Pamela Anderson is kind of a hypocrite

July 10th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Pamela Anderson partook in some activism while in Australia today. She stopped by a KFC to hand deliver a letter to the corporation citing their abuse of chickens. (I hear they eat them.) Here’s an excerpt of the letter from PETA’s website:

I’ve been in Australia filming Big Brother, in which my housemates and I are confined and sealed off from the outside world, much like the chickens who are crammed inside barns for KFC. Fortunately, I won’t be stomped to death, have my legs broken or be scalded to death in a tank of hot water–yet, as PETA’s undercover videos have revealed, the chickens raised for KFC’s restaurants in Australia often suffer these abuses.

Here’s the fun part: Pamela Anderson made half a mil to appear on Big Brother whose biggest sponsor happens to be, surprise! KFC. Now that’s hypocrisy you can shake a nipple at. In the meantime, how the hell did Pam get out of the house? I thought she had to stay crammed in there like chickens in a barn, according to her letter. Way to negate the entire show’s authenticity, Pam. What’ll you ruin next? Christmas? Jesus, soon we’ll find out even your breasts are fake – Ho. Ly. Shit.


  1. Me

    nice short shorts

  2. ihatework

    STFU you walking CDC lab….

  3. Grunion

    I ask again why this brainless hag was given vocal cords.

    Talk about not knowing your role.

  4. ccc

    ha! that guys fly is open, is that a tittle Dicken peeking out?

  5. Mick

    No surprise. She also use to wear UGGS ALL THE TIME until PETA told her they were made of lambskin and she was all ” OH my! I didn’t know that ” She’s an idiot…. I still pictures of her wearing UGGS to this day.

  6. Mick

    No surprise. She also use to wear UGGS ALL THE TIME until PETA told her they were made of lambskin and she was all ” OH my! I didn’t know that ” She’s an idiot…. I still see pictures of her wearing UGGS to this day.

  7. Grunion is Gay

    Hag? yes, she’s aging and not as hot as she once was. However, you’ve never banged anything that hot and never will homo. The reason she was given vocal cords was so she could filter out the semen she constantly swallows. Punks like you (Grunion) are no sex getting virgins.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s great. Funniest post of the day..

  9. She’s looks like a Hooters girl. And Hooters serves the best chicken wings…

    Oh the irony…

  10. Lola

    #4 LOL, I guess they were in a hurry.

    I wonder if the hair bleach she has been using for decades was animal tested.

  11. dude_on

    Granted she is intellectually challenged, and perhaps that makes her ranting even more humorous, but I would like a shot to convince her that frying chicken extra crispy is even more painful – and if she would simply head slap me a thousand times with lefty and righty, I could make all of the bad chicken people go away.

  12. Deacon Jones


    I saw that too.

    I dont care how old she is, id munch her for a day straight,

    hepatitis, schmepatitis, -sometimes you just have to make sacrifices

  13. Matt

    God I hate PETA. I am going to eat steak tonight while I kick the dog and then go crap in the cats food bowl.

  14. I abused a chicken last night…. twice.

  15. Solaera

    Pamela Anderson is a moron.

  16. wundersmack

    Chicken breast abuse? What about human breast abuse? Cutting them open and stuffing them full of foreign objects… PeTA, it’s time you took a stand against the entire range of BREAST ABUSE. It’s not just about the chickens anymore!

  17. ihatework

    #14 — Sexually???? you perv… you are suppose to “Choke” the chicken… not spank it… you spank the monkey…

  18. JPRichardson

    I am sorry, but I can’t stop liking Pam. She is still a very hot woman in my eyes, and it is not like she is famous because of her intelligence, anyway.

  19. FIVE0

    Is it just me, or is she wearing something akin to a bra in the first 2 pics, but once she gets inside the KFC, she doesn’t have a bra on? Nipples speak louder than words.

  20. Liz

    You know what other abuses those chickens suffer? Getting killed and eaten. Makes the argument to save the chickens kinda retarded. How does she want them to be killed before they GET COOKED? Idiot.

  21. The Colonel

    She used to be finger licking good.

    Now? Not so much…

  22. pinky_nip

    If you end up shutting down all the KFC’s in the world, where will all the blacks work?

  23. sillysalamander

    ..tasty tasty murder. hehehehehe.

  24. jen

    #19, you’re right!

    Pic #1 & 2= bra
    All others= NO BRA

    ewww, those pics are NSFW

    Stupid hypocrite celebrities with a clueless cause make me laugh

  25. jlb

    She is just the norm for an ignorant liberal.

  26. veggi

    I believe the “Stop Chicken Abuse” sign is aimed at Jimbo’s chronic chicken-choking habit.

  27. Sid

    “If you end up shutting down all the KFC’s in the world, where will all the blacks work?”

    That’s completely uncalled for. Everybody knows blacks don’t work.

  28. veggi

    26- Where ya been all day??

  29. I would love to stuff a big ol’ Texas rib eye up her brown eye.

  30. kate

    Just putthing this out there, but unhot as Pamela has become, with the circus tits and old lady face, she has some killer legs.

  31. havoc

    She’s an idiot.

    I’d still stick it in her pooper, but only if she a ball gag or something and some intricate ropework….


  32. #22 was bad, #27 was worse. Go to your rooms, both of you and don’t come out til you have thought about what you have done!!

  33. Ills

    Actually this is pretty cool. I wouldn’t call it hypocrisy. More like talking shit on KFC, and then kicking them while they’re down by taking their money.

  34. crabby old guy

    She probably relates to chickens: Her legs look like chicken legs…Pam and farm raised chickens both sport artifically enhanced breasts…and she has an IQ to match your basic KFC entree.

    Now where’s my dippin’ sauce?

  35. Boston_Freek

    #13 LMAO

  36. Hecubus

    That title above that picture is a stroke of genius (no pun intended).

  37. cave12man

    Anyone else gonna comment on the c-through and the nips in the shots?? C’mon id still motorboat them funbags!!!

  38. britney's weave

    her poor, poor misplaced nipples and lumpy breasts. pic nine is just sad.

  39. Ghetto Ghetto

    She’s a dumb blond and a Hep C having whore in fact she looks more like a bitch and a whore then Jessica Simpson. Someone should tell her

  40. Craig

    All this PETA bs got annoying years ago. I’m guessing just about everyone is thinking the same thing as me at this point: I’d like to bite down on her nipple, pull it out by its roots, reach in and pull out her implant, and beat her over the head with it.

  41. bb

    #19, #24 Look again! The bra NEVER comes off, her cans are so big the triangles of fabric just shift a little so the nipples are a little more visible. Take a real good look at ALL the pics!

  42. Wow. She has to be one of the most disgusting people ever. I think she only looked good on Tool TIme. After that, she started going downhill.

    BTW, I ate at KFC today and surprisingly, it didnt take 20 mins to get my food. I took a look around and realized why…it was all white people working.

  43. Two questions.

    1. Why deliver the letter in person when you were going to post it online anyway? Is this little crowd of Aussie press people really going to turn this into a full-fledged story? (Answers: Because she and that organization are whores for attention and no.)

    2. If I was the KFC employee who was given the letter, I would’ve torn it up in front of all the cameras and then eaten a piece of chicken in front of her. Seriously, why would the employee have even given the letter to higher-ups? If you work at KFC and if the people above you are high-ranking KFC employees… is a letter from Pamela Anderson suddenly going to open your eyes? YOU WORK AT KFC.

    And yeah, her nerps pop out of her bra sometime before she got inside. Very obvious.

  44. Pam is so Hot!!

  45. She should be dressed like a chicken!!!

  46. magickal

    Man I’m hungry. Anyone have the new smoky chipotle flavor yet? Looks yumms. Wonder if they can do that extra crispy too? *salivating*

  47. Laurent

    I’d have paid more than half a mil to watch Pam get “stomped to death, have my legs broken or be scalded to death in a tank of hot water”

  48. MR. T

    isn’t that facist cunt dead yet from hepititus C, D, and F?

  49. FIVE0

    @41, You’re right, my mistake, I just figured she couldn’t go that long with wearing a bra.

  50. mamadough

    do these PETA fucks realize that mankind wouldn’t have made it this far without using animal products and eating the damn things? can you imagine cavemen vegetarians? im surprised they haven’t gone after carnivorous animals for eating other animals. im waiting for their attack on the eskimos, i’d love to see Pam with a harpoon through her twattling head.

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