Pamela Anderson in a bikini

May 26th, 2009 // 80 Comments

Here’s Pamela Anderson celebrating Memorial Day by squeezing her huge old cans into a bikini and taking her kids to the beach. People always talk about having two moms or dads will turn a child gay, but I highly doubt Pam’s sons are looking at her and thinking “If this is what a woman looks like, count me in.” Unless, of course, they have an unnatural love of beef jerky. Then maybe.


  1. Que

    Que nice (many moons ago).

  2. yupppppppp

    Pamela A. > Carmen E.

  3. JPRichardson

    I’d hit her. For the old times. I’m a nostalgic man.

  4. supersex

    i think her balls are starting to drop

  5. T-Man

    She is looking a little rough and some how ended up with Tara Reid’s stomach.

  6. Shawn

    I won’t lie. I’d still hit it just to say I did.

  7. Sid

    For somebody who leads an absolutely brutal lifestyle, heath-wise, Pam really held it together for a long time. Unfortunately the warranties seem to have expired on most of her body parts at the same time.

  8. isitin

    She lost her ass somewhere.

  9. Deva

    Boy, gravity sucks.

  10. Dirk Diggler

    Stay Classy Pam Anderson!

  11. Damn

    Man have to say I’d definitely hit that, she’s doing pretty well for an old bitch.

  12. Ammortal

    I just wonder if a young boy, during his scouring of the internet for porn, ever runs across footage of dear old mom with Tommy Lee’s cock in her mouth and whips his skippy to it anyway?

  13. Sheeeeeeeet… I’d ATM her… but then again, I still listen to 80′s music and drive a Trans Am with T tops…

  14. Angus

    Really? Guys look at the second pic on the second row and say “I’d still hit that”??? Somebody should tell their grandmas to lock the door.

  15. Freekity geeek

    I think she looks alright. I don’t know too many moms her age who could look that good in a bikini. Actually, I don’t know many 20-year-olds who look that good in a bikini. Personally, I think she would look much better if she lost the implants… I don’t think she needs them, never has. I’m a girl though, so I guess boobs are not a big deal to me.

  16. ChunkyMonkey

    Awful legs, mommy tummy, plastic tits, sandblasted face.

    Won’t be spilling any future babies over this cow-hag.

  17. Dan

    Damn! she still very hot!!!

  18. Dr. Phil

    “Actually, I don’t know many 20-year-olds who look that good in a bikini.”

    Do you live within the fallout zone of a nuclear testing site?

  19. mikeock

    Time is a mother-fucker.

    Pammy would look good on any beach in this country, but because she’s “Pam Anderson” she’s held to a higher standard. Sorry, Pam.

    I’d bang her though, but only if she wedged into that red Baywatch swim suit and pulled the crotch aside for me.

  20. Ted

    She knows the camera’s on her and she’s trying to suck it all in and hold everything together, but she can’t pull it off anymore so you get some pics like those horrible granny-tummy ones. The worse pic here is not as bad as she’d look naked while NOT posing. If you still want to “hit it” you’re just a hopeless celebrity fanboy.

  21. mikeock

    #20 – Ted… long have you known you were gay?

  22. melissa

    I think she looks pretty damn good for 40!!! She would look even better without those huge fake tits and the fried hair. If she took out the implants and got some low lights in that hair she would look WAY better. Like someone else said, for the lifestyle she leads she is looking good but its time to change the parts around. Her body is WAY better then most 20 somethings I see, all the 20 somethings I see have fat rolls over the sides of their jeans and fupa.( I dont know how and when this country got so fat, I was getting coffee other day and I just stood in sheer amazement as one obese person after another came walking in. Men, Women, Children, Teenagers, 20 something couples. It was so gross I had to look, I couldn’t believe this is where I live, this is what we have become. ) Pam’s body looks fine and it she worked out she would look amazing, she just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.

  23. i would bang the crap out of her, beef jerky or not.

  24. Ted

    #21 – ever since your dad offered me $20 to let him blow me, the cheap gay bastard. He did say something about having a fanboy son who had a hard time getting dates and spent all day jerking off to his Baywatch posters.

  25. Jackson

    At least Pam does not take posed pictures of herself at the beach in a bikini and then sends out airbrushed pictures to the media like short fat wide hip Kim Kardaskank! I’d rather see Pam in a bikini that fat cellulite butt and lipo lumps wide hip Kim Kardaskank!

  26. Laura

    I think she looks pretty good for her age – and for having hepatitis!!

  27. Uncle Charlie

    Yep, still hit that. Still better than what you guys will ever get on here who are blasting her.

  28. pedro

    not too bad for an old bat with high mileage

  29. Bay

    These are some of the best pictures I’ve seen of Pam in awhile. Now, if she could only find a swimsuit that fit, and put down the drinky for a minute, perhaps her gut wouldn’t look so pronouced.

  30. john saralan

    Protocol says we all have to be superficial, but the truth is she looks better than 90% of 20-year-old American girls. I wouldn’t touch her if someone paid me, just because of the fake breasts and evil face, but I just thought I’d be real-world about her body. All you bitches better start running a mile every day or you’ll look a LOT worse when you’re 90, I mean 50.

  31. Mr. Jones


  32. alex

    Now the rest of her body is as saggy and loose as her pooter.

  33. Barney Frank

    Not one comment about the minor camel toe in pic #1?

  34. verbatim

    FOR SOMEONE IN HER 40′s SHE LOOKS DAMN GOOD, probably better than 95% of other people her age and 75% of those in their 20′s and 30′s!! I for one am insanely envious of her physique, with or without the fake cans.

  35. Deacon Jones

    Mmmmm…nothing like a blond MILF man. Best sex you’ll ever get.

    You pussys bashing her are worthless nerds.

  36. Julz for Pam!!

    I saw Pam at an all day party with the kids flying all over the place… I was shocked at how decent she looks in person compared to everyone else in reality at the party -not the extremely high bar we set here. Anyhoo, she’s not as skanky looking in person. I mean c mon, it’s Pamela Anderson! She invented this bed head trashy look. So she looked decent but her attitude was so mellow and cool . she herself was bitching about getting tolder and her junk looking like Tara Reid and alcohol making her wrinkles worse but who can stop here? Not me. She’s harder on herself than the fish folks and it’s actually funny. She’s hot in person and extremely sweet. Zero attitude and actually made the party sick hot w/her bubbly sexy shit. I vote yummy! She koo…

  37. Mary Jane

    I went into the comments ready to defend her becuz C’MON she is Pamela Anderson and has been hot for like 20 years, but it makes me happy to see that other people feel the same, she is no spring chicken we don’t have to hate on anyone that has a flaw ((which is everyone)) the site is called the superficial but horray for all the nonsuperficial people left in the world. =]

  38. fact

    “Protocol says we all have to be superficial, but the truth is she looks better than 90% of 20-year-old American girls.”

    No she doesn’t.

  39. #35 – I’d wreck that punani like Kate Gosselin’s marriage… I’d choke her like guy #75 at the BJ world record tryouts… I’d plaster her face like a papier-mâché sculpture… I’d nail her like a galvanized deck screw wielded by a drunk contractor… I’m sure she takes it like a champ.

  40. Bethany

    I’m in college and the weather got warm about a month ago, and all you have to do is walk through campus and you’ll see hundreds of girls with better bodies than Pam’s. You can say she looks good for her age, or for so many years of drugs and alcohol and diseases, or whatever party line there is to say celebrities deserve to be celebrities when they clearly DON’T anymore, but don’t be silly and say she looks better than most 20-year-olds, because then we’ll know you’re a middle-aged potbelly in a cubicle. She’s a beaten android.

  41. Vince Lombardi

    Having seen the last three sets of pics of Pammy, I have reached the sad conclusion that she’s probably an alcoholic and needs rehab. Her face and body lack any tautness – she’s “drunk puffy” and her lack of concern for her personal appearance (ie. no makeup, hair undone) and her willingness to parade around in whatever makes me think she’s constantly buzzed.

  42. Oh Pam. Aging is so cruel. She should start working out, she would look way better.

  43. Pat

    “I’d wreck that punani”

    Looks like you’re at least 10 years late for that.

  44. Nat

    Yuck! I mean she looks like her cooter is rotten!

  45. Deacon Jones

    Depends on where you go to school. Any town/city >100 miles from the beach are pretty big.

    Not so for Southern cali. When I was at the Irvine campus, I wouldve been sentenced to 3 life sentences in a row if the feds couldve read my mind.

  46. sarah

    this is what you get when you are in the sun all the time… rough and wrinkled skin. she still looks good for her age but she would look even better if she didn’t take so much sun. lots of sun= wrinkles and oh SKIN CANCER

  47. Mechanic

    She’s like a car with all the right parts but damage everywhere. Her ass is almost completely deflated, her front bumpers are dinged and out of alignment, her undercarriage is crumpled, and her grill is showing the effects of too much stuff going splat on it. Sure, it can be fixed, but it’ll cost ya, and no, it won’t be good as new – way too many miles on it.

  48. Yes im much more comfortable my mom is a demure muumuu wearing saint then a C-seeking missile!

  49. MARAVILLA , MARAVILLA De parte de Benedetti :

    Vamos mengana a usar la maravilla
    esa vislumbre que no tiene dueño
    afila tu delirio / arma tu sueño
    en tanto yo te espero en la otra orilla
    si somos lo mejor de los peores
    gastemos nuestro poco albedrio
    recupera tu cuerpo / hacelo mío
    que yo lo aceptare de mil amores
    y ya que estamos todos en capilla
    y dondequiera el mundo se equivoca
    aprendamos la vida boca a boca
    y usemos de una vez la maravilla.

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