Pamela Anderson is kind of a hypocrite

Pamela Anderson partook in some activism while in Australia today. She stopped by a KFC to hand deliver a letter to the corporation citing their abuse of chickens. (I hear they eat them.) Here’s an excerpt of the letter from PETA’s website:

I’ve been in Australia filming Big Brother, in which my housemates and I are confined and sealed off from the outside world, much like the chickens who are crammed inside barns for KFC. Fortunately, I won’t be stomped to death, have my legs broken or be scalded to death in a tank of hot water–yet, as PETA’s undercover videos have revealed, the chickens raised for KFC’s restaurants in Australia often suffer these abuses.

Here’s the fun part: Pamela Anderson made half a mil to appear on Big Brother whose biggest sponsor happens to be, surprise! KFC. Now that’s hypocrisy you can shake a nipple at. In the meantime, how the hell did Pam get out of the house? I thought she had to stay crammed in there like chickens in a barn, according to her letter. Way to negate the entire show’s authenticity, Pam. What’ll you ruin next? Christmas? Jesus, soon we’ll find out even your breasts are fake – Ho. Ly. Shit.