Pamela Anderson shows St. Tropez her goods

July 6th, 2006 // 55 Comments

  1. Jacq

    How’s come she sticks up for chickens and had no disregard for searing my eyes with her breasts?

    Put some clothes on, tramp. You’ve got kids. Sheesh.

  2. bootface

    She has horse legs, yes?

    id still fuck her though

  3. Vanessa

    Good lord, she looks gross. Kid Rock’s stank has rubbed off on her. Shockingly enough, it stinks even worse than Tommy Lee. This looks like photos from a COPS episode where some nasty 50 year old streetwalker is being arrested. Yikes.

    And what the hell are those red welts she’s been sporting on her shoulders?

  4. jrzmommy

    Jesus…I mean….wholly macker…….it’s just that they’re……I mean…..BAH-BOOM-BAH-DAH-BOOM….every picture…every damn one.

  5. Fugurself

    Don’t let Jesus see those tits…he might pop a boner

  6. rachie

    in the last picture she has hands like my grandmother…. my grandmother that died five years ago.

  7. remember Pam? She was hot! why do you keep posting pictures of her mother?

  8. Look at those wrinkles on her forehead?! Oh it’s going to be so sad in 5 years when she’s still dressing like this but has a face like Janice Dickinson.

  9. Are fake boobs lighter than real ones? If not, how can she not have back problems?

  10. jrzmommy

    Reminds me….the Pam/Tommy Lee connection….Can’t believe SF guy hasn’t commented on Heather Locklear reportedly getting “Finch” (as in David Spade’s character on “Just Shoot Me”) tattooed on a heart tattoo. Maybe he read that and is too far in a rage to post the story?

  11. pinky_nip

    Nothing like the drunken walk of shame.

    Not that I would know anything about that.

  12. RichPort

    Her poor kids… it must suck to have everyone in your kindergarten class want to fuck your mom.

  13. I still love me some Pammy. She looks pretty good for her age, considering.

    And it looks like she’s wearing a swimsuit underneath, so it might just be a cover-up, not an actual attempt at dressing. Then again, it IS Pam.

  14. Dr.Rokter

    I always thought it was scary to think about Pamela Anderson running at me yelling, “Ahoogaboogabooga! Uhugabuggaboo! Woogy-woogy-woogy!”. I can’t say why.

  15. Italian Stallion

    I met Pam on a Cruise to Mexico last year. The ship had some problems and ended up sinking. Everyone was running around franticly, but not Stallion, I just grabbed the two best floatation devices on the ship and jumped in. She was being a bitch and saying I was hurting her titties, but fuck it, that was the best non shrinkage of my life. Best Cruise ever……………

  16. qico

    I’m so confused.. where’s the rest of my dress? oh, all this question is hurting my head!..

  17. CoJo

    One word:


    WTF happened to her? Even the last post of her – she just looks worn out. eeek.

  18. jane's eyre

    What, pray tell, is she doing with her hair? She looks thoroughly stoned.

    I agree, it would be very weird to be the son or daughter of someone like Pam. I mean, what kid wants to run across a nude picture (or worse, a sex tape) of their mother? That’s enough to mess a kid up for life. You just don’t need to see that, whether your mom is hot or not.

  19. krisdylee

    When is she gonna die from Hep C?

  20. Bambella

    Pammy, take your yearly breast implant budget and hire a professional stylist. the skimpy summer dress(?)or long top as it appears here and knee high boot look is sooooo over, if it was ever in, which I don’t believe it was for anyone with any taste. Althought maybe it is a balance thing, heavy boots on the bottom balance out heavy boobs on the top. that is how she stays upright.

  21. cruzin333

    I won’t comment on how nasty she looks, because I think she would be pretty if she was NATURAL. But man do those look like inflated balloons under a flat chest!

    I know someone said this in the last Pam post, but I thought she had the fake knockers removed???

  22. jFp

    She has MAN hands! Look at the pics blown up….especially that one of her stepping up on something…see that left leg? its all gross and wrinkled up…ewwwwww!

  23. If she has to wear such a revealing, ill-fitting dress, she ought to at least choose one in a more flattering color. Pam, darling, beige is not for you.

  24. PapaHotNuts

    I think she is wearing one of Shaquille O’Neal’s socks. The one with the hole in the toe.

  25. An embarassment. To those who say give her a couple of years and she’s going to look like a blonde Janice Dickinson, I say she’s already there. She hit the wall – hard – a few years back. She looks like she smells of Tanqueray and Astoglide. Good bet, judging by the pedigree of her previous lovers, that she has a side of herpes to go with that Hep-B of hers. I see this getting really sad and really bizarre – a Jocelyn Wildenstein future married to Jayne Mansfield-bad relationships.

  26. hendero

    wait, Pam Anderson has fake boobs?

  27. IFuckingHateYou

    Why do they keep letting her back into the US when she goes out of the country? This should be a higher priority than stopping all the Mexicans from sneaking across the border!
    At least the Mexicans are good for something, Pam has never made me a taco

  28. jane's eyre

    @28 But she gives men her pink taco all the time.

  29. okiedoke

    #1 – Exactly! The thought that this is someone’s parent is frightening.

  30. DonLes91


    She got rid of them in 1999.

    It doesn’t really matter though. It’s like Star Jones – people are still gonna make fat jokes about her even though she’s not fat anymore.

  31. DonLes91

    Wait, never mind, she put them back in a year later.

    I always thought they were too perky.

  32. Rimmer

    So this is what happens when you don’t wear fur?

  33. tinyTy

    You can tell he implants are getting really hard. All that scar tissue. I’m afraid to look at those pics because I may get a peek at the festering, rotted disease hole that she calls a vagina.

  34. A

    I’d still lick every hole she has

  35. A

    I’d still lick every whole she has

  36. kandyk0119

    That bitch has been rode hard and put up wet one too many times, she should have faded out before this point. Now she is always gonna be remembered in more of an gross ANNA NICOLE way, than as a sexpot.
    SHE’s starting to get a case of the BUTTERFACE- Everything looks good butterface

  37. jrzmommy

    Is she going up a gangplank? Gangbang on the gangplank!!

  38. bunnyhugger

    what’s up with her nipples? c’mon, you show THAT much boobie, there should be a nip slip.

    i have a theory that her nipples are like colorforms. she can peel ‘em off and put back on where ever she wants.
    or mr. potato head.

    also, she did have the implants removed IIRC, because they were silicone implants. i seem to remember her saying she was so much happier, blah, blah. then all of a sudden she “pops up” (pun intended) with these gigantic hooters. strange.

  39. Merebear

    Where are her nipples? Did her plastic curgery fund run so low that she couldn’t afford the nipples to be replaced?

  40. alohakitty

    Can someone explain the bikini top?

  41. HarryNipples

    I heard that Pammy’s doing a remake of the Sound of Music – it’s going to be called “The Sound of Slurping” and she will star as Maria von Snatch, matriarch of the von Snatch family porn troupe – I heard they are having trouble finding a nun’s habit that fits her…she can also show the other nun’s how to make a penis disappear and reappear like magic – I can’t wait for her “big opening” -

  42. Shelley Bonnechance


    I bet her kids would be so proud.

  43. Valtrex

    I don’t do plastic.

  44. ffordegroupie

    “Hello, I’m tits o’doom and hundreds of little animals died for my breasts to be this size.”

    How can those things not be sore? did she have them inflated with helium?

  45. yuckyfresh

    did she have her nipples removed? is that the new thing in hollywood these days? geez.

  46. Toonlite

    …how meny recycled plastic bottles died to make those water bags in her chest??

    I wear fur…not recycled pepsi bottles….

    Oh yeah bitch….I wear fur…and I am warm!

  47. Tits_McGhee

    She don’t give a fuck what people think of her titties, and that’s what I like about her.

    She was once quoted by saying “Plastic is a wonderful thing, as long as you don’t use it to smother chickens.”

    …Okay, I made that part up, but I’m high right now so it doesn’t matter.

  48. ChickenScratch

    Why are her boobie’s so shiny?

    They remind me of bubbles that are about to burst.

  49. HollyJ

    Her fucking back has FAT PADS. It’s like watching men jack off to pictures of Betty White.

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