Pamela Anderson on Sarah Palin

September 12th, 2008 // 221 Comments

We’ve been hearing a lot about Sarah Palin from celebrities these days. But just once I’d like to hear someone tackle the real issues instead of Matt Damon citing Internet rumors or a marginally humorous parody video that ends with Gina Gershon stripping down to a bikini making me want to marry it. And, so, like a knight in shining breasts, comes Pamela Anderson to challenge Governor Sarah Palin. Is it over her lack of foreign policy experience? Contradictory views on a woman’s right to choose? The Bush Doctrine? Oh, no, my friends, it’s about Sarah Palin posing next to a bearskin draped over a couch in Newsweek. I present to you the political musings of Pamela Anderson:

“I can’t stand her. She can suck it.”

Masterful. (Not counting the irony of the word choice and the speaker.)


  1. hausfrau

    Note to Pammy? No more closeups, ever.

  2. Bigheadmike

    Thats it, shes off the list…..
    Shes going to have to do something very special to be forgiven.

  3. Jethro

    Pam, you once again prove that you are a class(less) act.

  4. gotmilk?

    is Pam even a US Citizen?

  5. Tico

    Suck it Pamela, no one care what you have to say or what you think, they only care about your two big brains! so suck it you dumb cunt

  6. Pamela is awesome. I don’t care what anyone says….haha

  7. This is boring. What else is on??

  8. boo

    OH, for God’s sake! Yes, let’s pick the next president of the United States because some stupid has been said something rude! That’s as good criteria as any!

  9. havoc

    mmmm KFC…..


  10. noneyabeezwax

    come on Hepatitis, do your shit. you’ve been playin with this bitch for long enough now.

  11. caljenna

    For those of you saying that you’re gonna vote McCain/Palin just because a celebrity said not to, isn’t that essentially letting a celebrity influence your vote, regardless of which way it goes?

  12. So we just may be having a woman president after all, because from the look of it McCain doesn’t have many more years left.

  13. #61….ummmmm that would be NO for $200 please Alex

  14. stickykeys

    uh-oh, the dreaded UNI-Boob forming…

  15. Sarah Palin is an old nerd

    48- I don’t understand why Sarah Palin is so hot to some people. She is a chubby 45 year old with a big nose and glasses.

  16. stizzef

    What the hell is with her lipliner – she purposely lines it to make it look like her lip is just one big mass? You can actually see where her lip line is supposed to be, and it would look waaaay better if she left it like that. She’s so gross.

  17. syn

    “I can’t stand her. She can suck it. Quote me.” Straight from the mouth of a shining example of today’s literati. Actually, I think it is cute when a vapid twit has an “opinion”.

  18. caljenna

    And while I’m on the subject, just because Pamela Anderson said “suck it’ does that mean you are now going to deny pleasure to your boyfriend? You are letting a celebrity influence your sex life!! I , for one, will ignore her and suck a dick right now.

  19. again

    When will someone be able to stand up to celebrities who have the priveledge to speak their uneducated minds without consequence?? I am so sick and tired of people who live the FURTHEST from reality being able to say whatever they want. Its REALLY easy to be super liberal when you make tons of money and live in a gaurded fortress, usually in another country!! So please Hollywood, keep your unrealistic, uneducated, foreign-only interests to yourself.

  20. sameshitdifferentyear

    We can all tell she’d suck it Pam, the question is does she swallow?

    Have a side-by-side photo poll of Sarah and Pamela, who you’d rather fuck now, I’m pretty sure Palin will win. Positive in fact. Across party lines.

  21. GW Bush

    McCain Palin are BAD FOR AMERICA

  22. dude_on

    The Hollywood and Berkeley crowds need to get used to the fact that the country is willing to accept an animal shooting hockey-mom with a nice rack as VP. Plus just think of the cat fight in the wings with Nancy Pelosi.

    Pamela should have refrained from being a slut throughout her tits only career if she wanted anyone to give a shit about her childlike ramblings -And we know Pammy can suck it but how does “sucking it” relate to the campaign?

  23. Superevil

    can we stop with the stupid fucking political posts?

  24. Well

    68- So does John McCain, he thinks it’s so cute that he willl ask said twit to be his runningmate. Anyone who wants to teach Creationism in public schools is a moron.

    P.S she was a crappy mayor and brought her small city that was previously debt free into comparitively large debt.
    P.P.S for people who continue to poke fun at Obama for having virtually no experience in government, he was a state senator for eight years before being a U.S senator. This is a little known fact to the pompous right wing ” literati “.

  25. Although I’ve never been a fan of Pam, she gets my approval because she is a dedicated PETA activist.

  26. I’d throw it in

  27. Palin is not hot

    fugly four eyed Megan Mullaly from Will and Grace.

  28. GB

    You jag-offs. You say you are tired of celebrities giving their opinions and no one cares what they think. You do realize she was answering a question? She was being interviewed. And here are all you bitter herbs hating because nobody cares what you think. Your only forums are celebrity gossip website comment boards. That is fucking sad. And poster “again”, please learn to spell before you call anyone else uneducated.

  29. Diana

    She doesn’t even KNOW Sarah Palin. Besides does her opinion matter to anyone besides her?

  30. Julie

    Is Pam Anderson always drunk anymore? she looks like a 90 year old LUSH.

  31. Sarah Palin

    75 – crap, I didn’t know he was ever a state senator, I’ll pretend I didn’t read that, I liked my little joke about community organizers not having responsibilities…
    I am writing new material about how I have a much better educatio than Obama as well, he only has a GED… right?

  32. Sarah Palin

    I forgot the n in education
    * hehehe, snort. pushes up glasses *

  33. duh

    GB, where have you been all my life?

  34. kw

    All boobs NO brain…

  35. Femmel

    Who really gives a rat’s ass about what celebrities think about politics? Just because they are big names doesn’t mean they know jack shit. Personally, I don’t have any respect for Ms. Anderson, so why would I even listen to her?! Celebrities just need to shut the hell up and keep making movies or whatever the hell they do to make them “famous”.

  36. jesus

    someone should just nuke hollywood. where are the terrorist when you need them?

  37. Matt

    I’m not bothered at all about all the “political” stories and comments here. They’re no more and no less vapid than anything else that’s ever been on this site.

    I *am* furious that nobody has found and posted swimsuit pictures of Palin when she “competed” in the Miss Wasilla and/or Miss Alaska pageants. Granted, the other competitors are likely to be in the shots, and they’re very likely to be shudder-inducing pasty beasts, but still, enough is enough. It’s been 2 weeks. “Internet 3.0″ my ass.

  38. Pdorwick

    The funny thing is is that Pamela Anderson’s political experience and grasp of the international policy is roughly the same as Sarah Palin’s. Bravo Pamela.

  39. #75
    that’s a lie about her wanting creationism taught in schools.

    here is an excerpt from’s 9/8/08

    Palin has not pushed for teaching creationism in Alaska’s schools. She has said that students should be allowed to “debate both sides” of the evolution question, but she also said creationism “doesn’t have to be part of the curriculum.”

  40. The Wedge

    Good one #20…

    Now I will go back to my kfc dinner… mmmm abused chickens…. yummy yummy

  41. Palin is a stupid cow, who has rarely ever been to another country.
    And she apparently doesnt even know what the Bush doctrine is…
    My Gosh is America serious? I mean ..still??

  42. Trick

    Well if anyone knows how to suck it, it would be Pamela.

    Too bad this is politics, not how to make a porn video, Pamela.

    I love how the C-List celebrities come out every four years and spout their gibberish so they can get a little attention.

    Usually Pamela just makes a porn video for attention… odd that she chose politics this time.

  43. Medic

    @28 you’re a fucking idiot comparing anyone to Hitler or his policies, please get a lobotomy.

    @89 yeah Sarah Palin’s political experience and grasp of international policy is roughly the same as Obama’s. What a coincedence! Obama, Palin, and Pamela should all make a video together.

  44. #92

    thank you for your fact-based, objective view. let me ask, how often do most GOVERNORS go to other countries?

    you see, ‘stupid cow’,
    their job is to run the state they live in. if they went all over the world, the people that voted for them WOULD BE PISSED!!!

  45. Kimberly

    “Pamela Anderson on Sarah Palin”?! Sounds like a hit porno!

  46. Mellow

    Can’t Stand Pammy, but HAHA!! Suck It Palin!!!!

  47. Medic

    And I was going to let this go but #92 has inspired me.

    You poor, pathetic, uninformed retards. There is no such thing as the “Bush Doctrine” it doesn’t fucking exist. It’s a term the media has tried to attach (in various forms and meanings) to Bush and his international policies which they mostly loathe.

    Once you people realize stop living in a fucking box and chanting nonsense put forth by both parties and start thinking for yourselves maybe your opinion will matter. It’s so discouraging to realize some of you vote.

  48. whatever

    first of all pam hit the wall hard. secondly palin can suck it.

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