Pamela Anderson would’ve been handy during WWII

February 26th, 2009 // 60 Comments

Pamela Anderson spent yesterday in the company of German TV personality Marcus Prinz von Anhalt. While I was initially hesitant about Pam handling international affairs, fortunately the Germans don’t have a word for hepatitis. Which explains how she was able to obtain the location of Hitler’s magical third testicle. U-S-A!


  1. Schultz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ll be the FIRST to put all you worthless cunts in the ovens!

  2. God loved the world so much he sent his most excellent son so that if you believe in him you don’t have to die, but live forever in Heaven!

    This is the BEST offer you will EVER receive!

  3. God loved the world so much he sent his most excellent son so that if you believe in him you don’t have to die, but live forever in Heaven!

    This is the BEST offer you will EVER receive!

  4. Schultz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please forgive me for my sins, dear Lord!

  5. nastyjay

    what happened to his cheek? tryin to motorboat those plastic mammaries i suppose

  6. Ouch! Wits!

    The Germans have a single word that applies to any type of disease: jew.

  7. kingofbeer

    I like how she adjusted for the camera and gave us some nip. thanks Pam!

  8. Beth

    White seat – that was smart. Discharge shows most clearly on a black leather seat.

  9. Darth

    Hello ??,Lowlands is always keeping his promise.He has sent you an email.Though he doesn’t understand if it’s a com. or com? The mail got sent anyway:)

  10. Bill

    Hitler only had 1 testicle, jerk!

  11. Marcus Prinz von Anhalt

    “Please welcome my special guest, Pamela Anderson…I am so full of anticipation that my genitals have sucked up into my body cavity. Pamela Anderson, you are beautiful and angular…and if you were a gas, you’d be inert. Before we begin, would you like to touch my monkey? Touch him! Love him! Liebe mein affe-mienke!”

  12. Bill

    Hitler only had 1 testicle, jerk!

  13. Valerie

    Jesus freaks and antisemitism. Fucking beautiful *rolls eyes, kicks rocks*

  14. havoc

    I don’t care what anyone says. Those tits would provide hours of entertainment…..


  15. hata

    Prinz von Anhalt means something like prince of the service industry

  16. Guy

    Check out her elbow in pic 3 :)

  17. Kelley

    Did she actually wear a dark-coloured bra under an off-white dress ? Bad !! Those plastic tits are comical.

  18. Deacon Jones

    Agreed havoc.

    Especially after I mount them on my living room wall.

  19. p0nk

    i’m fairly certain that using Pammy in WWII would have been against a Geneva convention.

  20. gross official

    I’m glad to see that she is mastering the art of keeping her hair and sunglasses covering her fugly old face at all times.
    She is officially gross.

  21. Darth

    Pamela anderson:Mata Hari 3000

  22. whatever this Prinz von Anhalt dude claims to be, he is not a german tv personality. david hasselhoff, yes. we love him in krautland. I’ve never heard of the Prinz von Anhalt. or is he a tv personality in the USA?

  23. kitty

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  24. Blah

    She disgusts me. You would think by now she would have a little more class, at least for her son’s sake. I just want to go up to her and wipe one of her fake ass, drawn on eyebrows right off! She sooo isn’t attractive anymore. Sleazy skank.

  25. bral

    She is still has a great body, although used to be better:

  26. dugger

    Is is normal to keep the nipples out of the demi bra? I figured most women would tuck them in. Anyone know? Just asking.

  27. sidpie

    German TV personality ???? Niemals, der ist ein totaler Volltrottel mit einem gekauften Adelstitel, aber keine TV Persönlichkeit. Eher ein kloppie ^^

  28. Canada

    Pam is CANADIAN!!!

  29. Canada

    Pam is CANADIAN!!!

  30. Kelly

    Would have been handy during WWII? Isn’t biological warfare prohibited by the Geneva Convention?

  31. NotSocialist

    She’s Canadian Moron…. Go Canada!

  32. NotSocialist

    She’s Canadian Moron…. Go Canada!

  33. lola

    She is important enough to be posted on a website and she is makin’ her money so I won’t call her “stupid” if she does it intentionally

  34. Ummm...yeah...

    She’s a slut…a diseased slut.

  35. Groucho

    Can ANYONE in America talk about Germany without mentioning WW2/Hitler? It’s getting a little old.

  36. daunte

    She is so over the hill it is scarry. She is a has been who will use every chance she has to get her picture taken. She is no longer relevant.

  37. Is the weird nose of pamela contagious?
    IT LOOKS LIKE IT, folks!!

  38. she's just not that into you

    hahahaha, you know what? this guy bought his title and is a former strip-club-owner! seriously!!!!! hope he marrys pam, than YOU can have him.

    totally agree with you groucho -.-

  39. suzanne

    VON ANHALT???? Isn’t that also Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband??? Are they related?

  40. julia

    I NEVER saw that guy in my life.
    and I am german…. dont believe he is rich pam….

  41. djm

    Not related by blood but by “adaption”.

  42. owenlei

    yes! she’s awesome, I mean, at her age, she’s still attractive to many people! you don’t know how h ot models and sex y folks on ___Tallloving Co m___ go
    crazy about her act!! she’s like kinda role model to many people there!!
    Cool Guys!!!

  43. sidpie

    @41 by adoption not adaption *g*
    and he bought the adoption because of the title “prinz von anhalt”

  44. tine

    gosh please ppl that guy is a cheap porn producer or some like that…but he makes his money with womans…and he is a tv bitch..
    u should see him on tv in germany…grrrrrr thats just bad bad bad…
    but he and pan is a good fit…he wants tv time and she needs money…

  45. aaaaaaaahhhhhhaa

    miss baywatch is so stupit. this guy is an adoptet asshole from germany with no brain. but hey, they share the same iq!!

  46. Yea right, like I’m the only one that wants to sacrifice thousands of my unborn kids on her sunglasses…

  47. feckless

    With or without eyebrows, RichPort’s Ghost? They didn’t have Sharpies during WWII.

  48. Michael

    …believe it or not, there are also some german folks visiting this hp. I am and to be honest, every single word you (superficial writer) wrote was totally correct and I have nothing to add. Allthough someone should perhaps inform everyone here that this Prinz von Anhalt isn’t originally a prince but was addopted. Also is he not at all popular in Germany. Btw. he’s a porno producer, which explains his desire to be around women like Pamela. Nice day…

  49. Well is she did use the sharpies then she’d end up leaving two smudgy arcs on my headboard…

  50. allie

    how come germans dont have a word for hepatitis? its hepatitis in every language!

    and prinz von anhalt is the WORST example ever of a german man. he’s so fucked up that nobody likes him over here…..and all that prince thing is ricidulous anyway cause he wasnt born as a prince but just bought the title and before that, he sold used cars. nobody needs stupid, uneducated people like him who act all sohpisticated just because they bought themselves a title.

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