Pamela Anderson knows true meaning of Valentine’s Day

Pamela Anderson is booked to perform at Le Crazy Horse cabaret club in Paris on Valentine’s Day. Owner Andree Diessenberg asked Pamela to perform after seeing her in Vegas with magician Hans Klok. Le Crazy Horse is also heroically non-pasties or g-strings, according to The Sun:

After opening in 1952, it quickly became known as the ‘Temple of Nudity’ because of its full-stripping policy.
Pamela is said to be ‘in discussions’ about whether or not she will abide by the rules and appear fully nude in the finale.

It’s no secret that I think strippers should be an integral part of any special occasion. Birthdays, yacht christenings, baby showers, you name it. I mean, you should’ve seen the tears in my parents’ eyes when I booked a stripper for their 30th anniversary. Yeah, she stole my grandmother’s china and gave my Uncle Frank a heart attack, but, deep down, I think everyone left with cherished memories. And maybe a touch of the clap. Still waiting on the lab report.

Photos: Splash News