Pamela Anderson retiring in five years


Pamela Anderson plans to retire in a few years. Her latest role has been magician’s assistant for Hans Klok “Beauty of Magic” show in Las Vegas. Pamela tells USA Today she’s content with her magic work and has no ambitions to return to acting:

“I get offers to do movies and TV all the time. I say no to everything. Drives my agent crazy,” she says, laughing. “But I’m lazy. I don’t want to work. I want to be with my kids (Brandon, 11, and Dylan, 9, with ex-husband Tommy Lee). So I just fly in from L.A., do a few days of shows and go back home.”
“Five more years of (T&A), and I’ll go back to Canada,” the British Columbia native says. “I’ve got some land. It’ll be time.”

What exactly is Pamela Anderson retiring from? She shows up to random places with her giant rack and, judging by these photos, tries to give heart attacks to the elderly obese. It’s pretty much a lifelong occupation. That’d be like me trying to retire from being so sexy. It’s goddamn impossible.