Pamela Anderson: Marriage was ‘fraud’

Pamela Anderson is seeking an annulment of her two month marriage to Rick Salomon. She is citing fraud in legal papers, but no other details were available and her people aren’t talking. The AP reports:

In court papers filed in Los Angeles on Friday, Anderson asked the court not to award spousal support and to keep her and Salomon’s income and property separate. On Monday, Anderson filed a request to have a retired judge handle the annulment proceedings — a common practice in celebrity split-ups as it keeps matters private and out of the court.

I guess Rick Salomon told Pamela Anderson he’s only half a douche, but after the honeymoon, Pamela found out he’s in fact a total 100% douche – with a touch of ass-clown. I asked Bob in our legal department if this constitutes fraud and he said “If your DUI cases didn’t put my kid through college, I’d punch you in the liver for asking me the stupidest question in the history of law.” I’ll take that as a “Yes.”

Photos: Splash News