Pamela Anderson see-through shirt

Pamela Anderson was spotted in Agoura Hills wearing short shorts and a slightly see-through shirt. Which isn’t actually news, but it’s a super slow day so this is the kind of crap you’re going to have to deal with. The next celebrity to order lunch or get in their car will probably end up on the site.

pamela-anderson-shorts-candids-01-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-shorts-candids-02-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-shorts-candids-03-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-shorts-candids-04-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-shorts-candids-05-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-shorts-candids-06-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-shorts-candids-07-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-shorts-candids-08-thumb.jpg