Pamela Anderson Kicks Self

20050118pamela.jpgDid anybody know that Pamela Anderson was originally approached to play Teri Hatcher’s role on Desperate Housewives before Teri Hatcher was approached? Because I had no idea, and it doesn’t really make any sense to me. It’s not that Teri Hatcher is the greatest actress in the world, but Pamela Anderson has the acting skill of a brick. A really untalented brick. The only thing she’s good for is showing off her breasts, and it’s my understanding that Desperate Housewives has slightly more substance than that. Slightly.

*Update: Reader Michael writes in “That article about Pamela Anderson and Desperate Housewives is total bullshit. I know someone who works on the show and I checked it with him because knowing some of the people involved in that show and their tastes, that sounded fishy to me. Pamela was never in the ballpark for that role and Teri Hatcher auditioned and they thought she was great then, she was not offered the role right off the bat.”