Pamela Anderson uses breasts as address book

March 16th, 2006 // 57 Comments

  1. cdogbert

    It’s not even legible writing.

    I think someone was actually trying to stab her with a ballpoint, and her implants just deflected the blows.

  2. SuperFry42

    Ugh..that’s disgusting.

  3. fblau

    I think you are all just mistaken… it says “A screaming came across the sky…”

    The REST of the full (annotated) text of “Gravity’s Rainbow” is continued below the bra line.

  4. fblau


    That’s “comes” not “came”.

    Ironic literary correctness.

  5. txb

    she looks more like a man in every picture i see of her. what does any guy see in her disease carrying, abused body?

  6. Evangelia

    ray j isn’t even looking at her. he’s looking down sheepishly, ashamed to be caught with her, as she reacts to the camera as a vampire does to sunlight.

    ray j internal monologue:…it’s not worth looking at pamela unless her titties are facing me..

  7. Evangelia

    pamela also manhandles her red jacket in a unique manner. perhaps practicing to be a matador? is the reason she looks so terrified because a bull is charging at her?

    i just can’t wrap my head around the strangeness of this photo.

  8. A Nobody

    Well, she really does have over 50% more skin then other people, why not use it wisely?

  9. hafaball

    I’m sure her sons are very proud. But those are definetly numbers.

  10. prideofchucky

    Hell the woman could probably use her vagina as a DAY RUNNER.

    But really if she’s wants to use up her ample space- she should start with that vacant mellon on her shoulders.

  11. prideofchucky

    HA, good one hafaball.

    “Wow mommie- letters too!”

  12. prideofchucky

    Chick is such a slut, the boob probably reads:
    “Shoot ur load here!”

  13. boobtube

    haha comment #1 made me laff

  14. Actually what’s written are the activation codes for the toxic nerve gas within her implants. QUICK, CALL JACK BAUER!

  15. julema

    That woman has no class. She looks ugly without the fresh make up , the fresh hair…She would not be nobody without her implants and the long blond hair!! She get up in the morning for her kids after partying so many times!!?

  16. Becky

    It’s clearly the beginning of “For Whom The Bell Tolls.” The rest of the 496-page classic is found on the underside (cleverly hidden under her shirt).

  17. For once….I wouldn’t hit it.

  18. juniper kat

    That coat looks like leather and fur, Miss Animal Rights. Someone alert Peta to arm the flour gun.

  19. aimatcha

    What a boob.

  20. mamacita


    I’d venture to say that the coat is fake leather and faux fur. However, if you check out the rest of the pictures at, you’ll see pictures of her getting out of a car with (gasp!) leather seats. At least, I’m pretty sure they’re leather. Last time I checked, the super-fancy cars that celebrities use aren’t upholstered with naugehyde. What a hypocrite.

  21. Robin27

    Sorry to make a serious post here but, those poor kids! She always talks about what a great mother she is yet, in every picture she’s out partying. I just feel bad for her kids! Hollyweird just has no clue how to raise children!

  22. legaldealer

    It reads:


    Thoughts? Other than why she would choose such an ugly color for her bra. Or bother with one at all…

  23. Nimuë LaMer

    Full text on her boob: (Including the part obscured by clothing)

    Golddigger for hire, call:
    David Lee

  24. ESQ

    Pam still has a vagina..CHRIST! She has a “little mileage” on her. I heard that a college student lost his computer and was desperate and ran into Pam Anderson’s melons and begged her to write his senior thesis on her tits. She obliged.

    I’d fuck her still, however her twat is like throwing a toothpick in the Lincoln Tunnel, it won’t do any good.

  25. THIS made superficial news??? God…this site is slipping…Yawn…NEXT.


  26. Jaydel

    Wait a minute

  27. outrageous.opinion

    #21, of course thats whats in all the pictures. would you expect pictures of her getting her boys breakfast and taking them to school?
    I wouldnt feel sorry for her boys. I’m sure they are just fine.
    Feel sorry for the kids of crack head junkies instead.
    (sorry to be serious)

  28. pixelbasic

    Looks to me like the Westside Bloods tagged her ass. So you Eastside punks better not go near her less you get a cap in your ass.

  29. LoneWolf

    Ray J (whoever the f$ck he is) evidently got bored trying to carry on a conversation with Pam, which is understandable since it’s been discovered that her head doesn’t cast a shadow. Anyway, to fight the boredom he started doodling on the biggest surface he could find. She probably doesn’t even know the writing’s there.

    And #7 Evangelia – it looks like she’s swinging her coat around to put it on. That doesn’t explain the deer-in-the-headlights look on her ravaged, aging face, however.

  30. lebowski

    Doesn’t she have Hepatitis C? With all the partying this old bag does, shouldn’t she be yellow?

  31. ESQ

    In response to #30 – I think that is why she tans to offset the color.

  32. Quiggie

    What is Ray J doing with her? That’s the part that is really bothering me. Forget the written on boob. That is an odd siting.

  33. Bellisima

    She is in talks to do a new movie “TransPamela”. she is perfect for the part with her fake boobs, man hands and swarthy jawline. Oh and her fake Va-youknowwhat.

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Oh, Pammy. Pammy, Pammy, Pammy. I don’t think your vagina’s so big it can be used for transportation. Please loan me $5000 so I can get implants and be cool like you. Pleeease?????

  35. Wow, that wall must have hurt when she smashed into it….when did Pam Anderson start to look the same as Melanie Griffith?

  36. HughJorganthethird

    Why not she’s used them for everything else.

  37. Pamela, you are no longer hot. Can’t you read the writing on the boob?

  38. gogoboots

    Someone signed her breast looks like. She looks like she’s on crack. What the hell?!

  39. Robin27

    People, its just the face she’s making that makes her look so horrible. Have you ever taken a picture of yourself while you were talking?? I guarantee you you look just as bad if not worse.

  40. blueballs

    She’s just keeping track of who she gave hep c to that day.

  41. One day, if she’s lucky and keeps up with the plastic surgery she can look this good.

  42. bigfatmomma

    I kept trying to read it and then i realized i was staring at pam’s boob. ugh. the burning!

    #22 & 23 – I’m pretty impressed

  43. so she had her implants taken out, then put back in? That can’t be good for the body…

    The writing clearly says ‘the combination is 38-15-23. The Jade Monkey is inside’

  44. legaldealer

    #42…I’m a pharmacist. I translate illegible handwriting for a living, although will say I’ve never had to read a prescription written on an inflatable mammary before.

  45. JCinSD

    It is some guy’s number
    David Ro
    could be 401-238 and David Bo

  46. The phone number is for David Lee Roth. He heard she had a thing for washed up rockers from the 80′s. Watch for the video in stores soon.

  47. JackUup

    #44…DuDE!! I want to go to pharmacy school!!!! Any pointers…where did you go???

    Oh…and WTF is Pam Anderson doing with Ray J?…Thats like …uh…Pam Anderson hanging out with Ray J….(Couldnt think of anything worse)

  48. open_mind

    Why does Ray-Jay’s ski cap have a freakin’ chin-strap? It looks like an old-timey leatherhelmet that retards in the 1970′s used to wear so they wouldn’t hurt themselves when they ran full-speed into walls, playgroung equipment and/or urinals. Urinals used to hurt the worst.

    Anyways, maybe its best Ray-Jay is around two fully deployed air (more like saline) bags.

    I think the writing on Pam’s airbags is a warning to midgets and small children that they could be killed in case of a colision.

  49. Mr. Fritz

    She looks like shit in this photo. I guess those $500 oxygen facials don’t do a thing. She is why you should use sunblock and condoms. I do admit, she was hot on Home Improvement and in her early 20′s.

  50. wordsjustwontwork

    youre all fucking useless … ray j’s “helmet” is a backwards hat and those are his SUNGLASSES under his chin

    Pam is a PETA supporter so of course she wouldnt wear real leather or fur

    she looks awesome for having hepC and if you will recall it wasnt from sleeping around … it was from TOMMY … her HUSBAND when he gave her a tattoo

    the reason you dont see Pam with her kids is b/c she DOES take care of them, she has managed to keep them low on the radar and has so protected them from the photogs who harrass celebrity kids

    the only place Pam is showing her age is her hands … and they always age first … as for the rest of her skin, if you call that weathered, you must be carved from stone b/c her complexion is better than mine and im sure she has a couple decades on me

    Pam takes good care of herself and it shows … as far as sleeping around, im sure she has no more skeletons in her closet than any of you, go pick on lindsay lohan you fiends

    plus who really even gives a fuck what it says on her boob … get back to work, fools !

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