Pamela Anderson moving ahead with divorce

January 4th, 2008 // 96 Comments

Pamela Anderson is moving ahead with her divorce despite reports that she reconciled with Rick Salomon. Pamela had Rick personally served with divorce papers on December 28, according to Us Magazine. She also wrote the following in her blog on New Year’s Eve:

“2007 was an interesting year for me. What’s the definition of insanity? This is the year I do everything I wanted to do – my way… I’m going to be proud of every single day – and make sure I do not veer from the path.”

Dear Pamela Anderson,

Allow me to define insanity for you: Your writing. I hope that helps you on your path. There’s no need to pay me for this service, but if you must, I only deal in one kind of currency: boob dollars. I assure you it’s for purely economical reasons based on the weak American dollar and my penis has nothing to do with it. Even though he is my accountant.

Best of luck to you in 2008,

The Superficial Writer

Photos: Getty Images

  1. Guy

    Something tells me Chanel would not produce such a monstrosity as she is wearing.

  2. otravez

    she’s beyond hideous anymore. except for in that 6th picture. i shall m4sturbate to that photo under my desk.

  3. Donner

    i’m no fashionologist, but that outfit makes no sense. Yeah, let’s cut a whole out where the boobies go. That’ll work!

  4. Binky

    She forgot to check the label.
    That thing she’s wearing is inside-out and backwards.

  5. MMB

    she SOOOOOOO hot-glued a Chanel perfume sample to the front of that Forever 21 $15 dress…

  6. Sapphire

    She’s still a pig though.

  7. I thought we were only going to have Britney Spears stories today. This pales in comparison to Spears latest breakdown! But I guess variety is good…

  8. vodka for brekky

    go back to the fuckin swamp ogre. Poor old Pammy, never a style icon.

  9. Gerald Tarrant

    Attention whore much?

  10. The more she ages, the whorier she gets.

  11. nipolian

    Someone at Chanel just got shit-canned!

  12. tight lipped smiler

    I’m sure that dress has a misspelling. Channel it is suppose to say with a small 8 beneath. Channel 8 is the home station of old whores on rollerskates who serve boob knocks to each other as they race around an oval until one or more falls. Then they scramble for missing rhinestones, belly button studs and teeth.

  13. There’s a Channel between her fake tits. You could sail an oceanliner through that gap.

  14. xhot

    Is it the publicity she needs, none of her marriages have lasted for more that a few months, except for Tommy. Why doesn’t she grow up and stop confusing those poor boys. Pamela must be extreamly proud or confused of her sexual permissiveness.

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  15. jk

    Who is on the $100.00 Boob dollar bill?

  16. Where the hell did she buy that dress???

  17. Binky, I thought the same thing too. Is it just advertising or did her quickie in the cab result in her dress being inside out and backwards?

    How much is advertising for a billboard that size?

  18. adeliza

    This bitch is a fucking cunt. Anyone that finds her attractive is a asswipe fucktard.

  19. I think Pam actually looks pretty good in these pics! Its like vintage Pam of the 90′s!?! . . . must be the lighting

  20. joeypants

    I would fucking WRECK that.

  21. yoyoma

    She hasn’t just hit the wall, she drove a Ferrari into it! Geez.

  22. nipolian

    #20 – You and what Bio-Hazard team?

  23. hausfrau

    #14 if you are American, I am from India. These spammers are more annoying than Britney.

  24. Auntie Kryst

    @19 I got to agree with you. She’s still a hep ridden road whore, but looks better than she has.

  25. Barbed Wagina

    #20… too late.

  26. D. Richards (Style.)

    Pamela’s been flaunting her humongous tits for almost twenty-years now. Isn’t that unbelievable?

    A person, can, use a part of their body – which in this case are a cock-eyed pair of breasts – to secure themself a place in public nomenclature. What kind-of lowbrow society are we? A fake pair at that!

    Pam’s knockers are fake. But that makes her body more attractive, instead of, as I wish, seen as a grotesque piece of flesh, and plastic-trash. I don’t understand..

    P.S. Killer barbed-wire ‘tat’, Pams..

  27. lalalacy

    what a sickly looking old hag…that Chanel dress IS hideous

  28. lalalacy

    what a sickly looking old hag…that Chanel dress IS hideous

  29. Ted from LA

    Please pray for her. It is just so sad when insane people marry and it doesn’t work out.

  30. Claro que si

    As a teen I used to masturbate to Pam Anderson in an issue of Playboy. My grandmother on my dad’s side is a white-trash pig in a trailer park.

    These two statements may seem to be unrelated. They are not. The fantasy idol of my youth has now turned into an exact replica of that outcast grandma.

  31. Jennie

    Oh, boy…if Chanel actually designed and/or paid for her to wear this dress, there goes my best expensive perfume for life…seriously, I will quit this company for good. I wish they’d make a statement.

  32. Ript1&0

    Dude, DR, you said cock eyed. Har har.

    Yeah, so I never really got why Pam is supposed to be attractive. I mean, giant tits are awesome ( I guess) but these are so ridiculous. One thing about Pam though – bitch has got a sense of humor, and that’s cool and probably keeps her out of trouble. I mean, look how much she parties and nobody’s trying to take away her kids.

    Oh! Distract them with the boobs! Good one, Pammy.

  33. put the ugly people in the back

    HELLO she is wearing the dress backwards, why? Because she is a whore a big dumb blond whore and when she saw the big hole she thought “oh this must be the side for my giant whore silicone tits”

    You know her kids write her blog poor little bastards are practically as badly off as Brit’s kids (can you imagine having this slut and tommy lee as your parents and then a roatating door of new step daddies. Fucking Pamela can’t read worth shitpie that Chanel tag might as welll say “Boobie Side” for all she knows all she sees is a tag that looks like:


    This folks is a senior version of Britney with fake tatas who just hasn’t been under as much scrutiny as Shitney, there are a HELL of a lot of batshit crazy worthles whore parents in Hollywood Brit’s just the one we read about.

  34. tanya

    chicken. legs.

  35. lala

    wow did she buy that dress from kmart and sew a chanel label on?

    jeez anyone remember when chanel was CLASSY? karl lagerfeld’s obsession with trashy celebs is draggingg the face of the line through the mud.

  36. jbird

    I’m not a lezzy or anything…Oh what the helll! With knockers like that who WOULDN’T want to do her???

  37. Spiraticus

    Pamela is fugly and gross. Her ugly ass tits need to be removed as they are probably toxic hazards.

  38. Spiraticus

    Pamela is fugly and gross. Her ugly ass tits need to be removed as they are probably toxic hazards.

  39. Arden

    Good Lord. Please, someone tell her she isn’t 20 anymore. Or thirty. Or forty, for fucks sake.

  40. Arden

    Good Lord. Please, someone tell her she isn’t 20 anymore. Or thirty. Or forty, for fucks sake.

  41. Ted from LA

    Damn it. I just remembered I left two jugs of milk on my porch and they are sure to freeze.

  42. lisa

    so agree with #41 + #42…

  43. me

    There are 2 ways to tell if someone desperately wants people to think they’re cool.

    1. They have a barbed wire tattoo that goes around their upper arm.

    2. They have a tongue piercing.

  44. isitin

    So what happens, a woman is supposed to roll over & play dead after 40?. Not a single one of you will look as good as she does at 40. You bunch of ass clowns.

  45. ack

    marriage doesn’t appear to suit pam. although neither do any of her items of clothing, either. strange.

  46. Matilda

    There is NO WAY that respectable and upscale design house Chanel of Paris is going to let that cunt wear their clothing. I’m pretty sure that she sewed that shit on to some stretched out Old Navy sweater she decided to rip holes into. What a disgusting shame. I just heard my Chanel mules scream in agony.

    It’s okay little babies. Mommy is here.

  47. L.Linus

    This is why the terrorists are trying to kill us. People like Pam Anderson and the bio-waste brain celebs that have killed almost every good about America. This world is just about over, I can’t wait to see what beyond craziness will happen in 2008!!!

  48. This dress was intended to be worn with a blouse. I do believe some women do this so they can say, “My eyes! Look at my eyes!” In some cultures, like this one, dressing inappropriately like this can be viewed as an invitation.

  49. Married in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is the marriage capital of the world, and many people get married there and take their vows seriously. She should be ashamed of herself!

    Pamela is an ass for using her many short -term marriages for PR stunts.

    She knows she is just an old has-been, so she does this stuff to get PR. She should just kill herself now since she has lost all of her looks, and I’m sure her kids must be totally fucked up, too, by all of her PR whore games.

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