Pamela Anderson, we get it: You have giant breasts

September 19th, 2008 // 164 Comments

Pamela Anderson attended the Vivienne Westwood Red Label event in London last night with some dude in a weird mask. I have no clue. Anyway, apparently wanting to smother the crowd in an avalanche of breast, Pam decided to wear a push-up bra which brings me to my final question for the weekend: Is there such a thing as too much cleavage? My penis tells me “No” while my need for oxygen tells me “Huh? I wasn’t paying attention.” Discuss.


  1. Bubba Gump

    she grosses me out. bubba gump wonders why anyone would think that they’re boobz look good lyk dat. UGHGHGHGFG

  2. toad

    she doesn’t quite look quite like a dog in these photos like she usually does

  3. Great legz!!! on a positive note, this reminds me how pretty her muff is too!

  4. OMG

    what is really going on?

  5. ali

    could that be michael jackson?

  6. Insatiable Peter

    Too much Hepatitis, maybe.

  7. Your Uncle Buck

    She is one old man away from being Anna Nicole Smith.

  8. V

    poster child for hep C…mmmm yummy hep C…..Anyone? oh no dont be scared you too could look like this

  9. i wish i had a muff as pretty as hers

  10. Thx for your contribution #9

  11. Will

    guy next to her is a McCain supporter.

  12. NastyBedazzler

    Didn’t I remember reading awhile back that she’s dating seeing Michael Jackson?

    And you don’t know who the guy in the mask is?

  13. mask

    Her face looks like a mask, kinda matches her dates mask. Fake looking.

    she looks like an old hag went to GlamourShots.

  14. the nerve

    These people are fukin trick-or-treating! She’s gross.

  15. Liz

    So she dates horrible men and she’s a little brainless…

    All’s I’m saying is that at 40 I hope my body’s that smoking hot after having babies. And if I had to choose? I’d go with the legs.

  16. blindforlife

    GAWD! Make it stop!!! My eyes are burning! What a hard ridden, used up pig!

  17. lol

    She’s just nasty.

  18. pat

    the face is pretty rough – past her sell-by date.

    Interesting robot she’s got with her. The next technological advance over love dolls ?

  19. Sinclaire

    She used to look good but that woman in just a few short years has aged horribly. She is really just a sub par washed up skanky actor that’s full of hate and stupidity as witnessed the other week with the Palin comment. Took some dumb shit comment to get her wrinkled face back in the mainstream press for a few moments because she can’t stand on her own as an actress. Total skank.

  20. supersex

    i’d fuck her in the ass

  21. lena

    those tits look ridiculous

  22. bp

    To be fair i’d still fuck her up the arse.

  23. Confused

    There’s an ass on her chest.

  24. sloreftw

    woah, michael jackson just got a whole lot whiter and more plastic than usual.

    she looks like shes pregnant in her boobs.

  25. Up Up Up in the Air We Go

    Poor Pam she put her dress on upside down, again, and her ass is showing,

  26. Ram Punchington

    Still clinging deperately to fame, eh?

    Your minutes? They’re UP!!!

  27. Sarah Palin's Boy Toy

    This is why pretty woman should not party ever day….it wears on you. Pam, Tara, and Lindsay all haggard before their time.

  28. boobz mcgee

    Woah she’s looking rough. Love her legs though. But yea when everything on your face has been surgically altered and you STILL think you never aged, guess again. That make up job is shit too.

    Shame. She does seem like a nice person.

  29. my comment

    I officially don’t like her anymore.

  30. Max Planck

    Disease donor!

  31. my comment

    Great shoes, though.

  32. Diana

    Wow!!! How can she stand up without tipping over? It isn’t just her mouth that’s big.

  33. A woman

    Ooooh, that looks rather painful!

  34. Im gonna have to cosign with #33, and to add it also looks extremely uncomfortable too.

  35. Dazzler69

    I thought she was supposed to get a breast reduction at one point? She put them back in? New ones?

  36. PortlandBB

    Her boobs look like a huge ass on her chest!

  37. lina

    you don’t know any shit!

  38. Shabazz

    She reminds me of the blonde version of Amy Winehouse with her cracked out expressions.

  39. max


  40. Ed Castillo

    Pam-mam-ela Mam-derson is Jugilicious. I still remember circle jerking over that hot home video featuring Tommy Lee a few years back. It started as a dare. Noone believed my cock was bigger than Tommy’s so I yanked “Mr. Ed” out of my trousers and started to make him feel good. My friends were like, “hololy Fuck, Ed is HUUUGE!” Well, I’m sitting there with a hard cock watching porno, I ain’t gonna stop, what am I nutz? Soon my buddies were getting in on the fun! When i finally nutted I must have shot 6 feet.

  41. Vito

    Pam, Pam, Pam…once upon a time you were a very pretty young woman. Then you went and had 25 lbs. of tits added to your chest. What the fuck was that all about? Why would you do such a thing?

    If you didn’t have those pink volleyballs in your bra you’d be a very pretty mature woman.

    As it is now, you look like a parody of a dime-store floozy. Maybe a Jane Mansfield knockoff. Too bad ‘cuz I suspect inside you’re a sweet lady.

    You do a lot of nice things for society, but it sure is hard to take you seriously!

    Any ladies considering a tit job, please read this and give it another 20 years of thought before you make up your mind. Ask the guys you know and I’ll bet at least 75% will tell you they would rather be with a woman with natural small breasts than a similar woman with store-bought hooters.

    Hell, I could put retro-fits on my dog…if I had one.

  42. weirdo

    Holy shit, I can smell her stinky twat all the way over here in California!

  43. whatever

    Dude, it was totally Michael Jackson. Who else is THAT pale white?

  44. CJ

    The desperation is unflattering. She can’t be 20 again…or 30….or 40. She is what everyone ends up being…old…if they live long enough. She isn’t hiding a thing. It’s pathetic to watch beautiful women become desperate cougars because they have nothing else to fall back on in life.

  45. kelley

    WTGF. I’ve collected Playboy mag for nearly 30 years, as a female. She used to be such a pretty little thing in 1990, no surgery, a really naturally pretty girl. What a freak she is now, ruined with Hep C and plastic.

  46. takesonetoknowone

    She and Shauna should get together and go out.
    Women past their prime should really just realize it and move on. Pammy has gone from borderline to totally pathetic.

  47. PowerPlay

    Is there such a thing as too much cleavage? Maybe.

    Is there such a thing as too much silicone? YES.

    Pam looks whorible.

  48. BoBo

    Good God! Her chest looks freakishly disfigured. It’s almost too painful and squished to look at.

    I hope she carries a patch-kit with her.

  49. dude

    Hey #47 above, LOL. Nice! love the “whorible”.

    She and her tits both look like an ass.

  50. #37 Maybe, not everything but I know you need some education!

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