile of a mulch. How else do you landscape? Ha ha, with a mower. Now you’re just making shit up.

EDIT: Moved this to the top of the page because, well, breasts. I think I’ve made my point.


  1. hot mess

    ack Fish keep these photos in your ‘private stash’ puhleeeease. The way her skin detaches from her body makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time I see it.

  2. Prof

    DAMN she looking rough nowadays, but I’d still give her tits a squeeze if I was in a strip club, and drunk, and it was last call for lap dances.

  3. Doc

    I bet it bothers her sons to see their mom dress like this all the time. Her sons are going to have serious issues with women.

  4. You know why she isn’t attractive any longer?
    This all is so dated, oh man!!
    It looks like she is a prostitute without a job!!
    UNBELIEVIBLE, but true!!
    THE NINETEES ARE OVER, accept that!!!!!!

  5. Are her boobs fused together? the first pic, ugh, something wrong up there!

  6. JPrichardson

    Feet look nice, though.

  7. WOW

    All I can say is thank you God that I will never meet the absolute tools that troll this site talking about boob jobs and such! Betting a million dollars you are all single and will be heading over to get porn on your way home from work. That’s the most action you’ll see all year. What a bunch of morons! (Barely I’m talking to you). You are the biggest joke! You take yourself so seriously. Thanks for the laugh – your mom did a stellar job with you. WOW

  8. LP

    I wonder how many breast scars she has at this point…must be dozens.

  9. justforgags

    Pamela – old and plastic and ugly.

    coffeebean – gay and angry

    Barely Steam – coffeebean’s top

  10. silvereyes

    @159 You are wise.

  11. malicious

    #75 agreed. and #76 it is all too obvious the inadequacies once it is too late and you see the ‘lack of goods’. Guy size is way more important in getting a woman off, where as breast size is purely aesthetics

  12. It isn't PRETTY

    TO Barely Stern:

    Nothing wrong with implants. That’s not the issue most people are commenting about.

    What IS disturbing, however, is:

    1. The condition of her implants. As #5 stated, quite well, is that her skin has come away from it’s connective tissue, thus creating a somewhat disfiguring bridge between her breasts. Most women who develop this condition after implants get it repaired. And not that she “has” to do that, but it’s baffling why she’d want to expose it. Paula Abdul comes to mind.

    2. Pam Anderson, in my opinion, is an example of what happens to women who’ve built their entire career and identity on their sexiness. As they get older, they have an extremely hard time letting go of that. When you’re identity and self worth are centered around your looks (or in Pam’s case, breasts), when that fades, an identity crisis ensues. Some women can reinvent themselves, some can’t. The one’s who can’t end up looking not just desperate, but pathetic in some regards. (Who hasn’t had that drunk old aunt at the wedding who tries to dance with the 20 year olds?)

    In this picture, what I see is a women who’s had very large breasts for a long time define who she is. Her face looks weather beaten, but there she is with the ever present low cut top. I want to say to her “Pam, it doesn’t matter if you have boobs the size of Uranus if that’s how your face is looking”.

    There IS something to be said for “growing old gracefully”. When can we expect to no longer see her in V necks down to her belly button? 50? 60? 82?

  13. BeeBee

    SHEESH!!! HOW MUCH OLDER CAN SHE LOOK?!??! HER FACE LOOKS LIKE 50-55, EASY! OMG… what happened to this girl???

  14. BeeBee

    SHEESH!!! HOW MUCH OLDER CAN SHE LOOK?!??! HER FACE LOOKS LIKE 50-55, EASY! OMG… what happened to this girl???

  15. BeeBee

    SHEESH!!! HOW MUCH OLDER CAN SHE LOOK?!??! HER FACE LOOKS LIKE 50-55, EASY! OMG… what happened to this girl???

  16. FatBastard

    Actually, Steamy really cracks me up… !

  17. FatBastard

    Actually, Steamy really cracks me up… !

  18. motoXgirl

    She’s beat like your mom!

  19. Lila

    She looks about late 40′s??? But, HAH! This is funny?!?! All of the guys talking trash about her now would have gave their left nut to be with her about 10 years ago…not so beach babe-ish now is she??? So glad I am a brunette and not sunblasted….

  20. me

    still fuckable

  21. kitty

    She look like an old drag queen

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  24. Laurie

    My husband says she looks like a washed up cartoon. He’s disusted by her fakeness in ALL area..and her poor little boys. She embarrassed herself big time. EEEYYYYUUUK!

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