Pamela Anderson might possibly be pregnant


Pamela Anderson may have applied for a marriage license with Rick Salomon for other reasons besides love. Reasons like, oh, I dunno, pregnancy! Ok! Magazine reports:

“She definitely looks like she’s got a bit of a bump,” one source tells OK!. “And this wouldn’t be the first time Pam has rushed off to get married because there’s a baby coming.” The source is, of course, referring to the rumors that the Baywatch babe’s surprise 2006 marriage to Kid Rock happened after she’d been impregnated. While these claims have been denied by the actress, they were bolstered by the fact that she filed for divorce from Kid only 11 days after miscarrying their unborn child.

Okay, I look at photos of Pamela Anderson on a daily basis and she doesn’t look pregnant at all. Unless she’s carrying the child in her breasts. In which case, holy shit somebody start boiling some water these twins are coming out today! Don’t worry, I’m a doctor, I’ll handle this. I’m just going to stay here and keep her breasts elevated until the delivery. While all this heavy-lifting might make you think I’m a hero-doctor; I just think of myself as a simple practitioner of medicine – who doesn’t wear pants.