Pamela Anderson: Jessica Simpson is a ‘bitch,’ ‘whore’

June 30th, 2008 // 98 Comments

Jessica Simpson’s publicist probably framed the “Real Girls Love Meat” shirt because it is really pissing people off. Nobody important, of course, just PETA and now Pamela Anderson. She decided to use some choice words this weekend to describe Jessica on an Australian radio show. The Sun reports:

“I think she is a bitch and whore. Actually, I don’t know if she was talking about food or men.”

Knowing Jessica Simpson she was probably talking about Hot Wheels. Maybe these two should put aside their differences, and, I’m just spitballing ideas here, press their bare breasts together. You know, for the children – and world peace. Yeah, whatever I just said: Jujubes. They should really let me work at the U.N. I’ve got answers to stuff.


  1. Sidney

    “I think she is a bitch and whore” said Pam, looking in a mirror.

  2. mimi


  3. morga

    Strangely, I have a shred of new-found respect for Ms. Simpson…

  4. sara

    you know you’re in trouble when pam says you’re a whore.

  5. ha

    HA! talk about the kettle calling the pot black….

  6. Clarice Starling

    Where’s Hannibal Lecter when you need him? Somebody should start killing and eating PETA members.

  7. I thought whores were suppose to be supportive of thier fellow whores
    Isnt it in the whore manual?

  8. Mel

    It is so annoying how vegetarians can talk tons of shit about how evil people are who eat meat, yet when one girl wears one stupid t-shirt saying she enjoys eating meat….people go ape shit!

  9. sara

    actually after LISTENING to the interview, i think she was just being silly.

    she also doesn’t say “i think she is a bitch and a whore” – someone asked her what she thought of it and she just quips “bitch! whore!” in a silly, joking way.

    tmz has the clip –
    god forbid superficial have anything that useful anymore.

  10. veggi

    Sara, our minds are made up, please don’t try to confuse us with the facts.

  11. ph7


  12. Nathiest

    The only people this shirt should piss off is GLAAD ! Duh idiots! “Real Girls Eat Meat” opposed to “Real Girls Eat Fish”… duh!

  13. BaCrock Osama

    That leathery old hag is just trying to get some attention since her Baywatch days are long gone.

  14. Well, if that isn’t the Red Snapper calling the Bearded Clam fishy….
    If that isn’t the fur-burger calling the hair pie fuzzy…
    If that isn’t the Hep C calling the Syphilis diseasy…

  15. rm

    Angry vegetarians, what a shock… seriously, you win more people over by not being a dick then treating them like they’re heinous criminals for eating meat…

  16. veggi

    I’m a vegetarian but I don’t give a fuck what other people eat..

    Unless they’re chompin and smackin their mouths around when they eat. Why isn’t there an organization that is anti-gross-eaters? Or public nose blowers for that matter.. That’s it!! I finally have a purpose..

    oh, and 11, get your own name assclown..

  17. Grunion

    Why was Pamela Anderson given vocal cords? I mean really, what’s the point? Would being mute have really been that much of a hindrance on her career? I think not..

  18. brrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp!!!!!

    …goodness me…usually the Beano works quite well…I do apologize…

    Anyway, I’ve seen the video from the interview, and at the time Pam was saying “bitch” and “whore” she was sliding off her chair and falling to the floor in the fetal position, with her dress sliding up in the process, revealing that she was wearing no underwear (and that both the front and back doors had seen quite a lot of traffic over the years). The last thing she said was “mount up, fellas, no need to wait for your turn” but it almost seemed reflexive, as she appeared extremely high on some sort of recreational drug (or possibly a brief episode of STD delirium). All in all, I’m not sure she meant any insult to Ms. Simpson.

  19. Trover

    Someone needs to tell Pammy that ‘Real Women Don’t get Hep C’. And that she needs to go eat more ugly rocker bologna. She seems to love that stuff.

  20. Erica

    Am I not a REAL girl than? I have tits and a vagina. So…just because I don’t eat animal meat doesn’t mean I’m not one. What a dumb shit. But the Pam comment is pretty dumb.

  21. Pot… kettle… kettle… pot…

  22. Erica

    Oh yeah, I don’t hate meat-eaters either. I could give a shit, but I don’t. Everyone around me is one, and I’m okay with it.

  23. Angry Beaver

    It’s really my fault. Jessica started wearing the shirt after I tickled her tonsils with my magic meat wand.

  24. Bigheadmike

    Uhhh Yea.
    Who would you rather dip your wick into….. unprotected…..

  25. Hellboy

    In before “That’s why Im proud to be a vegetarian!!!1111!1″

  26. I’ve decided to link directly to the clip. Just click my name and watch!


    You can see for yourself that she’s just being silly. And veggi #17, thank you for your attack on veggi #11.

  27. Kendra

    Woww… you know it’s time for people to take the sticks out of their asses when they start to get all pissed off and offended over a t-shirt. A T-SHIRT!! What the hell.

  28. Jesus Christ, what a fucking stupid story, I’m totally bored. Veggi, let’s go, strip and bend over…*ZIP*…*bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! spurt spurt spurt dribble dribble* ok I’m done thanks you’re a sweetie.

  29. Prof

    This is less about Jessica Simpson wearing a silly shirt and more about hypocrisy! Hmmm Pam is famous for showing off her massive tits & vag in Playboy, fucking & sucking 80′s hair band members and falling C list actors throughout the 90′s/early 2000′s, providing cheap spank material in Baywatch and shitty softcore movies, and had at least two sex tapes out way b4 the current trend hit. NOW, you’re suddenly calling another big breasted blonde a bitch/whore for wearing a shirt that says “I like meat”!? Pam take Tommy’s meat out your mouth, take care of your kids, go eat a whopper, and leave people alone.

  30. Deacon Jones

    Anyone see that new burger Burger King has out?
    Its got ribs and potatoes ON TOP of the 1/4 burger.

    In fact, I think Ill go out right now and buy two. One to eat, and one to just throw in the trash for the hell of it

  31. Jessica Simpson is a talentless floozy (with a nice rack) but the tshirt is great. With all the pretend lesbos nowdays (Lohan, etc) Jessica is just making sure we all know she likes to munch on a nice meat stick. Good for her!

    Oh, #1 – you are a double douche. Being excited about being first and being a troll. Please put a gun in your mouth now and pull the trigger.

  32. emmyem

    Oh, like Pamela Anderson REALLY CARES about people eating (Animal) meat. She’s a flesh gobbler, that one. And it’s like, she turned 40, and started to look like a Buzzard with giant boobs and knobby knees.
    She’s so done, and why she ever WAS, was because of that God Awful “Baywatch”. (Sign up to be on Baywatch! Learn to be a drunken sot like David Hasselhoff!)
    Oh, and Tommy Lee and the “leaked” sex tape.
    The sad thing is, she used to be cute when she was young and fresh.
    Now, she’s just a 40 year old diseased mattress.
    As for Jessica Simpson?
    I eat meat, but that TShirt is STILL STUPID. Like she is.

  33. sameshitdifferentyear

    Jessica Simpson: Real, enormous, incredible, wonderous tits
    Pamela Anderson: Big disgusting distended plastic bags
    Verdict: Pamela OWNED!!

    Jessica Simpson: Natural blonde hair
    Pamela Anderson: Dark, stringy black hair, bleached to yellowish-green with 1-gallon of HPeroxide a week
    Verdict: Pamela OWNED!!!

    Jessica Simpson: Chicken of the sea is/isn’t chicken?????
    Pamela Anderson: Save the chickens! (fuck-off-and-die human beings)
    Verdict: 0 IQ + 0 IQ averages out to .. 0 IQ

    Jessica Simpson: Young
    Pamela Anderson: .. Really, really, not.
    Verdict: Pamela OWNED!!!

    Pamela Anderson: Marriages to drug-dealers, wife-beaters, …
    Jessica Simpson: Dumb as a piece of lint on a carpet
    Verdict: Pamela’s utterly grotesque… Give Jessica time to catch up.

    Jessica Simpson: Live and let live, eat meat if you want, what the fuck do I care it doesn’t affect my life
    Pamela Anderson: I am a deity, I dictate you obey, eat only what I allow you to
    Verdict: Hey Pamela SHUT THE FUCK UP I can smell your gaping face-cunt from here

    And the judgment is passed….:

    Shut the fuck up Pamela A.
    Shut the fuck up Pamela A.
    Shut the fuck up Pamela A.

    Thank you. Resume your fucking life. If I had one I would resume mine.

  34. Angry Beaver

    Oh that’s right, Pam is a hypocrite. She’s eaten more meat than the entire staff of Hooters, starting with Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Pam sure does love her meat (diseased though it may be).

  35. Wow Deacon

    How clever. And we wonder why we are running out of natural resources. What? We aren’t? The leftist tree-huggers are lying again and there is enough trees and oil for a shillion zhillion centuries? That Rush for saying. I feel better now, oh Lord of Anal Cysts.

  36. ROFL


    You know what they say…


  37. Tim

    Jessica Simpson took to the Internet to post all over the place today. I agree with Pam, Jessica is a whore and a dumb one at that. Look how she let John Mayer shit all over here then walk off. I believe Jessica tried to make a hit at Carrie Underwood and just looked like a fool doing it.

  38. ruprechtleavethecorkonthefork

    its a freakin’ shirt. we should all be glad shes wearing clothes.
    i read in forbes that peta’s animal ‘rescue’ operation euthenizes 90% of the animals it rescues, where the national average for regular animal shelters is around 35%. it just shows how people would rather join something to make themselves look better than to do actual time consuming research and then promote a worthy cause. damn peta poseurs.

  39. Marcus

    I’m certainly not saying that she isn’t a bitch and a whore, but, logically, how to you get there from one’s being proud to be a carnivore?

  40. tapayer

    #34 – Perfect comment, hats off to you.

    My husband is actually afraid of Pam Anderson, he thinks she looks like a scary clown.

    Resuming life………………………………now.

  41. Ted Mosby

    Pam’s jealous cause her funbags were made in China whereas Jessica’s is 100% Texas.

  42. Kate

    Well Simpson is a “bitch and whore” for wearing a t-shirt, which is a lot better then reasons Pamela Anderson is a bitch and whore. Seriously, it’s like the kettle calling the pot black. I mean Anderson’s entire career had been based on sex, she slept for her parts and took her clothes off a lot for money. And still does and at least Simpson has a smidgen of talent that extends beyond Playboy. Anderson’s just looking for attention, because no one pays attention to old STD hags with circus tits and a permenant grimace on their face that looks like they just smelled a fart. Anderson needs to shut her pie hole and go back to shareing needles with Tommy Lee.

  43. Ron

    Ooh Pam was not lying Jessica is dumb and a whore.

  44. Melissa

    I used to like Jessica Simpson, but after putting something like that so stupid, I fucking hate her now. She’s nothing but a dumbass redneck who can’t act for shit. She did it to piss off Carrie Underwood, since she’s a vegeterian, but she doesn’t realize by putting on an ingorant shirt like that, she’s losing the little bit of fans left because some of them might actually have compassion towards animals. Anyway, I’m glad Pamela said what she said. I’m tired of celebrities faking things and being hipocrtical and not saying how they exactly feel about another celebrity because they fear of what the media will put out. Fuck it.

  45. Lola

    harsh words from someone who’s known as america’s whore…. who has a sex tape? who’s boobs are fake? who has hepatitis c? right i thought so…. pam is a hag and looks like the crypt keeper…. shut the fuck up and go spread your disease elsewhere… no one asked that dirty BIGGER WHORE of her opinions….. how harsh though… to call someone a whore and a bitch over a fucking t-shirt… shows how bored and utterly worthless pamela anderson is…. bitch you got 2 fucking kids…. i’m sure they’re needing you to be a mother rather than slamming some stupid little girl who only wore a t-shirt to anger her boyfriend’s ex…. stupid mindless slut

  46. Rob


    People for the Eating of Tasty Animals!!

    If God never inteded us to eat animals he would of never made them so tasty…with butter!!

  47. Megan

    Just because people like eating meat, doesn’t mean they hate animals.

    I plan on getting a pet pig in the future, and I will be cooking bacon and sausages around it pretty much everyday. Mmmm.

  48. Rob

    You my girl have some anger/crazy issues…..wanna go out?

  49. Ron Jermey

    Pam is a whore she should look in the mirror before she open that dck sucking mouth of hers

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