Pamela Anderson’s breasts still gi-normous

June 5th, 2008 // 174 Comments

Attention, everyone! Pamela Anderson’s breasts are still ridiculously large. You’re welcome. Oh yeah, she also hung out with Tommy Lee yesterday and bought some plants. I don’t know what that means, but I bet it involves doing it in a pile of a mulch. How else do you landscape? Ha ha, with a mower. Now you’re just making shit up.

EDIT: Moved this to the top of the page because, well, breasts. I think I’ve made my point.



    Hey #48.. NEED ATTENTION MUCH? What’s the matter? Daddy never gave you enough attention, so you have to be a loser and post your picture to ask “Boo hoo… do I need implants?” when you obviously already have them?? At only 19 years old, that’s pretty fucking pathetic. You’ll be the next known whore sucking some politician’s dick for media attention.

  2. meee

    um, fish…her “breast” is still ginormous? she only has one? pay attention to your damn spelling & grammar! ;o)

  3. Cartman

    I wonder what shade of toenail polish Tommy Lee is wearing.

  4. MW

    Who’s that truckstop hooker and what’d she do with Pam Anderson?

  5. MW

    Barely Stearn – June 5, 2008 1:35 PM

    You know, there are women in this world who do not need implants because they have naturally perky breasts AND a brain, but from your post it’s pretty clear why you’ve never been able to fuck one.

  6. liz4sale

    She looks like a used up skank. When is she gona lose the whore makeup. Her boobs are Naaaasty. The skin in between looks like its ready to split any second. But I hear shes very nice in person….

  7. liz4sale

    She looks like a used up skank. When is she gona lose the whore makeup. Her boobs are Naaaasty. The skin in between looks like its ready to split any second. But I hear shes a very nice person….

  8. Mike

    Are these stills from Faces of Death 18, did this woman jump out of a high rise or something? Oh wait, it’s just Pamela Anderson.

  9. not important

    Gi normous and dented.

  10. Moondog

    Tofu, I hope you die at the jaws of a pack of wild Chihuahuas. You and the rest of your people hating, hell bent on world domination/destruction, vegetable only eating, diabolical, camel penis licking, PETA/ASPCA, brain dead, by the book but don’t know how to read, scum will all smoke turds in Hell w/ Satan and Hitler. Go pedal your filth elsewhere, I’d rather read drive by spam crap about some fucking dating sight.

  11. Skip Smith

    I agree with Barely Stearn. Get a boob job, you flat-ass loser.

    Also, get a cunt lift — those saggy-ass lips squeak against your legs when you walk.

  12. HELLO!!!!!!!!!


  13. Bay

    I believe what’s happening between her breast is called “loafing” ; what I can’t believe, is that she hasn’t had it fixed. The skin seperates off the chest when the implants are placed too close together and/or are too large for ones frame. She’s been walking around like that for what, four or five years? My guess is she’s afraid of losing a little attention by having to get smaller implants (again).

  14. Hamper Lint

    We all age … leave her alone.

    He looks way cuter now … common guys, admit it, he has aged well.

  15. snarky

    Her breasts are so gross & deformed looking; why can’t she see that and take those ugly suckers out…or at least cover up a little? Or at least stop dressing like a 20 something ready to hit the bars! And she’s aging far worse than almost any celeb I can think of. She used to be so beautiful (albeit, in a tacky sort of way).

  16. Barely Stearn

    MW – You the man! Keep up the great work on behalf of every man-hating bitch walking the planet. It is SO much fun posting my material just for the sheer pleasure of winding you broads up and watching you spew your venom. YOU make my point perfectly: Gals that get breast jobs love men. They want men to love and appreciate them like a great work of art. These women actually love and dig men and appreciate all the qualities we bring to the table. They want to bring pleasure and receive pleasure in return. They love the fact that they are women and do not feel demeaned or cheated because they have a vagina. Women like you and the pussy whipped girly men who post on your behalf hate men, hate themselves, and go through life with D-Cup sized silicone chip on their shoulders. As for your “men” and I use that term loosely: Grow a set! If you can’t, then I’m pretty certain scince has progressed to the point where you can get fitted with a pair of silicone implants where your nuts used to be before you gave them lock, stock, and barrel to the closet lesbian you’re dating or married!
    If I’m a pathetic loser then I’ll be sure to save your place in line right behind me when you go get your bush braided!

  17. Women were the natural slaves of Men for long Ages...

    …and as this age is rapidly winding down, they will be again.
    “Hey bitch, get me a beer”! and “Cunt, get out there and mow the lawn you fat fucking whore”! and of course “Hey you dirty filthy stretched out skank of a slut, where’s my dinner?”
    Those were the good days and they were replaced by the Era of Falsehood.
    Real men will soon revert back to those days when TV and televangists and other thought programming liars loose their voices.

    Women are just naturally put here to do what they are told, otherwise they open a foul mouth that should really only be opened to accept cock.

    Am I right fellas?

  18. eww, she looks like hepatitis c!

  19. sharpeidude

    She’s always looked like a fucking hairless gremlin.


    I like Pammy and her boobies. She’s Canadian, what’s not to like?

  21. illflux


  22. Jackson'shole

    #45 etc you are a retard. First of all GOD did not create silicone you fucking idiot. I used to be a stripper and most implants look horrible. I’ve seen nipples that point in two different directions, massive scarring, and known several women whose implants ruptured and what a load of fun that was for them and their men!! Secure women who are sexy and confident do not get, need or want implants. And fyi I have double D’s that are not saggy and my nipples do not point downward. You’re a moronic misogynist and most women get implants to compete NOT to impress men!

  23. Barack Obama

    Mr. McCain,

    Don’t all y’all be werryin’ up in herrrrrr. Y’all know we get eech uvver’s back, legislatively speakin’.

    If’n you win, you just be passin’ da same stuff I be passin’. They ain’t no diffuns between us anyhows. You be redistributin’ Whitey’s shit, I just be doin’ it faster.

    The only diffuns be dat I be puttin’ rims on dat Hellacoppa dat be picking me up on da White House Lawn.

  24. Barack Obama

    Mr. McCain #92,

    Don’t all y’all be werryin’ up in herrrrrr. Y’all know we get eech uvver’s back, legislatively speakin’.

    If’n you win, you just be passin’ da same stuff I be passin’. They ain’t no diffuns between us anyhows. We BOFE be usin’ Grobal Warmin’ to redistribute Whitey’s shit, I just be doin’ it faster.

    The only diffuns be dat I be puttin’ rims on dat Hellacoppa dat be picking me up on da White House Lawn.

    Much love to my homey #78 who be lookin’ fowood to my Third Order of Bidness tomorrow. I be announceratin’ da Boyz in da Cabnet.

    I am slightly concerned about da Senate confimashun herrrrrings.

    B to tha O

  25. Poor Barely Stearn - Bitter Cuz Your Mom & Grandma Left You?


    Lesson 1: Only men who can’t get laid will waste his time on a gossip site, unless he’s gay. And when a man’s comment is that long, you know for sure he is beyond desperate. And since he’s poor, he can only pay for aging hookers who can’t afford implants, whose nips point to their knees, hence his comments.

    Lesson 2: So ignore such comments because if you met him in person you’d probably puke because of how disgusting he looks, not to mention how thin his wallet is. He never got (favorable) female attention, so he thought even hatred is better than being the source of physical disgust.

  26. Katie

    Oh my # 5. You got that right. You can only pull skin soooooo far. Icky.

  27. dude

    She looks 98, maybe 97 on a good day.

    on a related note, OC Dee, where are you?

  28. Katie

    Hey asshole…yes, that’s you #45. For starters, I actually like Pamela Anderson. I have been a fan for a long time. Is she desperatly trying to hanging on to youth by having very exagerated, OVERDONE titties. YES. There is a happy medium. Age gracefully. She probably should not have had the last set done so large. Probably trying to hang on to her fan base of dorks like you. Nothing wrong with implants, there are alot of very pretty “manmade” titties out there. But let me guess,…you are a little sawed off, hair receding, wait…mullet wearing dumg ass. Yeah, I’ll bet Pamela would want a sweetie like you.

  29. Barely Stearn

    122 – well you have certainly cemented in my mind the old axiom that all strippers are mindless retards: Are you so dimwitted that you can’t distinguish between a bit of witty wordplay (God created silicone) from pure scientific fact?! Good grief, madam: You are an idiot if you thought I was serious with that claim. For f*ck’s sake: If I were as stupid as a stripper’s pole as you appear to be I’d refrain from posting – just out of concern that I’d confirm in this venue what anyone who actually knows you out in the world already knows to be true: You are a moron.
    Perhaps I’m being too hard on you: Perhaps in your years of stripping instead of wrapping your legs around the pole you were wrapping your ears around the pole and the constant whirling motion left your brain pan shell shocked and incapacitated?
    As a frequent biz traveler I’ve been in strip joints from NYC to LA to Minnesota, to Atlanta, to South Florida: I don’t know what subterranean rat hole you were plying your trade but the breast enhancements I’ve seen from coast to coast looked fan-dab-TASTIC! As your commentary on my ‘God created silicone’ bit clearly indicates you and your stripper posse are obviously so freakin’ dumb that I have no doubt the docs were cutting corners and filled your buddies cleavage with hardtack thus the less than hoped for results!
    By the way: Did you actually say “Secure women”?! Good gravy: As this site clearly demonstrates each and every day there is NO SUCH THING: All you “secure women” posters spend countless time and keystrokes bashing truly secure confident young women like Christina, Heidi, Kim, Pamela, et al
    If you qualify as a secure confident woman than someone PLEASE find me a cast iron stripper’s pole right now so I can clang my head against it until I am either unconscious or as dopey as your boyfriend/husband/parole officer who will put up with your bullshit so he can stare in wonderment at the gigantic tits you claim to have.
    By the way: Since you DO appear to be as dumb as a bag of rocks please look at post #123: You do realize that is NOT the REAL Barack Obama don’t you…? Don’t you?!
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to spank the monkey with thoughts of your double D’s whirling around in my head…In your honor I am going au naturale and only using organic vegetable oil!

  30. Corlyss

    Pam. That is not how good breasts should look. Just lose ‘em now and try to get back some sense of normalcy. You used to be so fuckable, too.

  31. Barely Stearn

    I see I’ve pissed off even more of the ladies here: LOVE the stereotypical assertions regarding my penis, my hairline, my hairstyle, my wallet, my herpes zoster (Oh wait a minute, that was my mom’s e-mail to me…never mind…). Hey kids: Take a breath. Relax. It’ll all be all right. The world is still safe for flat chested man hating eternally and bitterly single ugly fat chicks. I promise!
    I also promise to defend until the end of time your right to be all of the above. On the other hand: Why not defend MY right to love a righteous set of fake gooberies?! Isn’t viva la difference the thing that we should all strive for in this world…Can’t my love of fake breasts and your love of the hideously flat chested and/or droopy tata’d gargoyles that currently roam your dorms co-exist on this wonderful planet we call earth…? Personally speaking – I embrace you: For that is what this site is truly about: The Superficial – Because you’re ugly.
    As such I hold out the symbol of peace in our time in my outstretched palm. Please circle round ladies…each of you take my hand and in each palm you will find the true essence of peace and tranquility and the answer to all your apparent misery: A sub muscular 450 cc silicone implant for each of you…

    Final thought: There’s a reason Fish moved this post back to the top: Big bodacious goobers are the center of the known universe. Learn it. Live it. Love it!

  32. Katie

    Dear Barely Stearn,

    You are right. Please accept my apologies. I must have misunderstood your dissertation. After all, you do appear to be quite the aristocrat due to your extensive “biz traveling.” How I misread your comments about stereotyping ANY woman who challenges your thought process, as flat chested/droopy breasted, man-hating women is beyond me. I again apologize to you. Just one question….Why the organic vegetable oil? Can’t believe you would be alone tonight. Don’t be upet. Please put a smile on your face. If you need a friend, we can go over your “mommy issues.”


    P.S. Try the EVOO. I hear that it is prefered.

  33. Coco

    The whole uni-boob is a terrible side effect from all the boob jobs this woman has had. It’s awful how there’s nothing natural about her – and yet supports those nuts of PETA, how ironic.

  34. wow

    wrinkle face sums it up i lust wanna let you huys know that there are some fine ass real tits out in this word along with the ugly ones bitches

  35. Cartman

    Pamela still has a pretty nice rack.

    Her legs are sorta veiny and scary although her feet look good as always.

    Speaking of feet, I’m still hung up on Tommy Lee’s painted toes. I’m about his age and would love to paint over that ugliness too, lol. My girl would probably be into it too.

  36. Well. Ok.
    # 1 to #135 – you all seem to be real ‘intellectuals’…

    Inside job ?

  37. I’m not saying she looks like shit, but my vomit just vomitted!
    Her lips look like a vagina now, her boobs look like they’ve morphed into angry basketball demons, and that forehead looks like it’s been slapped with a brick too many times!

    (If you don’t know who she is…Tommy Lee does, and that’s all that I’m saying)

    “Attracting Hot Strippers Just Got Easier!

    “How Even Ugly Guys Can Get Laid!”

  38. Styxchix

    Pamela Anderson lives through her boobs. They are literally her life. Without them she isn’t Pamela Anderson and has no identity. Sad eh? I’d sooner be a whole complete totally average human being than having to justify my existence by having gi-normous boozwams.

  39. Yikes ! # 1-138.
    Inside job ?
    Having any problems with ‘free fall collapse speed , the Dancing Israelis’ – thst type of thing ?

  40. Cliff Notes : Oh. Nice gaazooms Pammy.
    I’ll bet those ‘Bee Gee’s’ guys will sue those singing ‘free bee ‘ truthers for zillions. They can’t change a song like that and keep the tune.
    Binky : Cliff – Don’t forget. 9/11 was an inside job.
    And people are starting to ‘wake up’ as they say in the industry.
    Cliff Notes : Oh.

  41. ME

    wtf u desperate cunt..
    wasting much time to type that shit out..
    lol.. i hardly read it, but gawd
    u’ll match up wid paris the skank whore, u fking male-whore.

    and wtf?? i always thought that pamela was ‘hot’ tho i never saw who she was..~ or is she just old now..

  42. googlybear

    her implants look like they’re about to fuse together, or… rupture

  43. Rob Graves

    #20 is totally right. Ever Henry Rollins knew when to drop the “I can still be hip with the kids” phase.

  44. mookie

    Rode hard and put away wet……

  45. Barely Stearn

    Dearest Katie -
    I happen to have both an over active sweat gland AND sexual hunger. I divide my day up into three parts: Writing fan letters to Clay Aikens and Regis Philbin; masturbating; and dropping bon mots about huge goobers at web sites such as The Superficial.
    As for the vegetable oil: I encountered one too many fake breasts without using a dental dam and developed a serious systemic autoimmune disease which now necessitates my having to live in a germ free bubble where my only decorative wall accoutrement is a picture of John Travolta riding a horse with Glynnis O’Connor – thus I have been forced by circumstances to resort to only natural products. HOWEVER, I am like a crack whore and absolutely refuse to give up the fake breast: In fact – right now – I am jonesing for a set of hard, perky deliciously fake D-cups even as we speak…Do you suppose I could ask you a favor? Since you’re not doing anything with your life, could you be so kind as to get a nice D-cup rack inserted into that frying pan you call a chest and rush right over here pronto and press your new delicious set of fun bags up against my bubble? God bless you madam.

  46. JoeSchmoe

    Except for the fact the tissue between her breasts looks damaged, she is absolutely gorgeous. Nice hair, pretty face, nice legs, just needs a breast reduction and repair.

    She is still by far one of the hottest women out there. She was a natural beauty, she never needed implants. She still doesn’t. She’d be stunning with small breasts.

  47. her face is starting to get rather drag queenie.

  48. treeka

    She has a little bit of uniboob happening there. Breast implants just don’t seem like their worth all the trouble.

  49. Katie

    My darling Barely,

    As tempting as your request may be, I find myself holding back from fullfilling your request. You still seem to be a person with female anger issues (#129) in addition to your hapless bubble situation. After all, that stripper could be smoking hot and you are limiting your resources for possible canditates to do the “breast press” on your home. Your vapid remarks are not heplful in that regard.

    You have represented yourself as the type who would curl up in your little plastic prison and chew the heads off barbie dolls and well…..
    quite frankly….inserting the remaining parts. While some might find exciting, I find it a tad frightening. (EVOO is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and most certainly will fullfill your requirement of being organic. I hope you find that helpful.)

    Please refer to (#137) for more self help.

    God Bless you also, my unfortunate friend.

    And lastly – keeping with the intention of the thead.
    “Pamela Anderson, while as wonderful as she is, has distorted tatas.”

    (wink) Hang in there baby – Katie-Boo

  50. Her cleavage is disgusting. How could anyone find her fake breasts to be attractive, especially with that nasty cleavage she has. She looks like a hag.

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