Pamela Anderson puts on Baywatch suit

April 26th, 2007 // 88 Comments

pamela-anderson-baywatch-candid-09-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-baywatch-candid-10-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-baywatch-candid-11-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-baywatch-candid-12-thumb.jpg


  1. That’s not a nipple. That’s a for-later M&M.

  2. MassGrrl

    She looks OK to me. I wouldn’t throw her out of bed.

    (Please, no “Jesus hates lesbians” jokes. I’m not a lesbian. I just enjoy sex with women…)

  3. Jimbo ?

    Nothing wrong with that MassGrrl. I enjoy them too.

  4. allyoops!

    I am praying to every available deity as I type that I will look as good as her at 50.

    Granted I won’t have tatas the size of watermelons, but whatever…

  5. Jaclynn

    It’s like that picture when she had a nipslip, but it was near her collar…

  6. Ramdonomo

    You’d have to be blind to miss her other nipple, asshole. It’s almost out of her top on the OTHER side.

  7. She looks fat. Obese even.

  8. I wanted to grow up to be on that show so bad.

    How sad is my life?

  9. p0nk

    #2 – there aint no such thing as lesbians. There are only girls who haven’t been fucked right. I’d fix you – a poke in the pink, a stab in the stink, then POW! right in the kisser. You’d never even think of eating bleeding tuna again…

  10. lambman

    Those direct TV comercials can be funny, so good for her. Who doesn’t need a little CJ now and then?

  11. kamihi

    Pam looks good, but kind of tired and old, shes a perfect example of why to not sunbathe and be as brown and tanned as she is. If she’d taken more care she’d be amazingly ravishing. I do like her a lot though – GO PAM!

  12. jrzmommy♠

    Is DirecTV trying to go out of business?

  13. wedgeone

    Pam’s a aging no-talent melted plastic star-fucking whore with hepatitis dripping from her stretched out gash. Yep, gotta get me some of that magic.

  14. veggi

    @9. That is the most disturbing, crass, uncouth, disgusting, repulsive comment I have ever read. You sicken me.

  15. Jimbo ?

    Jrzmommy – Do you know how many men will pick up the phone and call Direct TV because they see Pam’s boobs bouncing up and down? Men are the easiest creatures in the world to manipulate with a tit. I am sure you have used it to your advantage once or twice

  16. bungoone

    probably, 12, because 95% of their budget will go to airbrushing the crap of out of this sack of leather.

  17. Jimbo ?

    @14 – That is why he is a virgin

  18. Negatrice

    Is there such thing as crotch implant?
    She seems to sport a massive one.

  19. veggi

    Ah ha. Thanks Jimbo.

  20. wedgeone

    #9 – YOU DA MAN!!! Don’t listen to these weak-kneed liberals.

  21. JungleRed

    Nothing says “washed up” like attempting to reprise your glory days.

  22. fergernauster

    #9/aka b0nk:

    Mmmmmm. You can convert me ANY time.

  23. whitegold

    I don’t know if those pics are all touched up or what, but seriously, she looks damn good there – who wouldn’t hit that (crazy nipples and all)!

  24. crestlin

    from extensive course work in anatomy and physiology, i am 100% certain that nipples shouldn’t be located on one’s clavicles…

    her skin does bear a striking resemblance to that of the cadaver i dissected a few weeks back…

  25. fergernauster

    Ol’ Pammy needs a knee lift.

  26. fergernauster

    Christ… that swimsuit… stretched to within a 1/32″ of its life…

  27. teetee

    She reminds me of a Stretch Armstrong doll circa 1977, who’s syrup has hardened and distorted the shape of the body.

  28. MrSemprini

    From a distance, she looks… OK. A little.

  29. Ruby

    ponk, i need your post on a t-shirt. Crazy mutha.

  30. PapaHotNuts

    There’s nothing wrong with a leathery dried up mother of two trying to look hot. Right, jrz? (zing!)

  31. Not bad for an old broad.

  32. #9 where do i sign up? lmao good one
    if u replaced pam anderson’s body with jessica alba’s, maybe gave her liz hurley’s feet and…ok, just put it this way, pam anderson looks like shit.

  33. BarbadoSlim

    Sorry, but I’m not into Hepos, oh and, burn that suit.

  34. #32 u can start by signing up at MY house.
    and since i’m such a pervert, i’d like to say that man oh man, oh man, if i had pamela anderson in my presence just ONE MORE TIME…u know the rest…

  35. Hughs Beans

    I agree with the other commenters – I’d do her in a heartbeat!

    (we’re talking about killing her, right?)

  36. wedgeone

    Q:How many Virginia Tech Students does it take to change a lightbulb?

  37. Jimbo ?

    No, We are talking about climbing to the top of those giant tities, raping our arms around those big ass nipples and dry humping them until our dicks fall off.

  38. Michael1

    I think this is her “nyah nyah” to the people who ragged on her for those photos from her recent beach stint on Hawaii… no makeup and bland whitish bikini.

    Actually, I didn’t think she looked bad in those photos from Hawaii but the stink bugged her enough that she wrote abouit it on her website.
    Now she’s saying “See y’all, I can still do a CJ!”

  39. BarbadoSlim

    @38…girlfriend needs to think about putting CJ to out to pasture already. Picture #11 truly shows her age. Her ass is sagging, and she’s probably carrying a little additional weight as well. Nothing wrong with that, she should just dress appropriately for her age.

  40. tits_on_snack

    I love how someone said they hope they look as good as her at 50. Aww, poor Pam, she ain’t even 40 yet.

    And I doubt this was done as an “eff you” to people ragging on her appearance, as commercials take months to plan and this was probably in the works for a while.

  41. Mii Hi Nees-Hier

    Do you guys really think she’s super hot for her age??? She’s not yet 40. If she was nearing 50, sure, I’d say wow. But 39? She looks really beat. And we know why – she invited two ugly hillbillies (Tommy Lee and Kid Rock) to pound away at her for years and years. Yuck.

  42. FRIST!!!

    Jimbo…..raping??? Or did you mean “wrapping” (hopefully)

    #35 LMAO

  43. Mii Hi Nees-Hier

    oops, #40 beat me to it :)

  44. Mii Hi Nees-Hier

    Better keep Jimbo away from your armpits.

  45. Richard

    She looks great. Nice muscle tone in her arms and legs; butt is tight and her face is aging well. Eyes are beautiful, face is symmetrical. Very sexy woman.


  46. fergernauster

    Richard, you are gay, right?

  47. wedgeone

    (Richard’s last name is Magoo)

  48. woodhorse

    #9 gross. Hundreds of people now want to abstain. Nothing like references to farting, actual bean footage, and some big titties to lower a man’s IQ by 30-40 points. Drool much, pOnk??

  49. BarbadoSlim

    @46 hehehehehe that did come out very hmmmm Ryan Seacresty.

    Yes, that chick, man, she has such a round ass and conical breasts, very attractive. Right fellas!!*cough* *cough*

  50. Plastic Sturgeon

    Richard: Very astute observations. What was your boyfriend’s name again? I am not good with remembering names.

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