Pamela Anderson is a hypocrite

April 28th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Here’s PETA advocate Pamela Anderson, who not too long ago protested outside a KFC, opening up the Sapphire Steakhouse and Gentleman’s Club in New York City last night. But, hey, we’re in a recession and principles don’t pay for hepatitis meds. That said, what was the thought process in inviting Pamela Anderson? Besides finding someone who looks like she peeled herself off the floor just in time for her diner shift. Or did I pretty much nail it right there?

Photos: Fame, WENN

  1. bp

    Haha she loves it, what a bitch. :D

  2. Wow, she was never “pretty” but she is downright scary looking now!

  3. The One Who Knows

    Looks like her face and tits are heading south for the winter. Oh well, another DB going out to the pasture to graze. MMMMOOOOOOOOOO

  4. That barbed wire is starting to sag a bit…

    But I’d still ram that like an out of control Dodge…

  5. WTF


  6. Pam apparently has an issue on whether to Tuck or Untuck. Here’s a tip Pam:

    Don’t wear white shorts that show off your decrepit Gunt. And, going out on a limb here, maybe brush your fucking hair.

  7. yo

    from what corner of the trailer park did this skank emerge. half her shirt is tucked in and the other half is hanging out. you can see her bra and her shorts are cutting circulation off in her legs. total fucking mess. why wouldnt someone sit her down and say pammy, ya look like shit.

  8. JPRichardson

    “She was never pretty” HAHAHA!!

    Fuck off!!!!!!

  9. Paul

    I think her PETA work is great, but she should dress sexy and not cheap.

  10. Zanna

    @6 – tuck or untuck…she needs a nip/tuck.

    I’m going to go lay out in the sun now because obviously, spray tans are bad for your skin.

  11. U.N.

    She has a tortured look. Lot of that going around these days.

  12. Objection sustained

    Aw man! I’m trying to eat lunch here!!

  13. Zanna

    She’s the reason for swine flu.

  14. Stunned and Amazed

    No shit, I seriously thought that all entertainers lived lives based on a firm moral compass, founded on a deep education in philosophy, economics, sociology, and comparative religions.

    Only then did they decide that they wanted to take off their clothes for the camera, take drugs by the fistful, etc.

    What are you going to tell me next, that Bill Maher is not a Ph.D. in Political Economics? That Bruce Springsteen is just some guy who knows how to make music?

    SHUT UP!

  15. real-vegans-hate-peta

    Damn. She looks like an old catchers mitt.

  16. Jeezy

    Ugh… looking rough.

  17. sad

    In that video where he was drunk, semi-incoherent, and unable to eat a hamburger, David Hasselhoff looked better.

  18. Kelley

    Yikes … time to cover most of that up … and have those hideous basketballs, er, implants, removed. She looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge backward.

  19. E!

    These pictures were taken right before she started flirting with the owner and then suddenly burp-vomitted on him.

  20. dirk

    Sooooo, I guess snorting coke, staying drunk, and getting rammed by huge cocks daily isn’t good for the aging process?

  21. gag

    she looks like a piece of shit ran over twice. i thought celebs had some kind of glam team. stylists and shit. what happened. she looks used. yes used is a good word for pam.

  22. grobpilot

    The bottom of my fucking tennis shoe looks better

  23. Galtacticus

    Holy shit! I would almost think it’s photoshopped.I’m afraid it is but in her favour.

  24. Kim Kardashian

    “getting rammed by huge cocks daily”

    So she prefers black men too?! My kinda girl!

  25. Darth

    She isn’t even that old.Some people just don’t age well.

  26. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    I wonder what her purse is made of? Looks like leather. Perhaps they used the excess from her surgeries to create it, that’s animal friendly.

  27. Jake

    This reveals the myth of the MILF. With the right lighting and clothes and makeup, sure, older women can appear to be fuckable. If you’re drunk and high and they’re frantic for a good fuck (they all are, after endless boring years with Chubby Hubby), the sex can be pretty good. But then when you see her naked in clear lighting, hoooooboy, good luck trying to drink away those memories: sags, stretch marks, discolorations, hair where it shouldn’t be, skin that would look very nice…on an elephant. Pam has done the “Before (fucking)” pictures many times and looked pretty hot. All we’re seeing here is the “After (fucking)” look. That’s why you’ve got to go for the young hotties, not the busted mommies.

  28. this is what happens when you’re ridden like a carvnival ride by every loser Rocker out there.

  29. BHJ

    Not in these, but in most pics you see her wearing those damn Ugs, which I think are made out of baby seal skin.

    Also, Pam Anderson is the best example of why Marylin Monroe killed herself. She saw the end coming and it looked like Pam.

  30. #10 – Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After my second bottle of Chianti, I hope to get Wine Flu…

  31. Amir

    The best story today is all the New Yorkers STILL crying about a plane that flew over Manhattan. They say they’ve got post traumatic stress disorder and the flyover was very hurtful and made them scared. So I propose that we all contribute to a fund to buy New Yorkers extra diapers:

    These poor people are crying and wetting themselves. Won’t you please help?

  32. porky pork

    me thinks that she was obviously a good fuck before, and that now that she has to compensate for her decay she probably IS an amazing perverted athlete in bed.

    now, how many of you, having seen everywhere on ze internet the video in chich you could see her performances of the past, would pass on the opportunity to have even more “open” sex with her?

    com’on, be honest. you perverts!

  33. I am completely honest with my criticism to Pamela Anderson. I do not like her, but I just got really disgusted with Pamela Anderson’s remarks about Jessica Simpson. Anyway I expect that people will criticize me for my opinion and that’s fine. It’s your constitutional right to criticize me as it is my right to criticize Pamela Anderson.

  34. Zanna

    @30- Rich!!!!!!!!! I want to have a Swine Flu Bar-B-Q this weekend. Take the FUNGWAH!

  35. #27 if you can get past the face and the saggy skin in other areas (i cant do it) the Cooch stays pretty well preserved…

  36. Rod

    Just an FYI here, she protested KFC because of their inhumane treatment of animals, not simply because they serve meat. This steakhouse could be different in their treatment of their eventual meals. Not a PETA supporter, just clearing up some inaccurate comparisons.

    That being said, she’s an advocate for vegetarianism, so yeah, it’s still pretty hypocritical.

  37. Zanna

    @33 – It would be “open” alright…like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

  38. Zanna, I’ll bring the protective masks and anything latex that may be required. I trust Guy will don the gimp mask as per tradition? And if Jrz “forgets” the gimlets again this year, I’ll go all types af Chu on her…

  39. i am no one

    Wow. Holy wow. So how how is she on the Death Ticker? She looks like she OD’d on the way to the event, hence the tucking issue, the “bird tried to nest in my hair” hair, and the eyes rolling in her head. Someone should stage an intervention for her kids sake.

  40. marme

    holy pain pills!!! she looks rough… celebrity rehab?!!!!

  41. porky pork

    @ 41

    indeed, zanna, indeed. but still…

  42. Pam party harder than a co ed in heat on spring break, she definitely needs some beauty sleep!

  43. Hal Incandenza

    She’s looking a little bit like David Lee Roth.

  44. Courtyardpigeon

    This my friends is what sun damage does to the human body. Cover up.

  45. smarg

    Dressing 19 when you’re 40-something just isn’t right. Also, Pammy, your roots are showing. But don’t worry, it’ll all be snow white soon.

  46. Jason

    Dirty ass hoe bag!…I wouldnt bang her for a dollar…well maybe but still..I’d have to think a little bit about it….Ohhh yeah shes got the Hep C kicking too…nevermind!!

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