Pamela Anderson proves she’s not pregnant – with alcohol!


Pamela Anderson is shooting down rumors she was in a shotgun wedding with Rick Salomon and insists she isn’t pregnant. People reports:

“It’s just not true,” the mother of two added to Leach, who interviewed her at a party Wednesday night for airline magnate Richard Branson. “I would tell you if it was.”

To underscore it, at the party Anderson was “celebrating her marriage last weekend with bottles of expensive Cristal champagne.”

I’d like to see Pamela Anderson disprove more theories with booze. You know, show up at scientific conferences and be like, “Dr. Smith, I challenge your quasar theory. I believe you’ll find my evidence to not only taste great but have less filling.” Then she’ll chug a case of Miller Lite and dance naked on a particle accelerator. Dr. Smith’s theory, which foolishly lacks both alcohol and fake breasts, will be laughed out the door. Science is totally rad.

Photos: Getty Images