Pamela Anderson’s breasts still gi-normous

June 5th, 2008 // 174 Comments

Attention, everyone! Pamela Anderson’s breasts are still ridiculously large. You’re welcome. Oh yeah, she also hung out with Tommy Lee yesterday and bought some plants. I don’t know what that means, but I bet it involves doing it in a pile of a mulch. How else do you landscape? Ha ha, with a mower. Now you’re just making shit up.

EDIT: Moved this to the top of the page because, well, breasts. I think I’ve made my point.


  1. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Christ she looks awful

  2. AllieCat

    what an old hag

  3. Sophie


  4. steve

    Just plain nasty, like a Barbie doll that was left on top of a hot stove.

  5. Ewwww....

    Love that skin flap in between those stupid silicone bags… sexy how it comes away from the connective tissue!

  6. Auntie Kryst


  7. Butt Muncher

    It’s called “mulch” not munch, you butt muncher.

  8. Randal

    This little bird flies a bit top-heavy and should think about coming in for a landing very soon.
    A short creamy yellow top for a tall and long top hmmmm it seems to make her blonde feathers less real.
    And momma bird is looking long in the nest I might add. We should look elsewhere for a new canary.



  9. Thank you Pamela for your charity work for PETA. You had a roast on your behalf on the Comedy Central Channel and you dontaed all the money to PETA. You really had to put up with a lot of negative comments and jokes and you were a very good sport all in the name of charity.

  10. Sam

    Apparently there was a flash flood warning and her nipples have moved to higher ground.

  11. We won't let the wussies win

    #9 – thanks! I had forgotten the other main reason why she’s a total loser.

  12. Her implants look younger than she does.

  13. izzo

    She looks good for 60

  14. Jumpin_J

    Normally I hate women who Botox, but Pammy, please get some!

  15. Mississippi

    Wow she’s not aging so well! I don’t understand why women get boob jobs. They’re so disgusting to me! And everytime I think about them it makes my entire body shiver (and not in a good way!)

  16. On the contrary: I REALLY ADORE THE BIG ONES!!
    But I don’t know if it’s your haircollour in combination with the rest of your body but my DICKy won’t get stiff when you’re part of my game.
    Kim kardashian is indeed another story.
    I think it’d her hair, more a mystic appearence and more flesh on the bones.
    Please turn them back to normal and you will be surprised!!

  17. jesus

    fuck peta and it’s loser members

  18. Funny that she’s such a PeTA crazy, because I hear she just loves sausage.


  19. Frankie Steele

    Too much sun, drugs, booze, and late night parties

  20. havoc

    The only thing scarier than that face is the fact that a 46 year guy dresses like an 8th grade skateboarder…….


  21. craigj

    Whoa … rode hard and put away wet too many times … and I think one of her implants is trying to escape. My bet is she just remarries Tommy and lives the rest of her Hep-C shortened years on his estate.

  22. I think #5 explained what’s going on here. Doesn’t look good.

  23. Barak Obama

    This white bitch did not age well. I saw her on a rerun of Home Improvement the other night and DAMN! Any now, I wouldn’t even let Rev Wright fuck her.

  24. norton

    Not. Aging. Well.

  25. Barack Obama

    Mah Second Order of Bidness:

    Michelle be redeckeratin’ the White House. All Jeffason and Washinton Whitey stuff be gone. Michelle be gettin’ elephant statues and lepperd skin furnicher. You know, da kind wiff da eyes made outta emerils.

  26. will

    Old skin stretched over plastic. How does anyone find it attractive? I think finding medical alterations, scars and/or amputations/implants “sexy” is a weird fetish similar to eating your own shit while you masturbate.

    But whatever turns you on I guess. Ill stick to my “fetish” of 100% natural boobs, like Keeley Hazell.

  27. Fulffy Butt

    her tits are fucking disgusting. i wouldn’t touch them a 21′ pole. it looks like they may be morphing together there in tha middle … kinda like webbed feet!

  28. Fulffy Butt

    her tits are fucking disgusting. i wouldn’t touch them a 21′ pole. it looks like they may be morphing together there in tha middle … kinda like webbed feet!

  29. Fluffy Butt

    ..danm it for the double post and the fucked up name ..

  30. Barak Obama

    #10 Sam, you freaking crack my black ass up! Youmust be a Brother because Whitey isn’t that funny.

  31. b

    Hey number 4, FUCK PETA. Animals rock but you fucking overexposed morons take it too stomachturning extremes. Im sure all the money you get goes to help animals, RIGHT???

  32. b

    Whitey, Hey, FUCK OFF NIGGER. Why dont you go choke on a chicken bone. Black comics arent really that funny. Lets see…..who do you have? Pryor, Murphy, And chappelle? Even dave will admit his hero is CARLIN who is whiter than a damn ghost.

  33. Why are her boobs connected/ needs a bra to lift and separate, or a razor blade.

    I heard the “plants” they were buying were poppies and maryjane..

    Guuss I know where I’m going this weekend.

  34. suzeeee

    Pam, It is time for a boobjob tune up, botox, sun screen, hair conditioner, comb & new hair colour. Oh and some clothes that fit.

    **Randal, umm you make no sense?! lol

  35. Paolo Maldini

    If anyone who insults Pam is also saying Queen Latifah looks good has to be smoking some of the best weed ever. Id love to spend an hour having sex with Pam.

    @20 gets the best comment of the day. So true.

  36. Jade

    Three articles in a row, and I honestly cannot decide who looks worse:

    Pam’s scary broke-down breasts
    Amy’s nasty everything
    Madonna’s geriatric man body

  37. Barack Obama

    I think “b” be takin’ things da rong way. I think “b” need ta be conversatin’ with a brutha about what SATIRE is.

  38. yes.i.can

    #36…ummm…that would be FOUR gross chicks in a row…

  39. Tony

    Amy is way hotter than Pam.

  40. Tony

    Amy is way hotter than Pam.

  41. Jade

    #38.. Do you mean Pete or Kim? lol

  42. Drink The Kool-Aid!!!

    Pam’s breasts look fabulous!

    Queen Latifah is gorgeous!

    Lily Allen is cute, hot, subtle and clever!

  43. Dorito Man

    No thanks. I’ve never been a fan of this caricature of a woman and her exaggerated umm, ‘features’.

  44. jamie

    33- kill yourself.

  45. Barely Stearn

    One word: Yummy.
    Okay here’s some more words: All you gals out there that refuse to accept the fact that God invented silicone for a reason — to ADD to the beauty of the female form. I have seen, felt up, eyeballed many a breast in my time and it is the rare set of “naturals” that aren’t pointing well south due to any host of reasons: age, babies, flat out laziness on the part of the owner… Jesus H. what’s wrong with you people?! You stand in front of the mirror and two sacks of bullshit pointing towards your knees provokes you to say “Oh yeah, I got it goin’ on!” Give me a break. The vast majority of you would get implants in a heartbeat if you had the $$$, self respect, and lack of delusional self absorption to see yourselves the way others see you.

    Hey there gals: Yeah, it’s REALLY great to hop into bed and watch you stroll out of the bathroom with your nipples staring at your kneecaps! Oh yeah, baby! Pleasure me!!!

    When I see a gal sporting implants it tells me something about her: She ACTUALLY gives a fat rat’s ass how others perceive her. She is doing that for herself but also for her partner. It says something in much the same way that she keeps herself trimmed up like Edward Scissorhands “down there”! For %^#&* sake! What’s next? A rant about about how any “real man” wants his partner to come to the sack sporting a bush like Marcia Cross’s?!? Oh yummy: I can’t wait to spit hair out for the next 45 seconds while I pleasure this little chicky! (I can go a minute & 15 seconds if she’s well groomed being the considerate lover that I am!)
    So to each and every one of you who bashes the beauty that is a pair of man-made D-cups, take a moment and consider that your anger, outrage, whatever is driven by your utter jealousy, self loathing, and bitterness that God dealt you a hand that you are too freaking lazy to FIX!
    God bless you Pamela Anderson and God bless your breasts. They are as much yours as the hair that adorns your beautiful head or the Ugg boots that wrap themselves stylishly around your petite feet. As for the rest of you: Shame on you for bashing Pam for she – much like James Brown, Our Godfather of Soul – is the Godmother of the vast majority of all the splendor that my eyes see at this site as well as any leisurely stroll down Sunset Blvd…

    A last comment: If you’re so outraged by man made technological advancements feel free to pass up the next Exxon you see when you need to fill up your Prius: Just take a well-aimed whizz in the tank and see how far THAT gets you!

  46. Jackson

    I hate breast implants. When a chick lays flat on her back all breasts look good! I hate the way implants feel and look. Give me natural breast any size any day!

  47. Jade

    There isn’t anything wrong with silicone. I don’t care how much surgery a woman has. If they look good, then good for them. I wouldn’t mind getting my nose done.

    But her boobs have been so worked and reworked and overworked that they’re lumpy and deformed.

  48. Think should I get implants?

  49. Jackson


    I’ve been with chicks that have breast implants and they lost feeling in their nipples so what is the point? I get off making my partner feel good and come.

  50. eric

    Still fine as hell.

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