Pamela Anderson wants to nurture young minds

Pamela Anderson is offering a $28,000 scholarship to Bay Point Schools for troubled youth in Miami, according to People:

“I have a soft spot for bad boys,” she told the jam-packed ALL-STAR Gala Saturday night in South Beach as she pledged the cash.

I wish Pamela Anderson offered scholarships when I was in school. All they had in my day was free rides to college if you were awesome in math or something. Pfft. Math. That’s for suckers. I want a scholarship from Pam Anderson for something useful. Like touching boobs. Apparently I’m doing it all wrong because I got fired from my last job for touching my co-worker’s chest region. Should I have yelled “Surprise!” when I jumped out from underneath her desk? I felt “Honk honk” was more appropriate for an office setting.

Photos: Splash News