Pamela Anderson in a bikini

January 19th, 2009 // 91 Comments

Here’s Pamela Anderson on the beach in Malibu yesterday reminding us all of her glory years on em>Baywatch. Except now if she tried to save me I’d probably take my chances with the ocean. “Mouth to mouth? Hahaha! Why don’t I just bleed here for a while and hope a shark drags me to shore after chewing my leg off? At least there’s a cure for that: Crutches.”

EDIT: Added more pics of Pam from the weekend doing an amazing impression of beef jerky with implants. How does she not find acting work?

Photos: Flynet

  1. Vessel


  2. pittfall

    she still looks great for that many op’s and escapades.

  3. Sam

    She’s not just hot, she’s belly-full-of-hepatitis hot.

  4. Vessel


  5. Kim

    The guy in the last pic is screaming “Herpes! Get off me!”

  6. sunshine

    time for the Spanx-kini, Pam

  7. Jesse

    Bleached blond white girl in a white bikini on a white sand beach.

    On MLK Day.

    Fucking racists.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Fuck it, I’d still hit. I haven’t had strange in almost 3 years

  9. Jupiter Girl


  10. Can we send her back to canada yet?

  11. stephano


  12. stephano


  13. she doesn’t look that bad. I’ve seen much younger girls looking much worse

  14. Splooge

    I’d still splooge on her.

  15. Ye Gods...

    Enough with the fuckin’ belly chain – most gross, disgusting, trampish accessory ever!!

  16. me

    I think she looks pretty damn good. No Amy Winehouse, that is for sure!

  17. me

    I think she looks pretty damn good. No Amy Winehouse, that is for sure!

  18. bmurphy72

    She should become the spokes person for the CDC.

  19. bmurphy72

    She should become the spokes person for the CDC.

  20. I would still hit it.

    You should check out this hilarious vid about DUDE WHO GOT TRAMPLED AT WAL-MART:

  21. Why is it americans want to read only compliment.
    We europeans call that: STUPID & NAIVE!!
    Are all “americans” that way?
    The idea of LATINO’S & BLACK-PEOPLE who are different make me a happy person indeed, folks!!

  22. EuroNeckPain

    WHAT ??? No full frontal nude pic of Madonna ? Christie’s is more fun than this site !!
    By the way, no, I do NOT want to see a hilarious vid about dude who got trampled at Wal-Mart.

  23. AndrewMacCloud

    Still looking good for 41 years

    Pamela Don’t you worry
    It’s gonna be alright
    Cause I’m always ready
    I won’t let you out of my sight.

  24. EuroNeckPain

    Proof that she was never good looking to start with. All fake. Get the hair back to natural and remove the implants, she is below average. She has short legs and thick face features.

  25. Haiku maker

    Pamela at 41
    After years of wild partying, STD’s & drugs
    Is still hotter than you.
    STFU, BITCH!!!

    (Now, THAT is poetry)

  26. JPRichardson

    Sorrt, but I completely adore her. I find her exquisite, delicious, beautiful as only she can be.

  27. I think for having kids and getting older, she looks incredible!

  28. eric

    I still love her!

  29. Straight Shooter

    Are those real?

  30. Banester

    Looks like she brought her Camel Toes for the sandy beach!

  31. mee

    Superfish, that’s not nice! I read in a tabloid that she’s so depressed about getting old and losing her looks that she can’t get out of bed some mornings.

  32. Oh come on. I’d definitely fuck her well into her 80s.

  33. ___

    Hey #22,
    Although it is difficult to make sense of your rambling, I am sure there is a question in there somewhere. When you fail to communicate effectively, you’re the one who looks stupid.

    Clearly you don’t like America or Americans. So why do you insist on visiting an American website which covers American celebrities? Don’t you have any celebrities of your own where you come from?

    I am pretty sure I speak for most of us when I ask you to beat it. Kindly be gone.

  34. #16 really??? I want one..

  35. Frank

    I’d still let her blow me…

  36. billbob

    Check out the huge Camel Foot in the first pic!

    I wanna lick it!

  37. Mike

    Collagen injections in the labia. Hooray we’ll be able to stop paying our mortgage tomorrow thanks to the Obama. Surely MLK day won’t delay our first check?

  38. NY Ted

    Shit…with all the fucking cock this pig has taken in her slut filled life…that ain’t no “camel toe”…that is the fucking “snake river canyon”…!

  39. The Surgeon

    @ # 30…Those fucking tits have had more work done on them then Interstate 5 from L.A to S.D….!

  40. friendlyfires

    she’s getting tubby, and I don’t mean missed-her-period, bun-in-the-oven, she’s getting a booze gut. BTW, if she has hep-C, wouldn’t she have had at least a liver transplant or a coffin by now? I’m calling it, that hep thing is pure BS.
    Checkout here:

    You don’t ingest that much booze, have hep c and live even if you are Keith Richards. Maybe if she had Magic Johnson AIDS …

  41. Who's Horny?

    What a waste of a perfectly good pussy. Since it’s wrapped up in that nasty shit, forget it. She wasn’t even hot when people thought she was hot.

  42. Conky

    Hepatitis over 40 never looked so good.

  43. UK_Matt

    I’m trying to come up with a reason why I wouldn’t fuck it.

    I’d wrap up warm down below and just go for it. But I wouldn’t be quite so open with telling the world as I might have been 5 years ago.

  44. Hamper_Lint

    She looks great … leave her alone.

    She became famous from all you dateless guys back in the 80′s … she still has all that money and you guys still have not had any dates.

  45. Lain

    Kay, I know she isn’t gorgeous, but dude, beauty doesn’t last forever. Looks better than any middle-aged bitch I know.

  46. kate

    Do u know she tries to register on ***seekingsugarmomma. c om***, but has been refused for some reasons. I do not think it’s hard to join that site. Britney has her profile there.

  47. malicious

    are you kidding? she looks great!

  48. AshD

    please, shes hot as hell. you people are redic

  49. Pixie

    She looks pretty good for a 60-year old

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