Pamela Anderson on Sarah Palin

September 12th, 2008 // 221 Comments

We’ve been hearing a lot about Sarah Palin from celebrities these days. But just once I’d like to hear someone tackle the real issues instead of Matt Damon citing Internet rumors or a marginally humorous parody video that ends with Gina Gershon stripping down to a bikini making me want to marry it. And, so, like a knight in shining breasts, comes Pamela Anderson to challenge Governor Sarah Palin. Is it over her lack of foreign policy experience? Contradictory views on a woman’s right to choose? The Bush Doctrine? Oh, no, my friends, it’s about Sarah Palin posing next to a bearskin draped over a couch in Newsweek. I present to you the political musings of Pamela Anderson:

“I can’t stand her. She can suck it.”

Masterful. (Not counting the irony of the word choice and the speaker.)


  1. Everyone has the right to their own opinions. Some of you have asked who cares about Pam’s opinion, and I have the answer. It’s Duuuuuuuuuh1

  2. TJ

    As hard as she looks now at 41, can you imagine her at 50? Can you just envision the plastic surgery she will have to pull her face back and sew the skin behind her ears when she gets the inevitable wisecracks??? And, what’s up with the fake tits joining at the middle?? There’s a name for that condition…doctors, help me.

  3. KSS

    “If I hear anyone say ‘animal rights’ I’m killin’ twenty of something!”

    -Ted Nugent

    Of course my favorite is ‘the only right animals have is to garlic and butter’

    But true to their left wing brethren, these hollywood types live in their own little echo chamber. I can’t wait until November 5th when the streets of Hollywood are filled with these mumbling, shuffling moonbats shaking their heads and repeating “but no one I know voted for McCain!”

  4. jo

    women with fake boobs are three times more likely to commit suicide and seven times more likely to have drug and alcohol dependence than the general population – according to a study conducted in denmark.

    These women are nutty & having plastic surgery doesn’t fix them. Although I don’t support the republicans, I wouldn’t listen to anything this bird says.

  5. Lisa

    No Pamela Anderson, YOU suck it bitch!

  6. Are you kidding? Republicans are brainless

    Sarah Palin should be learning morality at a monastary in Tibet not on the stage in American politics. She engages in cronyism therefore does not practive good judgement in terms of what is in the best interests of the people whom she represents.
    Prenant daughter is quite embarrasing.

  7. jo

    love it: ‘sarah palin should be learning morality at a monastery in Tibet’ can you imagine? haha

  8. McSame

    #202: “As hard as she looks now at 41, can you imagine her at 50? Can you just envision the plastic surgery she will have…”

    Black holes are formed when mass is so great, it collapses in on itself to a point where nothing can escape. At 50, her boobs will be so packed with plastic and her beef curtains will be so massive that the 2 areas will collapse in on each other, distort space-time, and form…a black vagina.

  9. colinhu

    Yep! what a fucking hot picture! That’s amazing sexy! More photos can be found at that is a millionaire and models deating site

  10. HorribleJudgment

    I’m sick of hearing about all this political shit. Can’t we talk about how leathery and weather Pam’s face is looking? Or how she tries to cover it by slathering her wrinkly aging face with pounds of make up to try to cover the fact that she ain’t hot shit anymore, but probably still thinks she is? Or how at the end of the video she said they could quote her on what she said as if she hoped it would get to Palin. Are you fucking kidding me? As if it would even be a blip, or a miniscule tremor on Palin’s radar, or any politician’s for that matter, to hear that Pam Anderson had criticized her! Seriously Pam? Do you really think that?

    Going even further Pam, let’s remove politicians from the equation. Let’s say you criticized, say, a talented actor (or an untalented one–you know all about that don’tcha, Pam?). Think they’d care? I think not.

    But anyway, I have nothing major against Pam. She’s good for an ounce of entertainment here and there, still, I just call it like a see it. Boy, though–she ain’t holding up well is she? Yikes!

  11. TUBBO

    Pam do yourself a favor and get that stupid barbed wire tattoo removed. Then again you’re getting so fucking old that it’ll probably fade away on its own.

  12. Pam Anderson is only 41?? Yikes. Double yikes. Methinks perhaps she is jealous of Sarah Palin because Pam looks like an old dish rag.

    As far as her involvement with PETA, I think I’ve seen her photo somewhere, wearing a leather jacket.

    Yeah right, Pam, we’ll listen to what you have to say.

    As a white female PUMA who still doesn’t know who I am voting for, let me say this: There is no job on God’s earth that is lower than that of an “Entertainer”. About 95% of entertainers are low-lifes. And NOTHING any of them has to say about politics (of anything for that matter) is going to influence my vote. Actually, the more they jump on the old ‘hip bandwagon of Senator Obama, it kind of makes me want to vote the other way.

    Love and hugs, always my Dah-lings.

  13. Barack Hussein Obama

    When I’m president EVERYONE will be able to afford gigantic fake breasts and lobotomies like Pam. Vote for me!

  14. Melissa

    Pam Anderson – really? When was the last time that someone supported a cause by degrading everyone who didn’t believe the same way they did? Always classy, that’s how you do it Pam with your four husbands, stretched snake skin, horrible mug and zero talent. Thanks for your opinion!

  15. Josef Stalin


    And then kiss you county and your ass goodbye. Well, at least your ass, because if your vote for Obama, you don’t care about your country to begin with.

  16. Whitney

    Pam is a scary old bag who gives a @#$% what she thinks.

  17. George Bush has something to say about Lindsey’s pugilist proclivities and Palin pounding. Check out the video here.

  18. Oops! Try Again….George Bush has something to say about Lindsey’s pugilist proclivities and Palin pounding. Check out the video here,

  19. Drunkman

    She looks like a dead rat.

  20. hello people who even cares what Pam Anderson thinks.. isn’t she canadian she cant even vote here… she can go suck it.

  21. I cant stand her she can suck it!!!!!!!This coming from someone who has had just about every rock stars peta in her mouth.If dicks were quills, she would be the biggest porcipine in the world, plus her fake tits would be deflated. Everytime she thinks, she weakens the nation. The only thing she should comment on should be the reason her lips have not sagged diwn to her belly button from all the petas. Its good she has an opinion, but she should keep her opinions centered around the stuff she is good at. Like sucking, making cannibal videos and running down beaches. I wonder how someone so smart gets hepatitis and has the balls to say something about someone who has more brains in her feces than she has in her old body. Go get a boob job and leave the thinking to your chest.

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