Pamela Anderson’s breasts still gi-normous

June 5th, 2008 // 174 Comments

Attention, everyone! Pamela Anderson’s breasts are still ridiculously large. You’re welcome. Oh yeah, she also hung out with Tommy Lee yesterday and bought some plants. I don’t know what that means, but I bet it involves doing it in a pile of a mulch. How else do you landscape? Ha ha, with a mower. Now you’re just making shit up.

EDIT: Moved this to the top of the page because, well, breasts. I think I’ve made my point.


  1. veggi

    #45 – try again, this time with a name that isn’t completely lame and comment that’s way shorter and at least slightly entertaining.

  2. coffeebean

    #45 Well said. Listen up ladies, All men love big firm tits, period. If you have small tits get implants. If you can’t afford them, shut the fuck up because you are irrelevant anyway.

  3. I ain't be got no weapon

    Why grandma, what freakishly large breasts you have!

    All the better to distract from my face, my pretties.

    I’m going to hide under the covers now and pretend I didn’t see these pictures. I’m going to have nightmares about mannish Madonna arms and giant boobies.

  4. #48 – Do you mean again?

  5. #45 So what exactly are you saying?

  6. #44 Get a hold of yourself!!

  7. Cindy

    #52 – your tough guy act would be much more impressive if you weren’t commenting on a fey celeb gossip site.

  8. veggi

    51- hello troll honey!!

  9. jrz

    Wish I could afford them but I don’t have a job.

  10. coffeebean

    #57 Cindy, you would be much more impressive if you were under my desk right now playing a few notes on the ol saxabone.

  11. Cindys friend

    @60 It’s probably the size of your name

  12. Steve


    You are a nice looking lady but you already have breast implants. Perhaps you asked this question because you were having a blonde moment.

  13. Cindy

    #60 – derogatory comments about women and giving a pet name to your penis…I’m so sorry that it’s small, dear.

  14. crazyc-c-carl

    @45 Actually there are some individuals who are really into hairy jungle bush. I don’t understand the fascination, but hey, whatever makes them happy. If any bush lovers are here, explain it, I have a warped curiosity.

  15. ball buster

    wow, the “boys” that comment on this site are totally pathetic. You must feel so proud of yourselves, you can hide behind your computer and type your asnine comments. You couldn’t handle a real woman. What a joke you all are.

  16. no, I think she needs to go larger.

  17. Anyone who thinks this creature looks good is a scum bag

    52- you sound like white trash. Stop taking my tax money and get a job.

  18. coffeebean

    I know all you females only come to these sites to get educated on how to please/get guys. I’m just giving you the facts. Please don’t bash me for helping you out.

  19. Evil

    Look at that face superficial writer! That’s the story.

  20. Vince Lombardi

    RE Pic #5…. “Let’s see…. which one starts the car again? Keys or I-Phone…. keys or I-phone? I’ll ask….what’s his name again? …oh yeah, Baby Daddy… hee, hee, I keep forgetting. Shit…. he won’t know. Okay… start over… where did I park? Whose tits are these?”

  21. Jade

    I love this site.

    I love reading the posts. Self-righteous women condemning men, self-righteous men condemning women, both too ignorant to see there is a happy medium, hehe.

  22. chilipepper

    @68 You dork ;)

  23. Joe C

    What? Is it gross bitch day on the Superficial? Amy Wino, Madonna, and Pam Anderson, Kim KarFatass all on the home page. I should have waited until after lunch to look.

  24. Veroonica

    45? Did you see her face? Not to mention the neck, knees, and elbows. Hey, I’m all for a good tit job if it’s necessary or wanted, (by the way, you obviously haven’t slept with many women if you think all our nips point to the floor. Either that or please stop banging your grandma.) but women, for the most part, are a package deal, and a little all around maintainance doesn’t hurt. Her skin shouldn’t be that saggy at forty. The bitch looks like she never moisturized in her entire life. She might have a nice body, but it’s flabby, meaning her lack of exercise shows. She depended so much on that fake rack that everything else went to the wayside.

    I am so sick of people saying this bitch is hot. Her makeup artist is hot for what he/she does for Pam, but not Pam

  25. PimpMammaM

    When are we gonna see dudes getting penile implants?
    I mean, the measure of a man IS the size of his penis……

  26. Jade

    Breast implants are obvious. Penis implants are not.

  27. Hep C not 4 me

    Damn, that face and those hands look like she got them from an 80-year old woman. What a mess!

  28. shoofitz

    #25: LMFAO!! Your best work to date Barak! What will your 3rd order of bidness be? <3

  29. Joe

    #25 and #78 – yeah, that racist shit is really unfunny you fucking kkk members. get your head out and stop perpetuating a stereotype.

  30. Barely Stearn

    Would I prefer a D-cup? Absolutely! However, my original post failed to mention that I am also firmly in favor of what I like to call the “implant-that-obliterates-bad-breast-dynamics” I believe the technical term is ITOBBD Syndrome. This is the implant that can be a B or small C that while not greatly enhancing the breastage, makes them firmer, perkier, and far more attractive to the human eye. This implant procedure literally reverses Mother Nature/gravity and that my friends is the best of technology. This implant procedure is as welcome to these eyes as the Christina D or any other luscious female form sporting a eye-popping D – cup.
    In my lifetime there have been three great inventions: The self adhesive postage stamps; artificial insemination so that Clay Aikens and Michael Jackson can become fathers; and breast enhancement.

    For those of you playing at home, here’s another reason I prefer the D-cup: Even when the gal sucks in bed (no pun intended) I still have the great good pleasure of remembering a night well spent with her mammories. I can’t remember the names, I can’t remember the faces, I can’t remember the awful technique but by golly just like the lovers that will always have Paris, I’ll always have the mammory memory! And ladies: Before you bash – I’m sure there’s a special pair of testicles that floats in and out of your thoughts whilst scrubbing the toilet…

  31. Cougar Texas

    That is the most fucking disgusting cleavage I have ever ever seen in my life. Jesus. My eyes are permanently scarred.

  32. b

    JADE IS RIGHT. The happy medium is a woman mouth

  33. @79

    Yeah. Michelle Obama is rascist enough for all of us!

  34. Ted from LA

    If you stare between her tits, they starts to look like an ass.

  35. Solaera

    Yep .Pamela Anderson’s breasts are still ginormous and her face is still busted. Nothing to see here.

  36. Ted from LA

    And it only takes about 10 minutes…

  37. Pammie’s forehead looks like she’s appearing in Star Trek.

  38. Harry

    She looks older and dumber than John McCain. That’s not easy.

  39. Erica

    I hate Peta, and I’m a vegetarian.

    Anyhoo, she’s really not aging well. God damn..

  40. I am vegetarian and do not hate PETA but it is sad how some PETA members do crazy things and gives all PETA members a bad name.

  41. You Guys are Creeps

    45 and 52

    You guys are loney creeps that jerk off to barely legal teens on the Internet.

  42. John McCain

    I’m happy that the polls right now indicate a close race between Obama and me, cuz goddamn am I ever fucked! I had my best month ever fundraising and it was way less than half of what Obama raised back in Feb when Hillary was still siphoning off funds. Obama’s gonna have at least 5 times what I have in terms of money. Some of the key Bush ’04 donor have ALREADY donated to Obama – fuckers sure are placing their bets early. Maybe I should use my dwindling funds to buy a supply of pens to clutch in my right hand, because it looks like I’ll be doing my best impression of Bob Dole this fall…

  43. Donate Cash To Barely Stearn so He Can Fuck A (Young) Whore


    Actually, they’ve been with grandmas only (hopefully not theirs), that’s why they haven’t seen natural nips that don’t point to the floor.

    When you see posts like that, just be understanding that some men are unluckier than others. Why do you think he emphasized women that are bad in bed? I mean, I don’t think anyone has ever heard of a grandma being fantastic in bed. You see, when the only women you can fuck are dry and wrinkly with fire-hose boobs, Pam definitely looks “Yummy”.

  44. Ralph

    All Pam needs to do is use Photoshop like all the other celebrities to look good.

  45. justifiable

    One word: UNIBOOB!

  46. I could get lost in Pam’s breasts…or in Maddox’s ass…yummy…

  47. But that face is a-trocious.

  48. Weeping

    For the luv of mike that’s a crying shame. She used to be so freaking hot. Now she looks like some carnival side show creature Marlin Perkins would fear. If she were smuggling cocaine in those things she could retire after one trip.

  49. mark

    Best part? That equally old and disgusting guy gets all the young poon he wants.

  50. norton

    Looks like the Hep C is taking its toll.

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