Pamela Anderson hates bras, hearts Canada

Pamela Anderson has made it her mission to show the entire Northern Hemisphere her nipples. Here she is at a Grand Prix party she threw in Montreal over the weekend. Her shirt is a tad on the transparent side which is convenient considering her bra is a tad on the not-freaking-there side. Fancy! It’s almost like Pam looks in the mirror every day and thinks of new ways to showcase her nips: “Hmm, this shirt is nice, but it needs something – Bingo! Hearts cut out of the chest so my Tic-Tacs stick out! Yippee! Now, if only I was allowed near sharp objects…”

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW version but, really, are Pamela Anderson’s nipples that taboo? They’re so commonplace these days it’s like looking at a traffic light – with breasts.