Pamela Anderson in her bikini again


Pamela Anderson had a photoshoot at Cannes which, of course, featured her in a bikini. I’m not even sure it’s technically possible to take a photo of her fully clothed. I tried once at church, but when I uploaded the pictures to my computer she was completely naked and taking a bath. And it wasn’t even Pamela Anderson anymore. It was my hot neighbor who likes to take baths with her window open. Weird, huh?

pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-01-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-02-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-03-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-04-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-05-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-06-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-07-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-08-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-09-thumb.jpg pamela-anderson-cannes-bikini-10-thumb.jpg