Pamela Anderson unhappy about Pole Dance cut

December 21st, 2005 // 24 Comments

*pamela_anderson_thumb2.jpgPamela Anderson has ripped NBC for editing her pole dance out of a broadcast of Elton John’s Las Vegas stage extravaganza. The actress moves suggestively in the video, which was included in preview copies sent out to critics. The network decided the material didn’t fit with the 8pm time slot.

She says, “This really bothers me. Elton cut me out. I was in the previews. If you cover your nipples then you’re clothed.”

This is why America loves Pamela Anderson. Give the girl two postage stamps and a strategically-placed bandaid and she’s ready to hit the town. Of course it helps that she has a giant rack. The whole ‘postage stamp’ idea isn’t quite so pleasant if we’re talking about Ruben Studdard. Although I guess he has a giant rack too. And he sings better. And is much gentler in bed.


  1. SpiderMomma

    For some men, she is a gift to the world. lol

  2. ~S.Starr~

    SpiderMomma…For some women too….

    I know everyone has their different tastes…but damn she is hot…I hope Iloke lie that when I am that age.

  3. anything that distracts viewers from looking at elton john can’t be bad!

  4. julema

    her breast are ridiculously too big for her…older she gets, bigger her breasts are… it’s the only way she can have attention from people when there’s women younger and hotter then her in the showbizz like jessica Alba, kelly Brook, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel…and many more. Those women don’t need to have implants like that to look hot!!!
    And her pole is not sexy, shes just moving her fake hair around and around…at the same time, her big fake boobs don’t move!
    I hope my girlfriend don’t look like her at her age…a whore. I prefer hot natural women.

  5. crabbyoldguy

    Whoa! There was going to be a “Special” on NBC with everyone’s favorite cartoon charactors: Elton John and Pamela Anderson?! What about the Smurfs? They couldn’t get the SMURFS??? Bastards! Well, there goes the Holidays.

  6. Binky

    Well I hope that wasn’t a professional photo shoot – or this ‘new realism’ is going too far. I like Pam. She’s a surviver. She’s been around forever yet always seems to have a job on some show no one watches. She has horrible taste in men, but she always lands on her feet. Well. Ok, it’s not always her feet…
    (Retail tip : Pam the next time you’re back in Canada you can get good deals on sunglasses like that at ‘Zellers’ or Canadian Tire ‘Seasonal’)

  7. SpiderMomma

    Hey, it can’t hurt to have your own flotation devices in case of a crash in to a body of water.

  8. Meh Toole

    I saw her the other night on some talk show. Her legs looked nice. Her breasts on the other hand are puzzling to me. The look flame retardant and excessively weighty.

  9. drowningfool

    The real reason her pole skit was banned was because there was cottage cheese residue on the pole wherever her genitalia had touched. It was the dairy lobbyists that used their influence to get it banned. Just thought I’d let you know the true story.

  10. tiffny

    “If you cover your nipples then you’re clothed”
    Would she feel this way if she had daughters?
    Would she allow her daughters to walk around wearing bandaids for “clothes”?

  11. The Devil

    Pam Anderson still looks good to me! And like “Binky” said (#6), she always has some gig going on…

  12. ki

    What a tremendous whore.

    That’s all I have to say. Nothing interesting or witty. Just some commentary. A big fucking whore.

  13. OneTwoPunch

    I wonder how I could get my upper lip to nearly touch my nose.

  14. bluecanary

    Spidermama, if you’ve got about $250K to invest in plastic surgery, you CAN look like that when you’re her age.

  15. Baroness

    Does anyone know how tall Pam is? I keep hearing 5’7″ but she looks like a midget even when wearing monster heels.

  16. look at her cleavage- her boobs are starting to breadloaf. after a botched breast augmentation, sometimes the tissue at the centre of the chest will separate from the chest wall and lift, creating a uniboob.
    poor pammy.

  17. mrschickee

    Ughhh! Shinygood…I followed the link and threw up a little bit in my mouth. Thanks for the experience. Down with implants. Eeew

  18. SMF121490

    Whose business is it if Pam has implants. If it makes her feel good about herself, why not? She’s a consenting adult. I hope to look that hot when I am her age.
    And, I agree, if you cover your nipples then your clothed on top. In some states that is what the law states also. And, I am happy to say I live in one of those states.

  19. SpiderMomma

    Blue, I have very large breasts that are natural, I don’t need to spend money….except on bras. If she wants to have flotation devices..err…breasts..then good for her.

  20. hafaball

    Yeah, that would be great, about ten years ago. But now she’s about 40 something and has three kids or;s getting kind of enough. She’s still hot and all, but when do you finally put down the knife? Sooner or later, you’ll just cut your finger.

  21. derekd

    She’s looking more and more like your friend’s hot mom or aunt. She can suck a dick like no one’s business too. I’d bukakee her.

  22. HollyJ

    If she licks that postage stamp, does it catch Hep C?

  23. porsche_nut

    My dad runs a dealership here and we’ve got plenty of high performance sportscars up for sale (including a black Enzo #238) and I am an avid car enthusiast, all I’d say is that if she came in to my dealership to buy something like another Bentley or a Merc I’d be happy to show ‘em to her but if she came into my dealership and asked for an SLR McLaren, then I’d ask her to get out of my dealership and never to came back again, no matter if she warned to sue me, I heard that Britney got one aswell, McLaren badge just lost all of its honour and self respect now that 2 of the biggest whore’s on the planet have got one SLR each, from now on, I’ll never look at an SLR the same way again and at the moment there two up for sale at my dealership, one is a 2006 model used car and the other one’s a brand new car with only test miles on the odo-meter and I am surprised that there MRSP hasnt dropped since after this event.

  24. Pam’s got nothing to complain about with her cup (or cups) so running over. Compared to her, the rest of us have no choice but to consider breast augmentation: Very entertaining article. Thanks!

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