Pamela Anderson will probably have a fiery death

December 22nd, 2008 // 42 Comments

Okay, I get it, Pamela Anderson likes stuff spraying near her face; Makes her feel at home. But, Christ, woman, no wonder gas prices go through the roof. You’re topping off every parking lot in Malibu! That said, next time you hit the pump, remind me to park over your ankles with my gas tank open. Trust me, it’ll be fun.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Cindy

    Hey all you homo male commenters, check it out, you’re in luck! Pamela Anderson herself is holding a squirting flamer!

  2. A tragic gasoline fight accident….

  3. scabbeus

    A Zoolander moment! She reminds me alot of Nancy Pelosi – a repulsive, nasty idiot.

  4. FACE

    I would crush that

  5. scabbeus

    Pam, you are getting it everywhere, put it back in your mouth!

  6. poopoohead

    Is that maybe H2O? Is she driving one of those hydrogen fuel cell vehicles?

  7. Randal

    It’s a good thing that smoking is not allowed while filling up a vehicle, for there would be many accidents in America from the large number of smokers in that country.

    You’ve seen them before, driving around in their Ford F-150′s, wearing Harley Davidson t-shirts with an American flag flapping in the back hatch from the wind, puffing away and littering the world.

    Now that I think of it, perhaps allowing such accidents to happen wouldn’t be such a bad thing.


  8. chickdowntown

    who the hell holds a gas pump like that? oh, yeah, a girl with experience!

  9. Ballsack

    Girls are only hot til they’re about eleven. Once they start getting boobs and periods and stuff, it’s all downhill.

  10. Cat

    She getting chunky there!! Where is all her MEN?? Always there!

  11. Tomas

    I would still hit it but she would have to be dressed like that…and it would have to be in the gas station bathroom…..a dirty bathroom preferably

  12. yah right

    good photoshop job superficial!

  13. I am surprised she does not have the nozzle in her mouth and is sucking it dry..

  14. the smell of gasoline almost covers the odor of her rank twat.

    I’d still hit it.

  15. Platt

    Oh come on. Sam(uel) Ronson is hospitalized for “exhaustion” and Amy Winehouse is topless at a beach and this is what we’re stuck on? The beasts. Give us stories about the beasts.

  16. bakinmycake

    Where is the rest of Tommy Lee……

  17. jrz

    Nah, I predict chemical overdose from the boobs, the hair, the fake tan, etc. will get her first.

  18. Truth doctor

    Ironic that she’s a huge environmentalist (whacko).

    Of course, living green only applies to other people, not me. Typical.

  19. Sam

    Kim Kardashian saw the picture and said “why isn’t it yellow?”

  20. Andrea

    Yeah, she’s such a psycho about the environment. Me, I see the smog and the oil spills and the sewage-filled rivers and I think “now THAT is how it should be!!!”

  21. Doomhammer

    Fuck sakes, where’s a lit match when you need one.

  22. Mr. Metric

    Is she 3 feet tall, or is she driving a Peterbilt? The fill flap is boob-high to her.

    Perhaps Ms. Enviro-nut could drive something a bit smaller and more fuel efficient. Like a locomotive.

  23. doomhammer

    Hey Andrea, you ignorant fuck. We dont all live in the city surrounded by smog and sewage. why dont you get out sometime. There is more to America than your rat infested ghetto urban area ok. So dont cry to us about your woes. Rent a u-haul and live where the clean people are.

  24. Randal's bisexual male lover


    It’s time for your spanking. You’ve been a naughty boy. I’m going to have to use the cucumber on you this time. Pretend like you don’t enjoy it.b

  25. Mr_Knowitall

    1. I’m impressed she pumps her own gas
    2. She drives a Land Rover
    3. She looks like she’s eating well (fat)
    4. I’d still fuk it and hard

  26. Ted from Atlanta

    Is she on a cell phone too? I wonder what Charles Darwin would say about this?

  27. JJ

    Now that’s a hand job.

  28. Ted from Wikipedia

    #24 – “do not eat” advisories (due to pollution) have been issued for fish in more than a third of the lakes and a quarter of the rivers in the U.S.

    But I suppose you’re a “sewage half full” kinda guy…

  29. whatever, yo

    Doesn’t she own pants?? Seriously, she’s over 40, right? Time to put on some pants!

  30. Cash


    Close, but those sorts of people drive Chevy’s and GMC’s, not Fords. People who own and drive F-150′s are too busy using their trucks *as* trucks to bother with pimping them up with that crap.

  31. LOL
    are you pretending to be two different people again??!
    tsk tsk Randumbo

  32. natural selection at work


  34. Barry O

    Not hydrogen cell (water comes out…it’s hydrogen that goes in), just the universe fu*king with us. Any other person would be in flames, yet she’s still around. Like herpes.

  35. Matt

    Yeah Randal, because Americans smoke WAY more than other countries like the Middle East, France, etc.

  36. Spikey DaPikey

    Where has the fuel gone in the 3rd pic ? It dont seem to reach the floor ?!

  37. friendlyfires

    Someone who survives hepatitus C must obviously have the same kind of Magic Johnson mojo goin’ on in their court, so why be afraid of a little liquid kindling that could potentially turn you into the female version of Darkman? No, the Pamster will live to be ninety seven, living on the blood of virgin males, absinthe and Jaagermeister, and goat nads.

    The very thought … the image … my god … the horror … the horror …

  38. gotmilk?

    does PETA approve of those boots?

    why is she just wearing underwear every time we see her now?

  39. Meah

    Forgetting to wear pants-check
    Excessive gas station use/pap opportunity-check
    See thru clothes that are two sizes too small-check
    Wearing boots inappropriately-check
    Still waiting on shaved heads, wigs and frapps.

  40. Dahlink

    Why she keep wearing these underpant? She should keep her pant on. I used to watch her on “Baywatch”. She used to be a nice looking girl; but not anymore. Pam doesn’t look healthy.

  41. Hot girls only till they are about eleven. Once they started getting boobs, and time and stuff, but he hit it all that downhill.I Still … And the gas station going to the bathroom ….. Preferably in one piece would have to be a dirty bathroom

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