Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee: A case study in hepatitis

August 4th, 2009 // 18 Comments

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee reunited this weekend at Vegas (above), according to The Sun:

They hit the town after MOTLEY CRUE’s performance at music venue The Joint.
A source told The Sun: “They were making out all night and biting each other’s candy necklaces. Later, they headed to Vince Neil’s Paradise Tower mega suite to continue partying.”

So this Paradise Tower has been burnt down right? If not, tell me at least someone jammed a giant Q-tip in the top and ran some tests. I don’t want to catch the clap just by being downwind of it the next time I’m in Vegas. I leave that to the slot machines. Or, fine, hookers. Pot-ay-to, pot-ah-to.

Photos: Mavrix

  1. Deaf RaGe


  2. Dread not

    That is B-U-T-FULL! Pam returned to Tommy. It’s like watching the swallows return to Capistrano. No, not really, I just wanted to use the word, swallow, while referencing Tommy Lee and Pambo.

  3. Sean

    i would still jizz in her all sorts of colours.

  4. Diseased

    @ #3

    After having sex with Pam you would be jizzing in all sorts of colors. You would also probably have crotch rot and open sores all over your body as well.

  5. kris

    I’m with @3 too

  6. havoc

    Those aren’t candy necklaces. That’s Valtrex on a string….


  7. Just looking at Pamela’s face is giving me hepatitis and I didnt even stick my peen in her..

  8. F*ck you too man

    Tommy Lee always looks like a greasy sleazy bastard, maybe because he is greek, as for Pamela Anderson, she used to be really hot but he has rubbed off on her too much in all those years together and now they look like two STD infested crack whores. So I agree with #4 on this one.

  9. tttt

    Pam’s boobs look normal….did she get them reduced again?

  10. chupacabra

    wait a minute, if you have hepatitis, then how are you able to drink? I see liver failure as cause of death for Pammy someday… soon. you can’t possibly be doing your liver any favors snorting coke all night, either.

  11. Sport

    Classy folks.

  12. DCMikeRotch

    Those aren’t quarters dropping out of those slut machines

  13. Fever

    The Potato comment! Hilarious!

  14. ashley

    They make a great couple! –

  15. check pic 3

    He has old man ears.

  16. check pic 3

    He has old man ears.

  17. Tommy Lee always looks like a sleek sleazy bastard, probably because he is Greek, as Pamela Anderson, she used to be really hot, but it rubbed off on him all those years with a lot And now they look like crack whores suffered two STDs.

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