Pamela Anderson has two more weddings left

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock celebrated their second wedding on Saturday in a Detroit courthouse, after their first one on a yacht in St. Tropez a week ago.

“It’s official,” the actress wrote on a posting to her Website. “Just left the courthouse!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie have left the building.” During the Friday session with Seacrest she denied that she and Rock would be tying the knot in Detroit, saying she was simply in the city to “hang out.” Anderson further claimed that she and Rock would not swap “I do’s” in Nashville. “There’s only one more wedding [in Malibu],” she told Seacrest. “For the kids.” Anderson has not stated why she made the misleading statements to Seacrest (i.e., turning around and getting remarried in Detroit a day after publicly saying she wasn’t), but perhaps she was trying to throw mood-killing shutterbugs off track.

I’m pretty sure what Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are doing is illegal. They were officially married a few days after their St. Tropez wedding so I have no idea what they could be doing in a Detroit courthouse. The only reason you have courthouse weddings is to make it offiical as painlessly as possible. But they’ve already done that. And it’s not like you can show up in a bikini and start stripping for the random weirdos in a courthouse. It’s like they’re getting officially married multiple times. Last time I checked this was America, not the make believe island in my head. Or Utah.