Pamela Anderson hates the paparazzi


Pamela Anderson has a little rant on her official site regarding the incident with Denise Richards last week that ended with her throwing laptops off balconies and hitting senior citizens in wheelchairs. She writes:

Can’t believe set is surrounded by loser paparazzi – not Canadian – all American and European…Leave us alone!!! They are being super idiots!!! Yelling rude stuff. They need to really go home! What is the big deal? All these big hairy men attacking us girls. A-holes!!!

Things are silly here in Vancouver. We’re innocently shooting our movie! So many photographers and creepy camera phones…This is Canada – it can’t be Canadians. Paparazzi were shouting out “no wonder you can’t keep a relationship together” to Denise. Denise walked up to them. They threatened her and something happened. A computer bounced off the floor and pieces went everywhere, from what I hear. Thank god no one was hurt. I didn’t see it as I was too busy yelling at my producer for something else that got leaked out in press. Normally I don’t care but I feel protective of Denise – I can relate. If it were me I would’ve thrown the photographers over the edge- they got lucky.

Meanwhile the movie is super hot. We already have a 1,200 theatre release date around May 25th. Very exciting….The crew is always cracking up and so am I – hard to keep a straight face. The Farrelly’s are hysterical. And cute! Anyway. I’ll keep up my diary. Really the show is behind the scenes….ha

“All these big hairy men attacking us girls.” That’s pretty much the best description of paparazzi I’ve ever heard. They’re not even just assholes anymore, now they’re potential rapists. Although for some reason Pamela decides to “thank God no one was hurt” during the incident. I guess senior citizens in wheelchairs no longer count as people. Which makes sense because they’re super old and smell funny. Plus they’re this close to death anyway so who cares.