Pamela Anderson goes back to the well

October 15th, 2009 // 94 Comments

Here’s Pamela Anderson in her old Baywatch swimsuit at Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami yesterday, and I had no idea the ravages of time counted as fashion these days. Along with bruises.. These are pics from a women’s shelter, aren’t they? Awkward.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Narcissist

    Can we get some Nicole Eggert up in here?

  2. NG

    I now get it why Marilyn Monroe decided to end it early on. wink wink.

  3. Spud McKenzie

    damn, where’d her ass go?

  4. Pitiful

    My gosh, people…she is over 40 now…and looks AMAZING. How many of your fatties sitting at home staring at this screen look half that good?

    And they aren’t bruises…they are skin discolorations she has always had.

    I personally would like to see how many of YOU could pull off that bathing suit over 40.

    • lindsay

      pam anderson is DISGUSTING! period. have you seen her haggard face lately ? obviously not if you think she still looks good. as far as being 40, there are a million chicks in hollywood her age (and older) that look 1,0000000 times better-mariah carey, jennifer lopez, halle berry, salma hayek, kylie monogue, demi moore, madonna (who is a decade older and puts this used up hag to shame) and jennifer aniston just to name a few. pam anderson has become THE laughingstock of hollywood because she can’t accept that she’s past her prime. she’s still wearing skanky clothes and trying to be the pinup that she was in the 90′s and it just doesn’t look right because of that old leathery face. look at pam next to jenny mccarthy and carmen electra who were sex symbols in the 90′s too but are still bangin. pam’s looks are GONE and anybody who things otherwise is just plain delusional!

  5. Richard McBeef

    The caution tape along the path to Hep C cauldron is a nice touch.

  6. Dr. Victor von Doom

    #3 : she never had an ass…. and now she’s growing a gut to boot…awesome

  7. freebie

    She really should cover up her hair extensions better. Quite noticable in the behind pics. She looks dirty too. No class whatsoever.

  8. Jules

    You can see some of her hair extensions (clip ons?) in picture 8 and a few others. Sexy.

  9. kris

    I’d still HIT IT!!!!

  10. nina

    @ Pitiful

    i can only speak for my self, i don’t look half as good, but i also don’t do fashion shows, she looks kinda trashy…

  11. Queenmab

    Pitiful AKA Pamela Anderson. Oh and DAMN she has some HUGE feet!


    You’ll have to excuse “Pitiful”; he/she/it just got released from Atascadero Mental Hospital & is totally delusional.

    This is beyond pathetic. I’d really like to know what’s going on inside her head (besides the Hep C rotting her brain):

    “Let’s see, I’m millions of dollars in debt & owe everyone around town. I have no job, and no real income because no one will hire me due to my slutty reputation, I’m now dried up, hagged out, ugly & stupid. I can’t do another sex tape; look how badly the shauna sand porn film is selling. I know, I’ll relive my glory days when I was hot & beautiful by wearing my baywatch suit! Yeah; what’s more, I’ll do it at fashion week; those fashionistas are stupid & won’t recognize my cynical money grab!”

    I feel really sorry for her kids. No one wants their mom to act like a slutty whore, and these kids are getting a full dose of it. What a bitch…

  13. Seriously though…if she would just put on some clothes…lots and lots and lots of clothes, like a sweater with sleeves and maybe gloves and stuff that covers everything up real thorough…she’d be a cute, dignified woman who could market the bubbly persona of her glory days.

    Is that a hair extension in pic 8 and 10?

  14. dddd

    I now this might seem unbelievable, but I’d still bang that like she was the last woman on earth. Screw hepatitis.

  15. TheHoff

    Baywatch was a loooooong time ago. To all involved, please move on!!!!

  16. kris

    I’m with #14 except I know how to spell KNOW!!! Jackass!!!

  17. pitiful

    PEOPLE…famous DESIGNERS asked her to be on their runways…they aren’t going to put a product on the runway that hurts their brand.

    She still looks incredible and yet again, I would bet that the bulk of you are balding fatties. At least this woman is able to laugh at herself and still make the most of what she has.

  18. Polly

    Whats with the black line down her spine in pic #10?–Also if you look at the back of her head all the light blond curly hair looks like hair pieces– her own hair looks crispy on the ends– Its too bad , she would look so much prettier if she stopped trying to look like her old bay watch self, and wore nice clothes.

  19. Spud McKenzie

    Bang that and ya better strap a 2×4 to your ass so you dont fall in! Or at least get a diver down flag!!

  20. happyone11

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  21. Gump

    She has big boobies.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

  22. See Kelly Packard? Dignified. Likable. 8 years younger. She’s got it together.

    @ 17 – “PEOPLE…famous DESIGNERS asked her to be on their runways…they aren’t going to put a product on the runway that hurts their brand.”

    But it hurts our eyes.

    But you’re saying all this Pam Anderson half-naked stuff is just a joke though, right? That is pretty sporty of her.

  23. samma

    those arent bruises, theyre birthmarks. theyre usually airbrushed away (obviously, along with other things) in professional photos.

  24. For her age ,excellent….heads would snap at local PTA meeting and soccer moms curse when she shows up. However on the catwalk in a swimsuit ,thats no longer Pam

  25. norton

    Wow….. One would think that at 41ish you would have developed a sense of dignity.

    Apparently Pam still thinks she’s 25. And she’s clearly not.

  26. DeviousJinx

    #24 – Well said.

    Pam, seriously…I say this with love…please stop.

  27. Venom

    Dude, seriously WTF? Can we please have more Katy Perry posts, please? Mila Kunis? Vanessa Hudgens? No? How about some none-white chicks for a change? Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rhianna… not your cup of tea?

    …. guess not. All we get is the Gosselins and freakin’ 50 year old trannys (Pam Anderson & Shauna Sand) daily!

    Step your blogging game up, Fish.

  28. Miss Take

    Dam, I am a 50 year old woman that was happy to see pics of Pam’s gut and think, oh I have to look at this to make myself feel better about aging. Then I saw her legs! Amazing! I would take her gut as well as mine just to have those legs. I was so busy looking at her legs that I never even noticed the extensions. Have to go run on my treadmill now!

  29. chupca



  30. cherry

    okay usually I defend Pam cause I love her but… yeah yikes wth
    it’s fine to be a sexy old MILF pammy but save that shit for the bedroom and stop flaunting it in public. you’re not 18 anymore.

  31. Rancid

    That isn’t the original swimsuit. All swimsuits she ever wore were eventually swallowed up by her Sarlacc. Nothing can escape it. Firstly, it vents corrosive gas and fluids, which can disintergrate a diamond. If that doesn’t get you, there are always those tendrils that shoot out and drag you into the gaping abyss. There is no escape.

  32. mel gibson

    Wow, pic #11 is really hugging her close! Nice!

  33. christine

    please loose the necklase

  34. Isabel

    She looks like she’s had work done (on her face, I mean ;)). Shame really, the one thing I respected her for was that she was standing by the face she’d made for herself, wrinkles and all.

  35. Anon

    Some of you people thinking she looks great for 40 must live in place that eat too much fried food because there are a ton of women opver 40 who look better than this and they do without the bolt on tits, liposuction and fake tan.

  36. tdk

    Those aren’t bruises…they’re birthmark type spots, she’s had’em since the Pam & Tommy sextape days

  37. Max Planck

    This is a bad endorsement.

    It will seriously hurt crime scene tape sales.

  38. Gary

    Polly number 18… there are no “black lines” in pic 10, nor in any other photos. In 3 photos, you can see she has some diamond shaped tattoos on her back.

  39. enough already

    That caution tape should be wrapped around her polluted vagina.

  40. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    By God, those are ugly tits.

  41. Pollt

    #39- Gary– thanks for letting me know–wondered what the hell it was in that picture–it still looks weird on the spine—-don’t know why women ruin their bodies with crazy tattoos– she used to look gorgeous ~~

  42. beccA

    in the last pick you can clearly see her tracks (extensions)…maybe she figures the faster she moves around, the less likely we”ll be able to see her crustiness ? HAG

  43. beccA

    in the last pick you can clearly see her tracks (extensions)…maybe she figures the faster she moves around, the less likely we”ll be able to see her crustiness ? HAG

  44. ek

    Gross boob job.

  45. Kelly

    Is this the same dude from her last uhm, ‘fashion’ show? I hope he fell again. That was just comical.

    She looks okay for her age. She needs to stop trying so hard. I’m over her, and I think many other people are too.

  46. Veronica

    …and honestly you guys think Megan Fox will look any better in 15 years? Can we keep perspective here — live by the cartoon sex bunny sword, die by same.

  47. She is getting so old. She looks like shit. I don’t see the big deal. Have you guys seen her with out her make up?

  48. titsonsnack

    Listen up turds, it’s no big surprise that you’d “hit that”. You’d probably fuck the Wall-Mart greeter, the chubby chick in glasses who works at the movie theatre, and your mom’s crusty bingo lady friends. So stop saying you’d “hit that” like it’s some big revelation or service you’re doing to society. Of course you’d “hit that”.

  49. Annie Loves Anal

    Let’s get some perspective here guys, without the hate. Fact of the matter is, even with the recent work she’s obviously had done, she still looks great, especially for someone over 40. True, fake tits, but it is still a great body.

    Another thing, she isn’t doing an actual fashion show, she’s doing that heatherette shit, which is a joke in the fashion world. Who’s the queen responsible for that? Queeny McQueen? Bobby Trendy? Whatever. At least the glitter shooting out of his ass kept him from falling on his cock cushion this time.

    Relax guys. She’ll go away eventually. Shit, she’s still somewhat entertaining.

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