Pamela Anderson, how ’bout you never do this again?

February 19th, 2009 // 230 Comments

I don’t know what the hell possessed designer Richie Rich to let a swimsuit-clad Pamela Anderson loose on his Fashion Week runway last night, but someone explain to me how this doesn’t qualify as a terrorist attack. It’s practically 9/11 all over again. But in my eyes.

Photos: Getty, WENN

  1. Joe's boyfriend

    “I would ride that woman doggie, pull her hair and spank that ass. But it is true, only some men can fuck like that.”

    Gay men.

  2. gnipgnop

    She’s hot – her beer belly turns me on – want her sitting on the couch with me so we can engage in that fucktarded pasttime of football and drinkin beer.

  3. xodhxo

    gosh what a mess! she needs to cover up and people should stop encouraging her drug induced stripping. gross…

  4. Sauron

    Anybody knows her age? She must have balls like watermellons to show her body off like this.Who’s next? Oprah Winfrey?

  5. Hmmmm....

    Her implants looks smaller. I think that’s why I was able to focus more on the unfortunate lack of coverage elsewhere. Her butt looks better than in previous pictures though. I wonder what her boys think about mom strutting around with her crotch hanging out.

  6. Lowlands

    @54 As long it’s not ‘dr.’ Phil it’s allright to me.Don’t forget to shave Oprah!

  7. justifiable

    #54 Yeah, and those giant balls means no blood flow to the brain – which explains why she’d perpetrate this. Quick, someone, turn Oprah upside down – I don’t ever wanna see that!

  8. britney's weave

    i see medusa.

    51 = best post today.

  9. sarah

    Ha! If you wanna see a woman who’s aged poorly, check out recent pics of Tanya Harding

  10. Anon-E-Mouse

    Someone please tell her to stop undressing. It’s time she keeps her body fully covered!

  11. Chelle

    Honestly, Pam. Girl, I’m saying this from one thirty-something mom to another: You’re just making yourself look silly with your hoo-ha hanging out of your bathing suit and probably embarrassing the hell out of your sons. We can practically see your Fallopian tubes in that one photo. Geeeez.

  12. JAYGER!!! Share!!!!!!

    Dammit I’m bored..

  13. amanda

    i love her!
    she looks like shes having a blast!
    and she looks better than she did in the magic show pics – those were awful!

  14. Mama Pinkus

    This gal still thinks she is 25. It’s sad when a woman’s self-esteem is based solely in her T&A.

  15. amanda

    upon closer inspection her boobs DO look smaller…

  16. Erik

    I just can’t go with the “I’d hit it” sentiment. Not just because of the diseases in Pam’s case, but because I don’t want any part of a pussy that’s been beat up for decades by other guys’ penises. “Sloppy second thousandths” just doesn’t sound appealing.

  17. Well, she looks haggard but not as bad as kim kardashian did at the fashion shows this week….seriously, did you see her wearing those crazy pants suits? she’s already bottom heavy, might as well throw a dress on. check it out.

  18. thatlizkid

    she looks terrible, has she no shame?

  19. thatlizkid

    she looks terrible, has she no shame?

  20. Dude, that’s some big @$$ hair.

  21. bari

    she looks excellent
    calm down

  22. betty

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  23. JPRichardson

    Am I getting old? Because I actually think she looks GORGEOUS.

  24. Sam

    Not just old, but desperate.

  25. white chick

    Kevin- white chicks are ugly? why cause we have noses like evolved human beings, our hair actually moves and is soft, and our bodies arent enormous, disgusting monstrosities that are striken with diabetes and obesity?

  26. I Want Some

    Seriously… what is she on ALL the time?!?! Like in that video where she’s bringing Hugh Hefner his birthday cake in the nude… she always looks like she’s tripping or gackin’ it up on coke or meth.. you can tell just by faces she makes and how she can’t stand still, how she walks…

    It’s called growing old gracefully, Pammie. You may want to try it. You ain’t 20 anymore.

  27. Deacon Jones

    @35 Thanks Havoc. Jesus, you’d think every guy on this site only fucks 10s.

    @64 What’s wrong with that?

  28. grab my cane for me please


  29. she looks amazing, she looks better than most 20 year olds! I don’t know where all you people are from, but the average person looks much worse than her! She is fit and gorgeous! I don’t know any 41 year old that looks as good as her, most people get fat after high school!!

  30. ak

    you people are nuts, Pam has never not had an awesome body, give her some credit, I mean for her age she looks damn good still… you can’t stay 24 forever, so grow up

  31. Fati

    @75 that was in bad taste even for this site. mocking diabetes. why don’t you go ahead and make fun of cancer then? you might as well. you are an ignorant pig.

  32. Dooley

    That’s just grotesque. Doesn’t she ever see any pictures of herself looking like this? Ugh

  33. cavy

    2. Virgodoll, You SHOULD go back to school and learn to spell…what the fuck is “shud”?

  34. sin

    Damn..She realy got old and skanky. Well, she was always a skank, but she used to look good.Now, she is just trying to hang on to what she used to have.
    That Hepatitus she has is really doing a job on her, and all of the slimy guys she has fucked.

  35. morela87

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  36. EuroNeckPain

    #79 realistic, I don(t know where you live but I surely don’t want to go there.
    Where I live, most people are still thin at 41 and their asses don’t sag.

    Pamela Anderson looks like a character of a Monty Python movie.
    I hate looking at her.

  37. amber

    The drawn on eyebrow look is so nasty. She looks old and saggy and everyone should be over that since like ’92. Can’t turn a ho into a housewife that’s for sure. Find another makeup artist to draw on your ugly ass eyebrows, or here’s a thought…… grow your own!! OOOHHHHH!

  38. amber

    The drawn on eyebrow look is so nasty. She looks old and saggy and everyone should be over that since like ’92. Can’t turn a ho into a housewife that’s for sure. Find another makeup artist to draw on your ugly ass eyebrows, or here’s a thought…… grow your own!! OOOHHHHH!

  39. Fati

    she looks good for her age. not the best but still able to wear something sexy and revealing to get her man hot in the privacy of their bedroom. but we don’t need to see this. get some class, pamela, you are a fucking mother for christ’s sake!

  40. nancy

    Just wanna say, wtf, F*ck all these so-called Hollywood Super Satrs!!
    True beauties are actually among ourselves, check this out
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  41. uhhhno

    this would have been hot… uhhh 20 years ago!!! hello… pam, you have children and you’re in your 40s… give it up!! act like a normal person and stop showing off your gross, aging body. yes, i am the epitome of ageism and it’s the same reason i hate madonna! GIVE IT UP!!! you are old

  42. Fati

    @ 91 – just for that, karma is going to see that you age badly. you will be the very definition of “ageism”.

  43. Your Mom

    10 years ago there was NO ONE hotter. Now her body’s still banging but she needs a bag for that face.

  44. Bay

    Pam is beyond tragic at this point. I wish she had the courage to go into rehab before it’s too late. She can’t possibly have anyone in her life that’s truly on her side, they wouldn’t let this happen. Hopefully one day she’ll realize how these people have exploited her addiction/mental breakdown. This designer must be a total mess of a human being to encourage her, and to capitalize on her mania.

  45. Pammy is looking T.I.R.E.D.

  46. Hot Head

    I’m going to be scared to sleep in my own bed alone tonight.

  47. gottalove

    she looks happy and thats what matters.

  48. uhhhno

    #92… why would karma see that i age badly because IN MY OPINION i do not think it’s appropriate for 40 year olds to be doing this. plus, her body is gross. i’m sure she looks fine in clothes, but she’s not wearing clothes! the thing is, when i’m in my 40s i will not be engaging in this type of behavior.. it’s for your 20s.. pam did it then, it’s time to get over it!

  49. uhhhno

    plus, you don’t know the definition of ageism…

  50. OMGosh!

    she looks like RuPaul covered in glitter

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