Pamela Anderson suffers miscarriage

November 10th, 2006 // 86 Comments

A rep for Pamela Anderson has confirmed she suffered a miscarriage while in Canada filming Blonde and Blonder. A source confirms that instead of going to the hospital to be treated a doctor came to her to determine the miscarriage, and that the stress and pressure of her filming schedule are believed to have caused it.

“She will keep trying. She really wants another baby with Bob,” says the source.

There’s not much you can say about a miscarriage so I won’t. But I do want to know who the fuck this Bob person is she’s trying to have a baby with. Unless they’re implying Kid Rock is some sort of stage name. I always just thought it was a delightful coincidence he wound up in music.


  1. She is still hot. Mind you I do not like all the cosmetics. Suffering a miscarriage is crappy – but it should come as no surprise for the lifestyle she lives.

    Pushing a shopping cart simply doesn’t look good on her white dress. ;-)

  2. Flip21

    It’s never been easy for 60-year-olds to have babies.

  3. wedgeone

    Perhaps that explains the face she was making in the photo with Denise posted yesterday. THAT certainly wasn’t a happy face. This is a happy face :^)

    Has anyone heard about Daniel Baldwin stealing a car in Hollywood yesterday? I sent the article to Fish but he won’t post it. Apparently if it’s not about Brit, K-Earl, Li-Lo, Par-Ho, or Pam, it’s just not worthy of consideration.

  4. The Fish thinks he has the world by the balls. He doesn’t link any sites.
    He posts when HE damn well pleases and it’s usually crap thats all over the internet already.

    Everbody stand up from their computer,
    walk to the window… and scream,




  5. Bandeezee

    Wow, Pam has really let herself go… She doesn’t look so hot in green….

  6. wedgeone

    And what’s up with Pam’s feet in this pic? They look like a withered maple leaf.

  7. wedgeone

    #6 – I would but I’m not near a window. Probably safer for me that way.

  8. “Bob” = Robert James Ritchie (aka “Kid Rock”)

  9. prettierthanyou

    hmmm … maybe all the beer she buys is responsible …

  10. l3irdy

    I’m sure that case of Corona is great for a pregnancy!

  11. sexybitch

    #5 It was a friend’s car that he took w/o permission. He’s a Baldwin, but not much of one.

  12. She probably got hit by a flying laptop.

  13. Tracie

    #10, Gee, ya think?!

    Pam should have known she really has to watch it if she wants to stay pregnant. She also had a miscarriage on the set of “Barb Wire” (when she was much younger.) Doesn’t Kid have enough $$ for her to just retire already? I mean, get out of the spotlight while you still look somewhat human Pam!

  14. no one you know

    I’m just going to chalk this up to being a perfect example of natural selection.

  15. runtogethersentences

    is that a shirt she’s wearing, or a dress? because i think she’s confused. i sure as hell am.

  16. aeiou


    go back and whine some more on your own low-traffic amateur sites

  17. PrettyBaby

    Awwwww Pam. That sucks. Sorry Girl. And I love her sexy white dress. I just admire her everlastingdesire to be sexy. I have heard everywhere that she is one of the sweetest chics in Hollywood and she loves thick cocks so she’s okay by me. I hope she can keep the next bun in her oven. :(

  18. PapaHotNuts

    It wasn’t so much of a miscarriage as it was the baby heard Kid Rock’s last album and killed itself.

  19. commissioner

    She didn’t miscarry; the fetus ran away.

    It saw how it’s siblings were treated and decided anything would be better than being raised by those two redneck hillbilly white trash losers.

  20. PrettyBaby

    Her legs are beautiful and her shoes phenomenal. Sorry if I sound fanclubbish, but I will give the occassional love out IF it is due.

  21. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    The three main methods of transmission of hepatitis B virus (HBV) are through sexual contact, transmission from mother to baby during the pregnancy and childbirth and by blood (or blood products). However, as a sexually transmitted disease HBV infection is a major health problem worldwide. Acute HBV infection during pregnancy is associated with onset of preterm labour and spontaneous abortion.

  22. PrettyBaby

    #20 & #21 My Friends I love you, but you are mean. But can I still fuck you???

  23. @18 aeiou – Vowel face, are YOU talking to ME.
    Where the FUCK do you think the Fish gets it’s threads from???
    This thread has been on SpankCheeks since 6:30 this morning.

    You best take your name back to the alphabet!

  24. PrettyBaby

    #23 Holy shit, You smartened up didn’t ya?!

  25. wedgeone

    SB – all I know is what I read – “The actor was taken to jail and booked for investigation of grand theft auto. Bail was set at $20,000″

    Now THAT’s news! And it could be a felony rap that gets him time in the pokey, where his porthole gets pokeyed until it leaks uncontrollably.

  26. Naid

    #12 – yeh , rednecks use Corona as a type of fertility boost.

  27. @22 – PrettyBaby, I see where your coming from. A while back, the Fish posted a Steven Tyler thread. To me, Steven Tyler is a musical genius. I just sat back read and laughed.

    Then I moved on.

  28. KimberWolf

    She had an out to step out of the spotlight while still being a “fantasy legend”. If she doesn’t admit that she can’t hold that title for 30 years, then we’re going to watch her become decrepit. Sad, really.

    And I’m sure it was the stress of the Hep C, not the shoot.

  29. PrettyBaby

    #29 Well Thanks Darlin, but Steven Tyler is far cooler than Pammy, but some reason I have always liked her. Go figure…

  30. commissioner


    I was a big fan of Pam’s until she hooked up with Tommy Lee. Tommy Fucking Lee? Then Kid Rock?

    No one should wonder why she looks like a partied-out whore. She is.

  31. sexybitch

    #27 Wishful thinking. When you know the person who owns the car you can claim to be mizundastood – no DA is gonna waste his time. Book, release, settle.
    On the other hand, the chubby B’s tour of our delightful prison system out here WOULD give new meaning to the term “celebrity fucker”.

  32. Italian Stallion

    Maybe she was having sex with Tommy Lee again and he accidently skull fucked said baby, it’s possible. I’ve accidently killed lots of children that way…………..

    P.S. pregenant sex is gross, unless you’re into threesomes

  33. LoneWolf

    In related news, the fetus released the following statement: “Whew, that was close.”

    She wasn’t too worried ’bout birthin’ no babies when she was partying her ass off in her bikini on her wedding day, was she. Best thing that could have happened to all parties concerned.

  34. commissioner

    Hell, we’re almost the same age and I look like a teenager compared to her.

  35. sexybitch

    Better shoes, too.

  36. LoneWolf

    @34 – nah, preggo sex is great – pooh-swah and a blowjob at the same time.

  37. RichPort

    Knowing Pam Rock handled Tommy Lee so deftly encourages me that this disease ridden MILF could handle the manaconda. Yea hse’s looking a bit haggard, but just about any guy would risk fucking her… she is a walking (if used) cumshot.

    Oh yeah, Pam? Bukkake night after the wedding is probably not the best idea after finding out you’re prego. I’m just saying…

  38. Tits_McGhee

    Yeah, cause an offspring of Kid Rock and Pam Anderson’s going to be a great idea.

    Pammy, honey, take this as a sign from God that he doesn’t want anymore white trash in this country.

  39. Italian Stallion

    LOL@ 38……That’s funny but fucked up at the same time, Stallion likey………..

  40. commissioner


    I do have some great shoes.

    Stallion’s right. Though I wouldn’t know. My baby daddy didn’t fuck me until the kid was a year old. That’s why I call him ex-comm.

  41. #25 – Apparently, Fish got this thread from US Magazine. As for other threads, you can tell where he (?) gets them from by following the little “Source” link at the bottom of every article.
    Anyways, “aeiou and sometimes y” was probably just talking smack to you, because they got sick of you stroking Ferret’s penis all day. I know I get annoyed by it.

  42. sexybitch

    #42 I’m just shocked that there’s stuff the Stallion WON’T do!

    Lay off the firecrackers, girl – I came just thinking about your lizard Ralph Laurens. Twice. Once for each shoe.

  43. frenchtoaststix

    I didn’t know haggy trannies could get pregnant. You learn something new every day!

  44. That is so funny, because I wore that outfit to do my grocery shopping the other day. The heels make you able to reach things off the high shelves and the outfit allows you to stay limber for the whole experience.

  45. BigJim

    When I read this article the first thing that came to mind was that she got hit in the stomach by a flying laptop, but Ferret beat me to that.

    So, I’ll just say that the kid must have drowned at a pool party for one of her other kids.

    I’m going to hell.

  46. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    26 – yeah, I was able to relax and clear my mind after your boyfriend ate my pussy for five hours.

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