Pamela Anderson’s career reaches its zenith

February 4th, 2010 // 53 Comments

Pamela Anderson is set to appear on the next season of Dancing with the Stars which is, sadly, the best thing that will ever happen to her career before she dies. Let’s be honest. RadarOnline reports:

In a move that’s sure to boost the male viewing audience, Pam and the show have agreed to all terms for a deal and the deal is done, a source told
“Pam is thrilled and so is the show,” the source told

Boost the male audience? How in the- Listen, if you’re a grown man who purposefully turns on Dancing with the Stars to see Pamela Anderson in her current condition, congratulations, you’re a serial killer. And probably Bill Clinton. (Good morning, Mr. President.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. Elle

    first? :(

  2. Jimmy

    Wonder what it would be like to watch her do jumping jacks…

  3. To think i use to Fantasize about her everyday …. but hey i would still ram that.! lol

  4. Max Planck

    Disease donor.

  5. Dinosaur Hater

    New writer = not funny.

  6. @#2 It’s not like you picture. The boobs remain stationary.

  7. Cougar Follower

    I’d hit that 100x a day. Still hot.

  8. john f

    you should just go to a tire store and hit that
    because that is the same thing you would feel if you hit Pam
    She is not hot at all
    she is a over bleached plastic doll
    doesn’t even have a good body
    too skinny – bad legs and hips
    I sometimes wonder about us men
    she is a dime a dozen in LA

  9. Boo you

    Seriously if she started dressing more tasteful it would be nice. The boobs hanging out are old. That blue eye makeup… good god.. Is she in a Bon Jovi video circa 1988? Why is she not looking at her photos and changing herself… Really her and Shauna Sands… look like old strippers.

  10. Crabby Old Guy

    Actually, she was DWTS second choice – after PETA blasted them for having “Pepe, the Dancing Hippo” from the circus lined up.

    The producers found the closest replacement in terms of talent and personality they could think of.

    Shame, too, Pepe could really cut a rug.

  11. Richard McBeef

    @7 you should just pile a load medical waste into the pussy of a blow up doll and hit that for the same effect.

  12. Mathias

    I think the word you were looking for was nadir, not zenith.

  13. Frank

    This website is terrible… get some new and up to date pics!

  14. hmna

    @12, nadir implies that Pam’s career could actually improve after DWTS. I kinda like the idea of this being a zenith, because it could get substantially worse.

  15. Richard McBeef

    @ 12 & 14 – I think nadir is a closer approximation, zenith implies that it is at it’s peak which was at least 10 years ago.

  16. Jenna

    Agree @13 about the pics. She doesn’t even look like that anymore. She looks like an insane, whoring gramma now-a-days.

    Prediction of infomercials in her future. Lots of them.

  17. Slaappy

    Toss a hotdog down a moldy hallway

  18. Sport

    Man, she was SPENT a decade ago.

  19. Ego

    mmm .. I’d hit that. no hesitation.

  20. Doc Schweinstrudel

    That outfit looks like some chewed up and spit out pirate flag. I hope it’s not a designer’s gown!

  21. VD

    She’s an old, nasty whore and it would be an honor to pipe her baby drain.

  22. whatever

    She’s still fucking hot, hot, hot. Also, I study fashion (I know lol!) and while the hem on that is entirely unnecessary, the draping at the top is actually exceptional. I would wear this dress and I’m about as fussy about fashion as some of you clearly teenaged cunts on here are about your wholesale delusions that women can’t be fuckable past a certain age. Poor kids. Get some fashion in your empty little wankfest lives and stop being so sad.

  23. Woody

    She looks HOTT! I would hit it every chance I got. #21, we love nasty whores, they make the best wives. Look at Tiger Woods with the Boring Good Girl Wife, he will be much happier with Rachel Uchitel.

  24. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Woody should marry Whatever, Mrs Whatever Woody that is.

  25. Brian0523

    I can’t believe this cunthobag is still shleping around those tittays like yesterdays party favors.

  26. Relax ... breath for me baby


    Nadir … zenith. Either is an impressive word on a web site where most people simply post about buttfucking.

  27. undahpresha

    She could be 80 and still suck dick like a champ and most likely do it better than people a third of her age. /hit

  28. vdls

    #10 that was the funniest thing I’ve read all day. I wish Pam would die already.

  29. Rod

    She’s hangin on to those boobs like dad hangs on to his tidey whiteys to their last dying stretched fibers

  30. Doc Schweinstrudel

    You study fashion and her dress still sucks. Study more.
    Why is her left shoulder is so much higher than the right one?

  31. slappy magoo

    Without diving into the “would you or would you not hit that” squabble, I gotta say this: There are plenty of tv shows and movies Pamela Anderson has been in that most men and horndogged teenagers have never seen, will never seek out, will not feel a distinct sense of something missing from their lives. Because Pam’s not naked and/or having sex in them. If radarlonline really thinks this is sure to boost DWTS’ male audience, then radaronline is staffed by nitwits. Here is what the potential male audience is thinking:
    “Pamela Anderson is going to be on Dancing With the Stars…it’s been a while since I whacked it to her porn video…lock the door…break out the Kleenex…turn on the computer…” aaaaaaand scene. You can figure out how that ends and THAT will be the extent of most men thinking about Pam Anderson on DWTS. You know who will be excited about this news? Gay dudes who consider her some sort of icon, or train wreck. They’ll watch to see what she wears, they’ll cheer or cackle, they’ll try to make it some kind of reason for friends to get together, only to discover not even enough gay dudes are itnerested enough in this news to make it a regular thing.

    I’ve got nothing personally against Pamela Anderson. She never kicked me in the dick and she never injected drugs into my baby, so whatever. I’m just saying this won’t make a lick of difference in whether or not most guys choose to watch her on DWTS or not.

  32. I call 'em as I see 'em

    # 29, I think you mean “tighty whities”.

    And as to the “nadir” or “zenith” question, I’d wager that depends on how snarky ‘Fish was feeling at the time of writing…

  33. Yeah

    # 22 You call it a dress, I call it a trash bag. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.
    and #11, LOL! B’waahahahahahaha!

  34. ghfgh

    She still dresses and acts this way because no matter how gross and tacky and haggard she gets, she is still surrounded by slobbering idiots chanting “I’d hit that” “I’d hit that” “I’d hit that” as demonstrated by these comments.

  35. Rasputins Liver


    Wow. Must be tough to be a fame-whorin’ bimbo like Pammy.


    Maybe she can open some Wal-Marts to make a few extra Georges.


  36. r k

    I thought the sex tape was her zenith?

  37. Perfect Double Tapered

    Notice Tommy Lee’s cock in the background trying to disguise itself as a Jersey Shore cast member.

  38. hapmer_lint

    I can’t believe how angry some of you are towards her !

    Why ?

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  40. I think a lot will depend on the partner she has. Brooke won in large part due to having Derek as a partner, since he’s a judges’ and fans’ favorite. If Pamela gets Derek she will go far but otherwise I’m not so sure.

  41. The deal is done and Pamella Anderson will be shaking her leg with the next season of Dancing with the Stars. I think this will be her career best deals.

  42. I guess Rite Aid was her stepping stone.

  43. susiekiliniF

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  44. anonymous

    She need to wear a full clothes on her if she is going to be on the Dancing with Stars.

  45. The dress, love the dress!

  46. She need to wear a full clothes on her if she is going to be on the Dancing with Stars.

  47. Brooke won in large part due to having Derek as a partner, since he’s a judges’ and fans’ favorite. If Pamela gets Derek she will go far but otherwise I’m not so sure.

  48. tony

    pam anderson looks OLD as hell! shes such a fucking has been- she hasnt been hot in ages!

  49. tony

    pam anderson looks OLD as hell! shes such a fucking has been- she hasnt been hot in ages!

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