Pamela Anderson unhappy about Pole Dance cut

*pamela_anderson_thumb2.jpgPamela Anderson has ripped NBC for editing her pole dance out of a broadcast of Elton John’s Las Vegas stage extravaganza. The actress moves suggestively in the video, which was included in preview copies sent out to critics. The network decided the material didn’t fit with the 8pm time slot.

She says, “This really bothers me. Elton cut me out. I was in the previews. If you cover your nipples then you’re clothed.”

This is why America loves Pamela Anderson. Give the girl two postage stamps and a strategically-placed bandaid and she’s ready to hit the town. Of course it helps that she has a giant rack. The whole ‘postage stamp’ idea isn’t quite so pleasant if we’re talking about Ruben Studdard. Although I guess he has a giant rack too. And he sings better. And is much gentler in bed.