Pamela Anderson wears the clothes of the future

June 30th, 2006 // 193 Comments



  1. notmeganharris

    I wear the same thing over my cantelope boobies.

  2. TOPAZ21


  3. Kyle


  4. eiram_1

    Well, it’s hot this summer looks easy to take off, but I think Pamela takes her clothes off just for funsies her robe makes it easier.

  5. Rimmer

    Next she’s going to publicly shave that beaver to once and for all have fur banned.

  6. jane's eyre

    And we’re surprised because…..?

  7. jane's eyre

    I think it’s hilarious that she dresses in a bathrobe, yet still has *matching* heels and purse.

  8. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey, have you guys noticed Pamela Anderson has breasts? I know, I know, it’s weird. I just noticed this myself.
    I hear those things are made for feeding babies. However, that might just be a rumor.

  9. uni'tard

    nice vein-y feet.

  10. Fugurself

    If you’re gonna pick a spokesperson on ‘Busts’, she’s the one.

    If KFC could splice her genes to some Rhode Island Reds, everyone could order ‘breasts’, and they’d never run out.

  11. Fugurself

    If all the ladies in this forum followed Pam’s example, how would we deal with the silicon waste disposal problem when they all turn 75?

  12. TAD

    I have met her in person, and they are more perfect than any fruit.

    : )

  13. El drama del Internet

    So this weekend we’re going to be stuck with Brooke being a normal mom, Hasselhoff (spelling?…oh who cares)aand that other guy that got hurt and Pam’s…casual summer dress that happens to look like a robe.

    May the trolls enter.

  14. Rimmer

    #11: People with silicone implants DO NOT turn 75. We need to deal with this problem sooner.

  15. funkygoldmedallions

    PAMELA ANDERSON! Were finally back to the skanky-ass MILFS after suffering through the Hassolhofs and Shields of the world. PAM, I know you gave up protein after you split up with Tommy, but eat a fucking burger and drink some goddamn milk already. When your face is droopier than your tits you are officially hitting the WALL! I haven’t seen a bigger wreck since Tara Reid smashed her face against the windshield of my Beamer when I slammed into a parked car and her lips flew off my cock. That rooster will never be the same, by the way.

  16. FreeTime

    Didn’t she just get done protesting fur by posing naked in a window? Is that why she is wearing a robe in public or is she just an idiot.

  17. alaskanchicsickle

    Wow, get a load of her ginormous man hands, they look like catcher’s mitts. Are we sure this isn’t a look alike tranny?

  18. bella420

    Speaking of KFC(#10) and cruelty to animals (#15)…
    KFC injects hormones in their chickens to make them “top heavy”. The poor birds can not even stand up straight their breasts are so large.
    Incidentally, PETA had launched a campaign against KFC using Pam as their main spokesperson

  19. Mandy

    She has really aged drastically since she contracted Hepatitis C. You can tell a huge difference in her looks and she doesn’t appear healthy to me!

  20. Rimmer

    #17: big hands are the new thing. look at nicole ritchie’s. but then again everything’s big about nicole. big hands are also great for handling the big cocks.

  21. jane's eyre

    I’m sorry, but who cares? The chickens are being bred and raised for human consumption. Why do they need to stand up straight? I love animals and all, but ridiculous is ridiculous. THEY’RE CHICKENS. There are SO many much more worthy causes that need media exposure than the plight of short-lived chickens. oh yeah, and

    In case you haven’t figured out yet that PETA is a bunch of militant wackos who’d prefer children to die of AIDS than do AIDS research on rats. ‘Cuz rats have so much more value than children.

  22. alaskanchicsickle

    @20 I think that would scare a man to have a girl with larger hands than him manhandling his cock.

  23. Haroof

    Wow, that face has really hit the wall hard.

  24. Rimmer

    #22: Tom Cruise was talking about big cocks when he said that. and Pam or Nicole were not involved in any of the action he was talking about.

  25. Yoda a Green Schlong Has

    22. The boobies might be a bit scary. The hands, not so much.

  26. tinyTy

    FYI Peta people, meat chickens are bred to have a lot of breast meat. Having raised our own little flock of meat chickens this happens with no hormones. Ours just ate chicken feed. These chickens will have problems with their legs because of their breeding, not hormones. By the way, we let our chickens grow past the usual butchering time and their breasts were HUGE. Next batch I’ll name them Pam1, Pam2……

  27. bella420

    jane your missing the point *sighs*

    I don’t give a fuck about chickens.
    The post was MOCKING Peta for using Pam (AKA fake-tits mcgee) to try and save a bunch of chickens from having their chests pumped so full they cant stay vertical. Hence the last word of my post: IRONY!

  28. tinyTy

    That was a good mock bella420, but I can’t stand Peta lies. By the way, don’t you suppose they tested breast implants on animals first? I’ll have to check into that.

  29. jane's eyre

    Okay, to me it just seemed like you were being sympathetic to the “chicken cause” and were just pointing out that it seemed ironic that they were using top-heavy Pam as a spokesperson.

    But whatev, I don’t even eat at KFC. Their chicken is so freakin’ greasy it gives my iron stomach heartburn.

  30. outoftown

    #11, wtf dude, yucca mountain.

  31. bella420

    I can’t stand PETA either. I wonder… if you prove your theory then PETA will have no choice but to drop Pam alltogether. Then maybe we wouldn’t have to hear about Pam or Peta ever again.
    Godspeed tinyTy, godspeed.

  32. azcoyote

    Man that face has gotten FUGLY….
    Cut the eyes, cut the nose, inflate the lips… GACK….

    She had me with her “Gigantic Breasts” but totally lost me with the face that went in a blender….

  33. tinyTy

    Well quick internet searches show that animals are used. I even read on one site that the original breast implants we used by prostitutes over 100 years ago. So Pam could switch to helping prostitutes. That could be a good fit.

  34. funkygoldmedallions

    Pam Anderson is a big breasted chicken head whose been slapped one too many times by my medallions. PETA’s coming after me because I abused that bitch (bitch = female dog).

  35. azcoyote

    #28… LMFAO

    I can see all the chimps and howler monkeys running around testing lab with huge racks and inflated self esteem….

    Ah, this world of wonder we have created…

  36. jane's eyre

    She’s not very Earth-friendly, either. She’s not fully biodegrable.

    I think we should start a campaign against all these celebs who get plastic surgery. Selfish pigs! Their plastic corpses will still be here in a 1000 years!

  37. jane's eyre

    EEK, hairy boobs. That’s not a pretty picture.

  38. bella420

    29- It’s cool, I know my sarcasm skills are scary-good, so really it’s all my own fault.

  39. tinyTy

    I’ve never pictured a decomposed body with implants before, but Pam will show us what that looks like within a few short years.

  40. krisdylee

    When this bitch finally kicks off, what happens to all the silicone? Say if someone exhumes her in 1000 years, will her tits look exactly the same?

  41. WorldWideWendy

    Morning- it’s 7:12 am in Hong Kong- I am back at work, it’s a holiday here, and I am working THUS I am full of hate today.
    Why does she have pockets on that dress? That looks like the robe they give you in hospital when you go in for a D and C – and that is NOT a breast reference, only problem is, that robe appears not to have an easy access panel at the back for enima’s and drugs administered up the anus, or to be gang raped by the doctors while you are out cold after surgery.
    See , told you I was full of hate today.

  42. krisdylee

    that is too fucking weird…. we all had the same cuntaliscious nasty thing to say.

    Right on bitches.

  43. Fugurself

    I have a business idea:

    Create silicon wafers for computers from silicon implants of has-been hollywood faketurds.

    That way you can name your computer Pamela or Jenna Jameson or whatever. Imagine the exponential power of your masturbations?

  44. When is this tired old hag going to die?

  45. Stacyy

    WOW did anybody notice how HUGE and HARD her nipples are in the last picture?? well u may have but ill be damned if i have to sit here and read every retarded thing just to know if i can write suck a nut.

  46. tinyTy

    Fugurself, you are a business man ahead of your time.

  47. Stacyy

    u can also see the nipples in the first picture too. *cough* just fyi. yea they’re very high up. just to help u out.

  48. herbiefrog


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  49. jane's eyre

    Why do you preface every post by stating what time it is and your global positioning? It’s kind of weird. I imagine you saying it in Jean-Luc Picard’s voice.

    “Captain’s log, Stardate 54323.5…”

  50. Iambananas



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