Pamela Anderson too good for monkeys

pam_nomonkey.jpgPamela Anderson has refused to allow a chimp to appear on her show Stacked because of her position as a spokeswoman for PETA. To resolve the problem, the show’s producers have replaced the chimp with a robot. I’m going out on a limb here, but any show where a monkey and a robot are interchangeable probably doesn’t have the strongest storyline going for it. Not that shows with Pamela Anderson usually have any of that “story” crap anyways.

“Pam was fine about portraying the tests as frightening, but she drew the line at using a real chimp on the show,” a source told The Scoop. “Pam said, “I asked them to lose the chimp. We’ve replaced him with a robot! The scenes are much funnier with the robot anyway – it