Pamela Anderson on Sarah Palin

We’ve been hearing a lot about Sarah Palin from celebrities these days. But just once I’d like to hear someone tackle the real issues instead of Matt Damon citing Internet rumors or a marginally humorous parody video that ends with Gina Gershon stripping down to a bikini making me want to marry it. And, so, like a knight in shining breasts, comes Pamela Anderson to challenge Governor Sarah Palin. Is it over her lack of foreign policy experience? Contradictory views on a woman’s right to choose? The Bush Doctrine? Oh, no, my friends, it’s about Sarah Palin posing next to a bearskin draped over a couch in Newsweek. I present to you the political musings of Pamela Anderson:

“I can’t stand her. She can suck it.”

Masterful. (Not counting the irony of the word choice and the speaker.)