Pamela Anderson on Sarah Palin

September 12th, 2008 // 221 Comments

We’ve been hearing a lot about Sarah Palin from celebrities these days. But just once I’d like to hear someone tackle the real issues instead of Matt Damon citing Internet rumors or a marginally humorous parody video that ends with Gina Gershon stripping down to a bikini making me want to marry it. And, so, like a knight in shining breasts, comes Pamela Anderson to challenge Governor Sarah Palin. Is it over her lack of foreign policy experience? Contradictory views on a woman’s right to choose? The Bush Doctrine? Oh, no, my friends, it’s about Sarah Palin posing next to a bearskin draped over a couch in Newsweek. I present to you the political musings of Pamela Anderson:

“I can’t stand her. She can suck it.”

Masterful. (Not counting the irony of the word choice and the speaker.)


  1. BadCopNoDonut

    The pride of Canada, she is. ….*sniff

  2. Racer X

    Pamela Anderson is made of WIN.

    /Go suck it Sarah Palin
    //and keep the glasses on

  3. The day that our country actually listens and cares about the political commentary from Matt Damon and Pamela Anderson is the day America sinks

  4. Cash907

    Huh.. just got the urge to go eat a shit load of KFC. Thanks Pam.

  5. dr strangelove

    FYI for you MTV idiots – there is no such thing as the Bush Doctrine. It is an invention of the media

  6. combustion8

    cant wait for her kidneys to shut down.

  7. ME

    Oh thank god! I couldn’t handle it if Pamela Anderson was voting for the same person as me. Vote McCain!

  8. harold richard johnson

    The fake plastic nutjobs in Hollywood really hate her Palin. Every attention-seeking whore will take their shot at Palin for the next few months because it’s the hip thing to do

  9. Smile

    Oh, yes, Sarah can suck it, alright! Sarah, oh, Sarah, where are you?…

  10. jay

    It said “Pam Anderson ON Sarah Palin” you of course know that was not what we saw.

    I was dissapointed..

  11. Pamela Anderson

    I’m f’ing Matt Damon!!!!

  12. Dogg

    Seeing this picture all I can think about is when I almost ruined my computer “researching” Pamela Anderson. Now she looks all haggard and rough. Mother Nature is a Bitch!!!

  13. jay

    Pam is really looking rough these days

  14. JJ Daddy-O

    Damn! I clicked through because I thought you meant Pam Anderson ON TOP OF Sarah Palin. Imagine my disappointment….

  15. Barack Obama

    Now THAT’S lipstick on a pig!

  16. whos having these interviews? no follow up questions? anyway this wouldve been cute if she wasnt aging fast!!

  17. combustion8

    ole hep please work your magic quickly.

  18. i would let either one of them suck it :)

  19. americanrobot

    so now all of a sudden whores have an opinion..?

  20. Spam Oinkerson


  21. myslef

    um isn’t she CANADIAN???

  22. Anderson Cooper

    ..whores, actors, pop stars…everyone knows they are the truly enlightened ones.

    Oh, and I’m f’ing Matt Damon too!!! Bwaaaaaaa!!!

  23. Fooman

    I think all the celebs are just upset that the tabloids are putting Palin on the cover, cause she’s such a train wreck!

    “Your embarrassing life is on the cover of Us weekly? Hey bitch, that;s OUR gig!”

  24. T

    OMG!!! What happened to her face!!!

  25. Owen Fenby

    Not sure what’s more horrifying: the thought of Palin as VP or Pamela without makeup.

  26. Deacon Jones

    Stifler’s Mom!!!!

  27. Big Joe

    Didn’t she try selling her car that she had for 10yrs to help PETA??? You know, the car that had leather seats? What a dumb, fucking hypocrit…I’d like to see a bear eat her face!!!!

  28. Jim

    #5 – please. Most “doctrines” evolve over time, into what becomes known as “The ___ Doctrine.” At this point in U.S. history, the single clear and critical foreign policy change instituted by Bush is “preventive war” – taking military action, including an invasion, against a country that has not attacked the U.S. but is perceived as threatening. It was – and still is – the basis for the Iraq invasion. Palin’s supporters are trying furiously to obscure the issue, but everybody with a fully functioning brain (so, not Palin or Bush) knows that this policy change is by far the most historically influential thing Bush has done, and puts him in fine company with the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, and Putin (well, technically, you could say Georgia “attacked” Russia first, if you think a military flea bite = an attack). If you ask 1000 people involved in U.S. foreign policy what the “Bush Doctrine” is, 999 of them will say, “what, the unilateral invasion thing?” You might not expect a layperson to know what the term refers to, but a potential U.S. Vice President? Come on.

  29. Jay, you are totally reading my mind! What am I thinking now? Huh? Huh?

  30. Barack Obama

    Dear Hollywood,

    Please shut the fuck up. You are NOT HELPING!!!!!

    Sen Barack Obama.

  31. chadisrad

    hahaha…. I bet she thinks Palin is the new girl Tommy is banging. I live in LA and Hollyweird is so stupid it is unreal.

  32. 2for2true

    Dearest Pam:

    God, sweetie, how you’ve let yourself go.


    Keith Richards

  33. Kate

    All these idiot celebrities giving their views to the world and thinking we care is only making people want to vote for McCain. Which isn’t good.

  34. pete

    I agree with a very literal interpretation of what she said. But before Palin sucks it, “it” will be pounded deep up her big white Republican ass.

  35. BadCopNoDonut

    Sarah Palin is a prop. An accessory. If she wasn’t female we would never have heard of her.

  36. edamame

    Jealous much?

    #11 & #15 too damn funny!

    Geez, Pammy, guess you couldn’t diss Palin’s mothering skills…cuz you don’t even know WTF being a mother means. It DOES NOT having a constant stream of scuzzball boyfriends/husbands cycling through the house. Why don’t you go back to Dubai and “enlighten” them on living green. Oh, and is silicone a “green” product?

  37. duh

    Even celebrities are allowed to have an opinion. They are no more or less intelligent than the rest of the American public.

    I am no fan of Pam Anderson but I agree, Palin can suck it.

  38. Matthew

    ok telling pailen to suck it? this is not the 90′s anymore pam and also you were hot now look ate you only a matter of time you will look like john riviers! ::shudders::

  39. norton


  40. Matthew

    I ment to say joan here

  41. myths

    Angry female Hillary supporters (PUMAs) will vote for McCain in protest. (They’ll complain bitterly but vote for Obama at the last minute, after contemplating the alternative.)

    The Republican “conservative base” was going to stay home on election day. (There’s no way they’d passively allow a black man – “Negro fella” in their words – to be elected president. But they weren’t going to volunteer for McCain or turn out in large numbers at his appearances, which would have hurt him. Palin changed that.)

    Celebrity comments about politics influence voters. (The people who can have their thinking patterns influenced by celebrities sometimes talk about politics – dumb stuff they heard and are mindlessly repeating, loudly, to pretend that they know something important – but they never vote. Thank fucking god.)

    A Vice President candidate can be the deciding factor in a Presidential election outcome. (If it happens this time, it’d be the first time. It’s not going to happen this time.)

    The American people have finally evolved to the point where racial prejudice will not influence their voting patterns. (Hahahahahahahahahahahaha …*gasp*… hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!)

  42. 2for2true

    If Sarah “Don’t call me Michael” Palin accomplishes as much as Dick Cheney did in eight years, we can expect her to:

    1. Suffer at least 3 heart attacks
    2. Cause stock in Haliburton to double by 2012
    3. Accidentally shoot Mitt Romney in the ass.

    God bless,

    Don Draper

  43. Deacon Jones #26 nailed it….So Stifler’s mom here.
    I think I just lost an IQ point reading an opinion of Pamela Andersons.

  44. Roni

    I’ve just been on the edge of my seat wondering what Pamela Andersen thought or had to say about Governor Palin! As always, the used up, old has-been of a hag didn’t let me down! Perhaps she’ll release another porn flick and donate the small profit to the Obama campaign! He needs all the financial help he can get! Hey, maybe a flick WITH Obama would sell better!! I hope they consider it!

  45. GB

    Not to say I value Pam’s opinion but the fact she is a celebrity does not preclude her from having one. All you repubs that love to bash celebrities and actors must have forgot that Ronald Reagan was an actor. The republican governor of California was/is an actor. You even had an actor running for president and speaking at the convention (Fred Thompson). So please keep showing us all how hypocritical you are.

  46. criss angel banged her too!!! I need a gimmick…

  47. EuroNeckPain

    Do you realize that Pamela Anderson (1967) is YOUNGER than Sarah Palin (1964) ? Sarah palin is waaaaayyy prettier and she is not even a Hollywood star. No wonder Holliwood stars are jealous. They age really badly. Booze and drugs and too many parties, I guess.

  48. boo

    #41 Points 1, 3 and 4, GOD, I hope you’re right. Points 2 and 5 are unfortunately probably right too.

  49. Kim

    Well thank God I have this piece of trash’s opinion. I was torn on who I was going to vote for until now. But with her insightful opinion of “She can suck it”, well that just finalizes it.

    FUCK OFF!!!!!

    I’m so sick of celebs thinking that anyone values their opinions. If anything that would push me in the other direction.

    McCain/Palin 2008!

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